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Chris Brown

8/19/2012 7:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

081912_rihanna_ownRihanna did not mince words talking to Oprah about Chris Brown ... saying very simply, "I still love him."

As part of tonight's episode of "Oprah's Next Chapter," O asked RiRi where her relationship with Chris stands today, nearly three years after his brutal attack on her.

Rihanna explained, "We're very, very close friends. We built a trust again and that's it. We love each other and we probably always will."

RiRi says the two are just friends now and they are in no way back together ... though she did admit, "I think he was the love of my life."

Let's hope not.


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Andre Primitivo    

Hollywood whore!!

761 days ago


well if she goess back to him she deserves to be beaten to a pulp

761 days ago


At end they firgured it all out. They were young and crazy in love. They have both learned from their mistake. We are all human nobody is perfect, so please dont judge. Rihanna is real and this interview speak for its self. Tell me one celeb that spoken with honesty like RIri! obviously none!! S/O to Chris and Riri! forget the haters live your life. Yall always have haters no matter what! But they dont matter, yall matter and thats all that matters lol.. 1love! #1fAN:) TMZ smh why yall hate Chris so much??? is the coz his black n got millions? I really would like to now TMZ PLEASE TELL MY WHY TMZ HAS NOTHING BUT NAGATIVE THINGS TO SAY TO ABOUT CHRIS BROWN? PEOPLE MAKE MISTAKE WE ALL DO, WHAT ABOUT THE OTHER white Teen celebs?

761 days ago

Yuk Suk Tu    

I can't stand this ugly talentless brainless HO TRASH! Now I can't stand her even less. What a piece of caca, she still loves him? MAMA SAYS STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES. DUMB BEOOTCH!!!!

761 days ago


It Chris was a drug addict, we would all say "he needs to go to an AA program," if he was a diabetic, we would say "he needs insulin." I do not condone what Chris has done but is obvious that he needs help. As for Rihanna, she does deserve to move on with her life, but I guess, resentment and negativity is the only way to live. huh.

761 days ago


It's no one else's business who she loves.

761 days ago

Ozzy Merc    

No wonder they call her RiRi...too bad calling her retarded wouldnt be offensive to her, but to mentally challenged people for bringing them down to her level =x

761 days ago


I'm shocked at how candid she was...I have to give her props for wearing her heart on her sleeve. I don't agree with it but I have to respect her point of can't control who you love...Wow!

761 days ago

earl kramer    

your a fool

761 days ago


Trash loves trash. you can take the girl out of the dump, but you cant take the trash out of the girl.
She has been and always will be trash.

Go back, get your as$ beat again....go on.......

761 days ago


I'm sure this isn't news to Chris Brown. It's just news to the rest of us. Typical battered woman, with one major difference. Most battered women stay with an abusive man, because they feel trapped financially and fear for their lives. This isn't the case with Rihanna, so I really don't get it. The love of your life wouldn't beat a woman like she were a man. That sounds like a one sided love affair. She loves him way more than he loves or ever loved her. Rihanna's comment about being "really, really close friends" can be translated by saying they are friends with benefits, just not an "official" couple. They have a very unhealthy connection, which I believe is based on physical for him, and emotional and physical for her.

761 days ago


A match made in hell! They deserve each other, wow this woman is a complete fool.

761 days ago


Dumb trailer trash skank.

761 days ago


Brainless idiot. All this attention for someone who thought it was smart to wear a chain around her neck that said " C U N T". Shakes head...

761 days ago


I just want to let you know that "best friends"
don't F--K.
She is a bit confused.

761 days ago
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