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Chris Brown

8/19/2012 7:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

081912_rihanna_ownRihanna did not mince words talking to Oprah about Chris Brown ... saying very simply, "I still love him."

As part of tonight's episode of "Oprah's Next Chapter," O asked RiRi where her relationship with Chris stands today, nearly three years after his brutal attack on her.

Rihanna explained, "We're very, very close friends. We built a trust again and that's it. We love each other and we probably always will."

RiRi says the two are just friends now and they are in no way back together ... though she did admit, "I think he was the love of my life."

Let's hope not.


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Clearly...from the looks of posts...this love getting a fire storm...what do you expect? when the story is about to end.

794 days ago


woman, would you shut the f@#$ up .... nobody give s damn

794 days ago


lol they used the biggest font available for that headline, eh?

794 days ago


Clearly abuse is ok in her family, and she is used to being around it. How sad is that. The cycle is going around and around. The next time we read something big about her it will be an announcement of her death.Such a sad shame.

794 days ago


The girl better shut her mouth; she's setting a horrible example for her fans. The man beat the crap out of her. Abuse is not okay, Rihanna; I thought you were smarter than this.

794 days ago

Mr. Grimm    

Who cares, you know what? Im tired of reading about these peoples personal lives it don't matter to me what she does with Mr. Chris Browneye. As a matter of fact, Rihanna you look bloated. Maybe she is just retaining water.

794 days ago


Your a Idiot.

794 days ago


More interesting than this story is the tard on the thread who has obviously lost their mind. LOL!

794 days ago


Most of these comments are ridiculous... Walk a mile people.... Then judge.... I walked more than a few of these miles.... I was 19 .... And now 44... Sometimes I still think of him... Always feel connected ... Havn't seen or spoke to him since that time... But it is always there... The " love" ... Not the pain.... Get over ur perfect selves and live you lives...

794 days ago


That interview was excruciating to watch. My wish for Rihanna is that she gets out her own way so she can grow and be elevated to the point where Chris Brown is no longer a factor in her life and she will find true love. She will see he is not the love of her life, he was a chapter in her life that is complete and she is moving on to other aspirations in her life. True love waits.

794 days ago


Stupid girl....I've said from the time of the beating, that it would only be a matter of time before they are back together, and I still say the same.

794 days ago


Is she even 20 yet???? Love of her life lol lifes hardly begun kiddo.

794 days ago


Poor Rihanna doesn't know what true love is. No worries honey, you are young. Be by yourself for a while and work on your self esteem issues. Then you can find REAL LOVE

794 days ago


I really don't understand why she's even famous. She's not that good looking. Her body is fine but her face is ugly as f***. Looks like a typical hood rat. And she can't sing for s***. I've watched her perform live on award shows, talks shows, etc. and she's awful.
Plus, she's clearly an idiot. A guy beats the piss out of you.. chokes and bites you.. and you still love him? LOL. If this moron ever gets back with that douche, I hope we don't have to hear about her getting beat again. I honestly don't care. Let him beat this moron all he wants. She's setting a wonderful example for her young fans.

794 days ago

BB not bb    

Oprah seems to be goading her into saying these things. Oprah is a bad influence on people in many ways. I think Rihanna is just a very confused person. She still feels attraction for Chris Brown and he has charmed her into trusting him, but that does not make him trustworthy or lovable.

When I look at him, I see a sneaky childish person who will use people to get what he wants. He seems like he has no concience. Maybe that is what is popular in the culture now but I think it is disgusting. I think she knows how to be a better person than that and that is why he uses her.

I don't think she can help him and being his friend is only making her want to be close to him. She was close to him when he nearly beat her to death for checking his phone to see who he was cheating on her with.

She seems like she is under the spell of a sociopath. He probably was a beast to her all along but she did not notice it. I think he is stringing her along to make her feel jealous at some point and then go crazy.

He is trying to push her buttons and keep playing her. Is he really worth the risk? You might want to pet the pretty lion's fur also, but then when it turns and mauls you because it doesn't understand, then what will you do?

794 days ago
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