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'Dark Knight' Massacre

SECOND Victim Hires

Casey Anthony Lawyer

8/20/2012 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Casey Anthony
's old defense attorney is seeing double after the "Dark Knight" massacre in Aurora, CO -- TMZ has learned, Jose Baez has been hired by a second victim of the shooting.

41-year-old Marcus Weaver -- whom James Holmes shot twice in the upper shoulder during the tragedy -- tells TMZ, "Over the past 30 days of agony, along with very careful thought and consideration, I have hired Attorney Jose Baez as my legal counsel."

TMZ broke the story ... Baez has already been hired by a woman named Shirley Wygal -- whose 32-year-old daughter was shot and killed by Holmes.

Now, Weaver says, "I felt that the night of the incident, that the security at the theatre was lacking from the time I entered. I want answers, we ALL want answers. And I know Attorney Baez will do what ever he can to help with the fullest extent of the law."

He adds, "Every day, early in the morning or at night, I have a movie in my head of what happened. I wake up every night with nightmares. I don't think it will ever go away."

Weaver finally underwent surgery last week to remove the bullets, which were then taken by police as evidence. It's unclear whether he plans to sue the movie theater.


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Is there normally "security" at a movie theatre?

731 days ago


Great so next we will have to go through TSA like security to go to the movies? STOP THE MADNESS

731 days ago


Hmmm...maybe the atty will write a book about this too. He he felt unsafe why did he stay?

731 days ago


Coming soon to the USA, security guards and checkpoints on every street corner and public place. Want to eliminate the problem? Ban your stupid right to bare arms crap.

731 days ago


Why is it that people always go after everyone except the one that's actually responsible? Maybe because they know that Holmes probably has no money? Do you really think that any amount of money will erase the memories? No!! And if the theatre did what you apparently think they should have, maybe strip searching all customers as they enter, you'd be trying to sue them for invasion of privacy or something. Be thankful you are still breathing!! How many aren't? You people make me sick!!

731 days ago


Is he even licensed to practice law in another state?

731 days ago


Guess money solves everything, unfortunately wont cure PTSD. Disgusting how people are trying to get money out of this inicident. Money won't bring your dead loved ones back.

731 days ago

Mr. Grimm    

I don't wanna hate the messenger but why is he still getting coverage?

731 days ago


Does baez even have a license to practice law in the State of CO?

In order to represent these people, doesn't he need to have a license in CO?

My hubby's uncle cannot practice law or take a case in another State unless he is licensed to do so.

Maybe he bought a license to practice in every state. It only took him what....8 tries to pass the bar?

731 days ago


This is BS. I feel for the people, but now all they see is a payday. If you felt security was lacking, why did you go in? Do you really expect 24/7 security wherever you go ? Hire your own security guard and buy yourself a gun. The lawyer should be disbarred for taking such a BS case !

731 days ago


This CRAP! How many times did this doofus walk into that theater before this shooting? If it was so "unsafe" why in the hell did he keep going there?!? I hope that a judge sees through this lawsuit and says NO!

731 days ago


To Marcus Weaver: Go get a job you lazy bum!

731 days ago


It's ridiculous that anyone is suing - no one is to blame except for the shooter. Furthermore, this incident is entirely unprecedented - of course the theater didn't hire extra security! This man is just looking for a pay day. I bet he knows he's grasping at straws too. Why else would he hire Casey Anthony's attorney? If he thought he had a legitimate lawsuit, he could hire Lionel Hutz and know he'd win. But, as it is, he knows he needs an exceedingly good one to pull this trick. He should be ashamed of himself - the other woman too. The people of this country are too sue-happy and it makes me sick.

731 days ago


Cause you know "A n-i-g-g-a GOTTA GET PAID!!! BTW, Why are they suing? You know, Even to this day when I go watch a movie there is no "Security" How is it their fault that these dumb ass-es went to see the violent movie to begin with. They didn't shoot them. Its sad that after a tragedy such as this people only see dollar signs. Not caring that this theater will more than likely go out of business as well as a bunch of people loosing theirs jobs because of GREED!!!

731 days ago


I wonder if Bozo will bring Judge Perry along because he had to teach him law 101 during the entire anthony trial. I've never seen such an inept, unethical lawyer. Then again, I guess that's what it takes to file such a frivolous law suit.

731 days ago
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