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Mel Gibson's

Hot New 'Friend'

Has 'F' Me Written All Over

8/20/2012 10:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

082012_mel_gibson_launchMel Gibson has a brand new female companion -- she's hot ... she's foreign ... and she came thiiis close to showing her vagina in a modeling campaign for a company called "F Me" jeans.

The pretty lady -- who accompanied Mel to The Grove in L.A. this past weekend -- is Nadia Lanfranconi ... an aspiring musician who moved to the U.S. from Italy back in 2007.  

Mel and Nadia have been spending a lot of time together recently ... they even went to a sushi dinner earlier this month.

0820_mel_gibson_akmgsi2Of course, we all know Mel loves aspiring foreign musicians ... but we're told Mel and Nadia are NOT in a serious dating relationship.

Too bad ... 'cause Nadia showed off the goods during a campaign for "F Me" jeans last year ... a company that makes clothing featuring a waistline that plunges dangerously close to the female reproductive organs.


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daily mail have more pictures
it could be just business lunch,
Nadia is OK for Viking movie

funny is that
no one is questioning Donald Trump and all those young ladies around Donald...
but if Mel had dinner or lunch with young ladies
it is a " new girlfriend" according to Daily Mail

801 days ago


I have to admit I as wrong to judge her as I did in my earlier posts.Bunny and others are right. Mel interviews people for his films in many ways. And ofcourse he always gets the right people for the roles he wants them for.


801 days ago


you go mel... FWB the only way to hit it...

801 days ago


I'd do his daughter Bob

801 days ago


2IDIOTS -- if you have any class, you will apologize to Miss Kelly for your rudeness. It's obvious you weren't brought up to have manners and respect your elders. Miss Kelly is like a motherly force on this board and has been for a long time. And she is also entitled to her opinion, just like you. Furthermore, only a dead person doesn't change their mind. If Miss Kelly wants to change her mind many times over, then that is her perrogative.

801 days ago


I have no idea what is going on with Mel. Maybe this is one of Petra' Italian friends -- who knows. Movie business -- maybe. Music business -- maybe. Hanky-panky -- probably. One thing about the video is that Mel is purposely keeping his hands to himself. No hand holding to get through the crowd, but then he gives her a neck massage at the restaurant??? WTF? I would be embarassed myself if I were sitting in the chair, and I don't care if it was Mel with his hands on my neck. Do not embarass me in public, and that would embarass me. So, I don't quite understand what that display was about. And by the way, she lists 'Telepathy' as a language on her resume along with Italian and English. Telepathy? Maybe I'm just not hip, but I didn't know telepathy was a 'language'. If anything, I would classify it as an ability perhaps, but not language. I did not care for her art at all -- just not my taste. Her music -- well, it was better than 'I love the way you wear your skin' torch singer-wannabe OG.

801 days ago


Waving to you Bunny! And giving you a big ole' Bunny hug! I hope you are doing well also. Get all of your projects done this summer? I didn't get as much done as I had intended to. Time got away from me and that yougin' keeps me running! We had a good summer though -- better than last, which is now a memory. :)

801 days ago


If I feel I have done someone wrong at least I have the guts to say so. And I was wrong to make a snap judgement like I did. Now if someone does not like my saying that "TUFF" I could care less.


801 days ago


Miss Kelly -- You just stated an opinion based on what you perceived. I just don't understand -- 'F Me' jeans is what this girl is pushing. Those jeans don't even look comfortable to me. Maybe that's the point - they're only supposed to be worn for one thing. Why would anyone wear something like that on the streets? I just don't get it. Same wih pants that hang off of your hips and show your boxers -- I don't get it. I think Mel likes to rescue people. If someone needs help, then perhaps Mel is a good friend to have.

801 days ago


Hi Fuddy. I am glad summer is over. The cool evenings and mornings have been wonderful. I am looking forward to the fall rains.
I just lost my Dr. to Joplin. He went there to teach. Joplin is a better place now that he is there..;o)


801 days ago


nice pics

801 days ago


LOL! Who said that pictures of OG taking care of Lucia would show up? Too funny!

Thanks for the post, TMZ Gossip! Waving to you too...with my finger! (joking)

801 days ago


Thanks Gossip! Funny how Mr Mel isn't really spotted doing the "Dad" thing. Mel's only spotted out drinking and hanging out with chicks YOUNGER then his oldest!!!!

801 days ago


AAAHAHAHAHAH! Where in my comment do i reference LUCIA? I said he isn't really spotted doing the DAD THING. I didnt specify ONE CHILD in particular did I?. Sez 2I's NOW!

And you didn't specify which Dad thing, either. Better go check out that link I posted.

801 days ago



Frankly, BOO, "NOBODY" knows WHAT IN THE "HELL" you're writing 99.9% OF THE TIME!!! For the most part, it's nothing more than a bunch of "SCRAMBLED AZZ GIBBERISH" with no COHERENT REFERENCE TO "ANYTHING LOGICAL"!!! However, IN ALL FAIRNESS, you are entitled to your opinion but "NO ONE" CAN FIGURE OUT WHAT IN THE "HELL" IT IS??? Perhaps, if you would choose to post when your "MEDS" ARE FULLY FUNCTIONAL, your posts would be much more "COHERENT AND LOGICAL"!!! JUST SAYING!!!

801 days ago
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