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Mel Gibson's

Hot New 'Friend'

Has 'F' Me Written All Over

8/20/2012 10:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

082012_mel_gibson_launchMel Gibson has a brand new female companion -- she's hot ... she's foreign ... and she came thiiis close to showing her vagina in a modeling campaign for a company called "F Me" jeans.

The pretty lady -- who accompanied Mel to The Grove in L.A. this past weekend -- is Nadia Lanfranconi ... an aspiring musician who moved to the U.S. from Italy back in 2007.  

Mel and Nadia have been spending a lot of time together recently ... they even went to a sushi dinner earlier this month.

0820_mel_gibson_akmgsi2Of course, we all know Mel loves aspiring foreign musicians ... but we're told Mel and Nadia are NOT in a serious dating relationship.

Too bad ... 'cause Nadia showed off the goods during a campaign for "F Me" jeans last year ... a company that makes clothing featuring a waistline that plunges dangerously close to the female reproductive organs.


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2I: another thing I find scandalous is what Cankook uncovered about Gibby buying a house and church in PA years ago. Pappy had no ties to the community there either. Their excuse was Pappy needed to find a church that had Latin mass. That's such BS.
They were in WV in a home that TJ bought prior to Gibby moving them into a home purchased by the COM. Combined with the cost of the PA church, that was over a million dollars of the Reilly fund money wasted. What happens to the money after that?

Another issue that will come up in divorce court is the fact that Gibby took on the role of supporting Pappy and TJ - WILLINGLY, using money that was no longer considered his own. It was much more than the 5 years that flock stated. Also, being in CA, TJ would get half in the divorce. Not sure if a will trumps a marriage if the parties are separated and going through a divorce. I imagine Pappy can sign over a life insurance policy to anyone he wants now. The judge would probably decide it for Pappy otherwise.

Bovine it appears that Gibby moving Pappy to CA had nothing to do with his health. The PA church crumbled and Pappy resigned. They sold everything and got him a bigger and better pad in Meliboo.

757 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

ew, pigs and their stupid assumptions...meh.

757 days ago


Pretty girl. Ugly outfit. Boring story. Same old potshots. What else is new? Obviously nothing at TMZ.


757 days ago


hi Kelly, bunny and Fuddy
Mel said ;
" do not believe what you hear and
believe only half what you see..."
I think bias-medias are " playing" us
and it is a "war for our souls".
If we judge too harshly others we are loosing.
So Kelly
you are a WINNER b/c you realized that medias
played with your emotions.
Was Mel massaging Nadia neck?
I do not know.
But Ido not trust ex-KGB owner of newspapers reports about Mel.
Remember Mel kissing girl in blue dress?
Looks like girl got something in her eyes.
Or Maria's party? Donald Trump was there too.
Only Mel was smeared be bias media.
1-WHY was white napkin on Nadia neck
when Mel was massaging Nadia?
And here is a video couplke minutes later
where we do not see chemistry or closeness between Mel and Nadia at all.
Could be that Nadia complained to Mel
hat wasp bite her on her neck
and "trusting" Mel put some ice and napkin on Nadia neck?
one think is for sure....
Nadia "knew" someone from TMZ
re" F-jeans commercial....
also we do not know how much $ bias media are paying Nadia for her "role to stardom."
If I feel I have done someone wrong at least I have the guts to say so. And I was wrong to make a snap judgement like I did. Now if someone does not like my saying that "TUFF" I could care less.
Imo, you did nothing wrong Ms Kelly. And YES, when you think you have, you stand up and say so. SO much better than the usual suspects, So much bigger than them, such a better person.
YOU are AWESOME. THEY are trash.
Miss Kelly -- You just stated an opinion based on what you perceived. I just don't understand -- 'F Me' jeans is what this girl is pushing. Those jeans don't even look comfortable to me. Maybe that's the point - they're only supposed to be worn for one thing. Why would anyone wear something like that on the streets? I just don't get it. Same wih pants that hang off of your hips and show your boxers -- I don't get it. I think Mel likes to rescue people. If someone needs help, then perhaps Mel is a good friend to have.

756 days ago


more chemistry
between Nadia and her boyfriend

756 days ago


so Nadia
knows personally "fat Mike " from TMZ
and commercials are from April 18,2011?

756 days ago


IMO: we don't know what their relationship is. Only MEL can tell 'what's good for Mel' and if Nadia is it, then that is between them.

I have no concerns or opinions other than that.

HOPEFULLY, IF they have something going on in that direction, she will be good to him, much much better than ol' greedy gut was. He did not deserve what Ox did to him, not even close, not even if he HAD punched her, which he obviously did NOT do. If Ox thought he had treated her badly in ANY way, she should have packed up and left other than doing what she did. Bottomline: she chose to stay which just underlines GOLD DIGGER USER ABUSER AND LIAR.

And that is all I got in the way of opinion on Nadia at this time.


LMAO! Down the bunny hole once more! You can stop deluding yourselves flock. Gibby is chomping Viagra and screwing the F'Me whore 6 times to Sunday.

Funny how you don't have an opinion of a woman who is obviously a real gold digging whore Bunnynutz. She's just another example of how Gibby puts his high moral standards aside when given the opportunity to bang a woman younger than half of his kids. Funny how none of you don't find it totally disgusting.
This woman strikes me as a disturbed fame whore with no sense of direction. Drawn to the bottom feeders of Hollywood - the goth rock scene, washed up actors (Steven Bauer and Gibby) and sex shop clothing distributors. When she gets chewed up and spit out by Gibby, she will hit the porn scene. Mark my words.

756 days ago


Leave Pup out of the conversation bovine. She's cleaner and smells better than you do. The plague? No problem. Just keep your mad cow disease under quarantine.

Flock has been been the one bandying about whether or not Giblitz has a physical relationship with the F'me whore, not me. LOLOL! Maybe if flock 'got some' once in a while they would be so dense and could figure it out. Le snort!

756 days ago


2i: Bovine and B'nutz would jump at the chance to double date with the Gibby boys. B'nutz would take Pappy and they could attempt to swap drool in their wheelchairs.
Oh, I forgot, Pappy doesn't want a broke ass, illiterate frau and Gibby won't date an 'over 25' cow.

B'nutz I decided to add 'dense' to the sentence and didn't bother to proof read it. Totally different than saying something as retarded as 'oh so sorcerific'.

Bovine Pup doesn't 'roam'. She's a well adjusted former stray who isn't afraid to step out to get some fresh air.

IBS: for once you're talking some sense. Wouldn't be surprised if F'me whore has already been added to Gibby's wiki page. If she gets impregnated with Gibby seed, flock will turn on her and the 'turkey baster' rumors will start to fly.

755 days ago



She was advertizinf the jeans. Ppl will make money the best way they can.
Me too, I'd rather wear sleazy jeans for a few hours than work at McDonalds. I am not a whore, nor would i be 'asking for it'...unless 'it' was my paycheck.

I have no doubt you wouldn't qualify for either job B'nutz! But the fact that you admit you would parade around in the streets with those jeans on for a paycheck is proof of how truly depraved you are! It sounds like the only alternative in your mind is 'working at McDonalds'. LMFAO! What about all of the 'degrees' you have B'nutz? Surely they could up your game to get you in at 'Friendlys'. SNORTLE!

755 days ago


Another thing I find hilarious B'nutz is the way you've been 'thinking out loud' about Gibby's reason for being with another fetish model. Surely it must be a business meeting to discuss a possible job doing the musical score for Gibby's non-existent Viking movie! I busted up LOL at that one! Delusional Frau!

755 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

Links included for reference. Here are some of the priceless highlights from the pig on HINNY :) Enjoy!

Piggy said: "btw, you can't even spell one of the most frequently used words in your vocab. What's hinny? I'm assuming you mean hiney - another term so infrequently used by adults that it's probably not even in Websters."

I went and found these:
Since you had trouble extrapolating information from the last link I got you, here's some others:

1) The sterile offspring of a male horse and a female donkey creates a hinny. The mule on the other hand is a female horse and a male donkey's offspring.
My horse mounted that donkey and when she gave birth it was a hinny.
2) Hinny is another word for Mule, which of course means Jackass, So there ya go....
Hinny =Jackass
"God Piggy is such a Hinny"
And some more just to stop you arguing with Urban Dictionary

I liked this in particular:
Animal Husbandry for Schools by Merritt Wesley Harper (1919)
"The reciprocal cross is known as a hinny. The female donkey is called a jennet. The mule partakes of many of the characters of the jack ASS."

And NOW the dumbass is saying this:
""Now that you've finally got the correct spelling of one of your sick adult baby talk words dealt to you"

"..You can't admit that you spelled 'hiney' wrong...."


".....Btw dumbass I didn't ask 'what's A hinny.' did I?..."


"...Still trying to prove that you know how to spell 'hiney'. Pathetic."


"....Oh and just so you know - hinny and hinney are both acceptable spellings for jackass. I was testing you to confirm my suspicion."


'Out my 'jackass' again' makes no sense. Still can't stop with using hinny in every sentence you write though. A sign of a serious mental disorder.

PRICELESS Stupidity.

755 days ago


Wow this new lady friend of Gibson's is gorgeous. Lucky man!

755 days ago


G-d always treats His fallen angel(s) with love, kindness, and truthfulness
what better example do we need
G-d Bless

754 days ago


Tomorrow's the big day flock. Bovine what's on the roster? Will Pappy be rolling into court or have they cancelled it because he's hooked up to an ozone catheter in Phoenix?

754 days ago
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