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'Dark Knight' Massacre

SECOND Victim Hires

Casey Anthony Lawyer

8/20/2012 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Casey Anthony
's old defense attorney is seeing double after the "Dark Knight" massacre in Aurora, CO -- TMZ has learned, Jose Baez has been hired by a second victim of the shooting.

41-year-old Marcus Weaver -- whom James Holmes shot twice in the upper shoulder during the tragedy -- tells TMZ, "Over the past 30 days of agony, along with very careful thought and consideration, I have hired Attorney Jose Baez as my legal counsel."

TMZ broke the story ... Baez has already been hired by a woman named Shirley Wygal -- whose 32-year-old daughter was shot and killed by Holmes.

Now, Weaver says, "I felt that the night of the incident, that the security at the theatre was lacking from the time I entered. I want answers, we ALL want answers. And I know Attorney Baez will do what ever he can to help with the fullest extent of the law."

He adds, "Every day, early in the morning or at night, I have a movie in my head of what happened. I wake up every night with nightmares. I don't think it will ever go away."

Weaver finally underwent surgery last week to remove the bullets, which were then taken by police as evidence. It's unclear whether he plans to sue the movie theater.


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Honeys Booboo    

Thank you, Jose, for freeing the beautiful Casey.
That lovely lady gives my penis the Bella Vida!

795 days ago


So this guy felt the security was lacking from the time he went in ... yet he stayed? No one forced him into that theater. If you feel uncomfortable about a situation, then leave it. Don't stay and then blame the venue. I'm sick of the blame game, the shooter is really the only one at fault here. These people are only going after the theater b/c they have no chance of getting money from the shooter.

795 days ago


I'm surprised to hear that he is representing the victims, I was totally prepared to hear that he would represent the shooter. He is a criminal defense attorney, after all.

795 days ago


Yeah, because some unarmed theater security guards would've stopped a guy wielding a shotgun and rifle that broke in through the emergency exit. They should've had someone guarding that door since these shootings happen SO often.

Seriously, the people suing the theater are ****ing money hungry.

795 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Baez is exploiting these people.

795 days ago


I would really hate to see innocent parties having to shell out money due to the actions of James Holmes. Granted, he was a "walking time bomb" but the movie producers and theater shouldn't be held responsible for his actions. Once he withdrew from the University of Colorado, he stopped being their responsibility. He was legally an adult living alone who was "entitled to his privacy". It's not "illegal" in the U.S. to accumulate a stash of weapons and he obviously didn't break any gun control laws. With freedom comes responsibilities and some people just don't use theirs wisely.

795 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Sue your parents, if they had used a condom, you wouldn't have been in that theater.

795 days ago


These people are nuts....making themselves victims again....he will take their money and do nothing...wake up people.

795 days ago

S D M F    

How was the theater liable?

Was the back theater door malfunctioning and not self locking? NO
Did the suspect buy a ticket to gain access into the theater? YES
Was the suspect wearing body armor when he purchased the ticket? NO
Was the suspect carrying 3 firearms, one of which was an assault rifle, when he purchased the ticket? NO
Again, how the theater liable?

795 days ago


pointless lawsuit

795 days ago


people will sue anybody/anything. theater was not responsible for a madman. why weren't they wearing body armour? seriously, there is 1 person and only 1 person responsible.

795 days ago


In other news, Netflix shares go up after all movie theaters are sued out of business for not having SWAT teams stationed at the snack bar.

795 days ago

Trooper Tom    

How many people go to the movies worrying about security?

795 days ago

Harlin's Garage    

Difference between a dead dog and a dead lawyer in the road? Skid marks in front of the dog.....

795 days ago


I feel less sorry for these people each and every day. especially with stories like this... Money grubbing people... How bout be glad your alive... I'm think the Theater should sue YOU for getting their seats bloody... Thats how ridiculous your actions are...

795 days ago
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