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Lindsay Lohan

Questioned By Cops

After Alleged Burglary

8/21/2012 6:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Lindsay Lohan
was interviewed by police today regarding an apparent burglary at a Hollywood Hills home last night -- but Lindsay insists ... she had nothing to do with it.

According to sources, Lindsay slept over at the home in question Sunday night after a small get together -- along with several guests -- and when everyone woke up this morning, the owner of the home claimed expensive jewelry had been stolen from the property.

Law enforcement sources tell us, police were called to the home and interviewed everyone inside, including Lindsay.

0821_brandon_davis_rental_house_X172We're told Lindsay was very cooperative -- but claimed she had nothing to do with any missing jewelry.

As of now, Lindsay is NOT considered a suspect. The investigation is ongoing.

7:07 AM PT -- LAPD officers paid a visit to the Hollywood Hills home yesterday ... but didn't speak to the media when asked about the incident.


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Ahh he!! Da sh!t is about to go down! Lol

Hey guys, can HELL(p)s *sign* be read. I can't on my phone, but what about your home 'puters?
Oh, we's a set-up. Blah, blah, blah! THAT SH!T has gotten real old, real fast. Wouldn't be surprised if she DID jack the jewels. XD. She is a *KNOWN* thief after all.

803 days ago


I's trade LL for Phyliss Diller in a second

803 days ago


From the 2012 LAPD Officers Procedural Manual, Section 12, Paragraph C:

"When called to a residence reporting stolen goods while Lindsay Lohan was a houseguest, it is the senior officer's duty to forcefully slap the homeowner across the face while his/her partner exclaims, "You had Lindsay Lohan as a houseguest and DIDN'T think this would happen? Really? Jewelry... unlocked?! That's like leaving delicious hamburgers out on the grill at Jellystone Park and wondering why Yogi Bear showed up and stole your supper." This combination of forceful slap, intense scolding, and bizarre Yogi Bear reference usually set the homeowner straight. The officers are then free to leave and get some coffee and danish per usual."

803 days ago


Help is losing it. Here are 2 posts made by her, one after another:

help this young woman

Red Cloud be realistic. ILG was hit with the ugly stick when she was born! She would not have any idea about beauty.
21 minutes ago

help this young woman

You are the one that is unhinged. I am a total stranger to you. You don't know anything about me!
8 minutes ago

Right help...because you know exactly what I look like, because you've seen pictures of me. Sheesh!!!

803 days ago


How could anyone believe little innocent Blo could steal something?? On the other hand, there was that jewelry thing, and that fur coat thing, and that clothes thing...hmmm. Then there was the someone stole her purse with a zillion bucks and her passport thing, the I didn't do it/I wasn't driving/those aren't my pants things...lies flying all directions each time she opens her mouth. Come to think of it, she's also a big believer in showing up at events, even though she's not invited. So, did these people even know she was in the house overnight?? LOL
On second thought, guilty or not, I can see why she'd be on top of the list of usual suspects.

803 days ago


I THINK I drove AGENT NEEDS HELP IN HIS PANTS over the edge this weekend. Always did like pushing peoples buttons, LMAO

803 days ago


I think the real Help letter belongs here:

help this young woman (June 11, 2012)
Dearest darling Lindsay
This sounds like something your cowardice father would say. You don't want to be like him just look at his life.
All cars have a black box that will say if the brakes we're engaged. Sometimes people in a panic accidentally hit the accelerator and not the brakes. People make mistakes while driving so much so that we all have to have insurance. The Porsche is a high performance car which saved both Gavin and your life. Perhaps it was even divine intervention.
I don't care about the car, the truck driver etc.
What I do care about is YOU.
I very much sympathize with you over the fact that your father chose to HURT you right before filming started. That your mom chose to use the start of your filming to publicize her reality stunts. That your sister chose to leave you when filming is starting. That your entire family uses you as a cash cow.
However it looks to me that you have a pattern of self-destructive behavior that occurs when your family seems to abandon you or hurt you. It is almost predictable. It is not intentional. This self-destructive behavior has been occurring over and over so much so that the public who LOVES you is screaming at you to stop.
I want you to take care of yourself and only yourself. Reach out to Shawn, Greta, your psychiatrist, maybe a counselor at Betty Ford that you know, who can guide you to the very best person to help you.
In reality we can only change ourselves and protect the hurt child in all of us.
I understand that my opinion may be based on tabloid fodder and what I read that someone else writes. I am not a therapist and I realize I may be off base. If that is the case then never mind.
I love you and I support you! Keep your head down and continue to focus and work on set!

803 days ago


If a Lohan denies it must be a lie.

803 days ago



Houseguest Lindsay Lohan acclimated younger brother Cody into the family trade and business by stuffing his a$$ with stolen jewelry, it has been reported by inside sources. “He’s like the goose that laid the golden egg” said one very impressed local surfer, “we’ve never seen anything like it!”

Then Lindsay showed up and put it in an overnight pink bag to New York. Then Cody impressed everyone by dropping a key of Peruvian Marching Powder! “That’s my boy!” said Lindsay.

803 days ago


This idiot is her own worst enemy.

803 days ago


she is always stuck in probvlems....

Vietnam Tours

803 days ago

Good riddance!    

AHAHAHAHA!!! More missing jewelry and Blohan with her perpetually sticky fingers is right in the center of it all and pleading stupidity--stupidity being her norm.

803 days ago

Ellie G    

Skank just can't do anything right. What a loser.

803 days ago


Wow...all help has left are insults. No logic...nothing she has to resort to insults.

803 days ago


I wonder how it would feel to read all these negative comments about yourself? Just saying...

803 days ago
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