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'Dark Knight Rises'

Victim's Family Hires

Casey Anthony Lawyer

8/20/2012 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0806_jose-baez_rabecca_wingo_gettyThe man who led Casey Anthony's defense team to victory in her murder case has officially been tapped to represent the mother of one of the "Dark Knight" massacre victims ... TMZ has learned.

Attorney Jose Baez is now representing Shirley Wygal -- whose 32-year-old daughter Rebecca Wingo (above, right) was shot and killed by James Holmes inside the Century 16 Theater in Aurora, CO. 

As we previously reported ... Shirley believes the theater is partially to blame for the tragedy claiming the emergency exit doors should have been alarmed, or there should have been security guards posted next to them.

Wygal tells TMZ, "When police came that night with official word, Rebecca's baby asked, 'How did he get in?' Dissatisfied with the answer, she asked again. At just 5 years old, she wants to know how it could happen and so do I. If any entity had an obligation to protect the innocent and did not, then every survivor and loved one left behind must hold them accountable. The first step is a timely and thorough investigation."

She continues, "I've engaged a firm large enough to help us all. I am confident in their expertise and appreciate their making this a priority. Rebecca would love these attorneys. As a mom, she'd want her girls to have the truth. As a daughter, she'd insist I find that truth for them."


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What a low-life, white-trash ho-bag! It's a movie theatre, get over it! Have you seen the people who work at the movies? They are minimum wage kids. Will closing a business that supports many people and families bring her daughter back??? Why don't you go after the NRA instead??

796 days ago


To start off I agree with the comments on the law suit. To the comment made from Mayu. You said “the building was up to code, no door alarms”. In my state all buildings that house allot of people must have fire doors with alarms, they are wired up to a main room so they know where the alarm has gone off.
In all our theaters there’re are lights above each door and a very loud alarm goes off over the door if it gets opened. If the theaters in that state had these door alarms this catastrophe would never had happened. Maybe this could raise awareness to rewrite a section in that code. No guards are needed. Just a thought

796 days ago


In all our theaters there’re are lights above each door and a very loud alarm goes off over the door if it gets opened. If the theaters in that state had these door alarms this catastrophe would never had happened. Maybe this could raise awareness to rewrite a section in that code. No guards are needed. Just a thought

796 days ago

GA Mimi    

Good Luck! Presenting an opening statement that is as fictional as "aliens" did not win the baby killer case. Finding 12 more jurors as completely oblivious for this trial or any other, will be a really long shot!

796 days ago


Honestly, I don't think it would have mattered. He was hell bent on doing that, and had planned it for months. If it wasn't going to be via the exit, he would have blasted into the lobby, or some other location. I'm sure the defense for the theatre will bring that up.

796 days ago


Baez is NOT a personal injury attorney. He's not even a good defense attorney. My money says he was trolling for clients & no reputable personal injury attorney would take the case.
The public already complains about the price of theater tickets so guards at the doors would be cost prohibitive. I doubt an alarm on those doors would have made any difference in this case. Being that the movie had just started the audio level would have been up & people that first saw the shooter thought is was part of the movie debut. Don't think an alarm would have made any difference.
Just another bottom feeder attempting to profit off a senseless tragedy that most likely could not have been prevented.
Hiring a well do***ented liar as you lawyer in a questionable case not such a smart move.
She might have already been a stranger to the truth so maybe they are a good match. What 5 year old would think to ask "how did they get in". That doesn't past the smell test. Seems like right off the bat they are going for sympathy & are not below using a 5 year old child to do it.
She might have better luck taking a page out to the Anthony play book & starting a foundation that does nothing but pad her personal bank account.
If she really only wanted to prevent another tragedy like this one, she could lobby for those alarms.

796 days ago


Mr Baez has not learned one very important fact"Less is better"the more he sticks his face in every camera,on every TV he can,,the more he is HATED,his skills did not win Casey Anthony case.crying molesting did,even though there is NO PROVE and George was cleared by a Psych workup and law enforcement.HE WILL LOSE ,this case because it is foolish to think a movie theather has to hire security,even a cartoon moviewill not be safe if aomeone wants to kill.

796 days ago


I hope any others hire their own Lawyers. The truth and Baez have never met.Don't degrade the memory of these people with this clown.

796 days ago


So money grubbing fame whore, SHIRLEY WYGAL, wants the truth.

Well then SHIRLEY WYGAL, why would you hire Jose Baez, a known LIAR and someone who isn't licensed to prcatice law in Colorado?


Oh thats right, you hired him because you are a money grubbing fame whore who is wanting to CASH IN on your daughters senseless death.


Well SHIRLEY WYGAL, lets hope you get everyting you want and the rest of us will let Karma do the rest.

796 days ago


WOW..1st she hires this guy then she brings her 5 yr old granddaughter in this? My heart goes out to the victims and their families but to sue the theater for not having security guards at every door? really? When was the last time she went to the movies with armored guards?

796 days ago


its very easy to sneak into a theater as long as something is opening it from inside, could have put a wood block...... from all these stories im going to have to sue my movie theater then, because when I was a teen me n my friends would buy 1 ticket and sneak in all the time thru an emergency exit, never alarmed. looks like my time to sue for no reason.

796 days ago


casey is NOT going to be HAPPY taking her lover boy away.

796 days ago


WHY??? WHY Bozo Baez???? He sickens me to my core with his lies. I hope she REALLLLYYY thinks again about her choice in attorney...

796 days ago


This is sounding all to familiar....making money off their dead grandchild....and the same attorney is attached to the case...makes you wonder what really makes people tick....i read a comment under the name of KRIS....apparently there has been money raised to the tune of 20,000.....not a dime went to the ex...the father of the girls..the man caring for them...just where did the money raised's pretty damn low if there was money raised and it didn't go to the children.....another low blow...but...what else would one expect, look who she retained...... pretty quick to jump the money wagon......that's just disgusting.....

796 days ago


How can any Mother wish to profit from the death of her child--so sad. What does one do with the money? Buy a new house, new car, travel, etc. Sickening IMHO. As for Bozo, no surprise there--he is a JOKE.

796 days ago
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