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The Shirtless Battle

Paul Ryan vs. Pres. Obama

Who'd You Rather?

8/19/2012 5:45 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

0817_ryan_obama_ratherWhile TMZ just uncovered this shirtless photo of buff Republican Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan (left) -- President Barack Obama has been flaunting his chiseled Commander-in-Chief pecs and abs for several years now (right).

Question is ...


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793 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

Obama with his moobs & his failed policies & denying his shady past? I'll take Ryan the hottie any time.

793 days ago


If you look closely it's easy to see which one would win in a cage fight. I'm pretty sure he works out more too. The STUPID person who said they couldn't stand the Right Wing insanity, clearly has no clue about the state of the union and the mess we are in, so if you are that ignorant, do your grandkids a favor and DO NOT VOTE!

793 days ago


Paul Ryan all the way!! Obama has man boobs and wears old lady jeans. If you recall Obama trying to bowl, he bowls like my little niece; limp wrist and all! Paul Ryan! Yes!

793 days ago


Ok Harvey, I know I broke my promise not to comment on anything political til November, but I just could not resist...Paul Ryan is soooo much hotter (hell, so are you for that matter) and 100% smarter. Why don't you run the P90 photo? It is out there.

793 days ago


Barry hasn't been seen without a shirt or baggy tee in years. It's all the weight he's lost. Now, he's like a scarecrow.

793 days ago

Throwback kid    

Obama has gynecomastia which is simply too much breast tissue, about 30% of males have this condition. But that is the least of Obama's problems, he provided no hope and change for the American people and now that he has his horrible record to run on he can do nothing but sling mud at his opponents. Obama has been a total failure as President and needs to be voted out of office.

793 days ago


tmz is trailer park trash, kinda like teen mom version----- so childrish.

793 days ago



793 days ago


So strange that the TMZ "poll" has Obama leading Ryan 55% to 45% in who you rather...but 85% of the comments are pro Ryan and anti Obama...just saying.

793 days ago


Here, let's stack the deck first. It really helps that you have that awful discoloration over Ryan's chest with your logo thing. And not the best picture. I'm sure there were alot more of Obama to choose from. We all know which one would take the other down in the ring. So.....

793 days ago


That skinny conservative uptight white dude has NO IDEA what to do in bed!

793 days ago

Paul Z    

Obama is:
-- the man who surrounds himself with and seeks the advice of only the radical left and worse
--the man who redistributes (loots) the earnings of the producers to the non-producers so they will continue to vote for him
--the man who embraces the ideas of Saul Alinsky & Karl Marx.
--the man who refuses to take questions.
--the man who supports Occupation Wall St.
--the man who is spending and manipulating the greatest country on earth into financial collapse.
--the man who speaks of "social justice" but never of freedom.
--the man who hates free market capitalism.
--the man who prevents the development of our oil, coal & nuclear resources.
--the man who rejects the Constitution.
--the man who initiates force against us all by “mandating” his health care scam. A true despot.

He is, at best, a cheap Chicago left-wing politician who cares only that he get re-elected to a position he is grotesquely unequipped for -- yet doesn’t take even that position seriously enough to read Economics 101.

793 days ago

Ratings Needed    

Perhaps you should put YOUR TMZ logo over obama's chest so that Paul Ryan can see without that crappy watermark on him. Unfair you're showing your partisanship.

793 days ago


That picture of Ryan is 6 yrs old. Lets see Obama & a up to date picture of Ryan now. Ryan is far better!!!!!

793 days ago
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