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Chris Brown

8/19/2012 7:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

081912_rihanna_ownRihanna did not mince words talking to Oprah about Chris Brown ... saying very simply, "I still love him."

As part of tonight's episode of "Oprah's Next Chapter," O asked RiRi where her relationship with Chris stands today, nearly three years after his brutal attack on her.

Rihanna explained, "We're very, very close friends. We built a trust again and that's it. We love each other and we probably always will."

RiRi says the two are just friends now and they are in no way back together ... though she did admit, "I think he was the love of my life."

Let's hope not.


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This idiot is stuck on stupid

793 days ago


Her fantasy of Chris Brown beating on her while R Kelly pees on her and her account steals from her is about to become a reality.

793 days ago


I remember an interview of Whitney Houston asked about Rihanna, she said she was a beautiful girl but never ever said she was a good singer. It was the time to say it if she thought it was the case.
I dream of a music world where you don't have to get naked to sell your music, Whitney Houston never
ever did ! It's incredible when you think about it, her presence was enough.
(don't try to get me on what she became please)

793 days ago


She is a mess with no self esteem.See what happens to your daughters when they watch there fathers beat there mothers growing up like she did.They run right to men to start the cycle all over because to them that's what they think a man is supposed to do.I have NO respect for her!!

793 days ago


So sick of seeing this chick everywhere . . Kardashians / Gaga / Miley Cyrus / Rihanna . . geezus . . . all of them have no talent, but in the news constantly! How much sicker do we have to be of them?

793 days ago


They're both self-absorbed douchebags. YUCK.

Rihanna, you are not in love. You are mentally unhealthy, at the least. Chris Brown is not capable of love. He is a sociopath.

793 days ago


Rihanna is severely depressed, as seen in all the pics she takes of herself and quite obviously in the videos with Oprah. I wouldn't be surprised if the girl commits hairy carey! She's completely dysfunctional. Rihanna will not end well.

793 days ago


this chick is crazy,he need to let it go lol.

793 days ago

Dennis Johnson    

Old FISH FACE is in too WOMAN and not so much men.I know people that work with this stupid B---H and they tell me that she had rather have a woman than a man any day.She goes to my friends strip club in NY and always leaves with a woman.This is no made up story this is 1005 true but TMZ won't print it.

793 days ago


Shut up Rihanna please you still love him? Do you not remember the beating he gave you and nearly killed you? Obviously not. If any man but their hand on me he's out of my life forever and if I got a beating like she did my love for them will be gone I couldn't love that person again. All the ghetto princess attitude she gives on Twitter and in her music videos is all an act deep down shes really a weak, little girl. She is sending out a very bad and dangerous message to her fans by saying all this she may not want to be a role model but she is because of the job shes doing. Shes completely delusional and needs a lot of help this chick.

793 days ago


Stupid girl! Find out now how to lose fat and earn cash at:!

793 days ago

Kev the Realist    

Your a pethtic LOSEr, with no self respect and even less dignity. He is an abusive batterer and the lowest form of s*** there is. Any man who hits a womand is a desperate troll who is so insecure in his manhood that he feels he needs to act out and take charge. Since they lack the balls to pick on a man their own sizek, the picjk on defense less woamn. He is a low life talentless thug asnd your your recent behavior is just as ad. Back to the ghetto tramp, that is all you are capable of understanding. You are a total sell out to young grls who follow you. You are a HORRIBLE role model, nobody sholuld be looking up to you.

793 days ago


She is stupid beyond words....

793 days ago


Totally pathetic!!

793 days ago


Rihanna needs a reality check. If she and Chris Brown get together again, she can plan on a repeat performance on his part. He beat her before, he will beat her again. It's time to change your thinking Rihanna.

793 days ago
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