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Kris Humphries' Ex

Kim K Is a


8/20/2012 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0819_kim_k_Myla-Sinanaj_tmz2Myla Sinanaj -- who will sit for a deposition in New York City today in the Kris Humphries/Kim Kardashian divorce -- says Kim is a "cruel bitch" by scheduling her depo on the 1 year anniversary of Kris and Kim's wedding.

TMZ has learned ... Myla is telling friends she will testify that Kris repeatedly told her Kim defrauded him in the marriage, grousing that he "got played."

Kris is fighting the divorce, insisting on an annulment based on fraud.  Kris claims Kim never loved him and married him only to spike ratings on her reality show.

Myla says Kris -- who made hundreds of thousands of dollars off "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" as well as the wedding special -- "hated the cameras and his life being on display."

Myla is telling friends her relationship with Kris is "dead," so she has nothing to lose by telling the truth, and therefore she will be "100% honest" in answering questions during the depo.

The wild card -- Myla is not saying how she will answer questions about allegedly getting knocked up by Kris.  She previously told various people he got her pregnant ... then recanted the story.



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MDCCLXXVI.... Are you friggin brain dead???? My husband just passed away from cancer and it ate up his brain.... Sick SOB

763 days ago

Bitch Pudding    

Can this bitch go away already? She faked a baby bump and a pregnancy for attention. She's nothing more than a fame seeking attention whore. And ugly to boot.

763 days ago


kim, enjoy your money and psuedo-fame, cause one day you go before your maker and the truth is the only thing discussed.. good luck with that!

763 days ago


'grousing' again? get a thesaurus.

763 days ago


This stupid divorce has lasted longer than the marriage did.

763 days ago


original airhead!!!

763 days ago


I cant stand myla, she is just a liar. She lied about everything , from pregnancy to what ever. She just needs to go away. Her former attorney fired her for lies telling. Kim has every right to take her to court. She needs to get locked up for telling lies. I cant stand her. She is a bad role model for young females.

763 days ago

BB not bb    

Kris probably promised her that he would go out with her publicly after the trial if she would say what he wants during the trial. She is a fool for him like Kim was. I am so glad that Kim is past him at least. He is a real dead end.

Myla is going to tell her tailes, Kris will get nothing either way, and then she will have the selfish dufus on her hands. He might not even want to be with her afterwards, or he might treat her so bad again that she wouldn't want to be with him. He already told the world she was just some whore running a brothel out of the hotel she worked at. How much more does she want to take from this guy? If he has money so what? It is not like he is fun to be around. You are better off running errands for less money and having a real life instead of just playing lap dog to a pompous bozo.

763 days ago


she takes it in her butt.

763 days ago


I still don't know anything about Kim Kardashian, I must be missing a party somewhere...

763 days ago


So Kim K (anyone know her middle name?) is the Perfectly Cruel Bitch.


763 days ago


Why would a girlfriend be asked to sit for a deposition in a divorce? Because, there was a non-disclosure agreement, and the lawyers want to see if it was violated. Why would the Kardashians have Kris Humphries sign a non-disclosure agreement? Because the marriage was a fraud, and they wanted to suppress any input from the groom. Hope they burn in hell, the Kardashians, they are the devil!

763 days ago


I just saw online that the place where Kim got married can't even book a wedding after she soiled the used to be popular and she gave it a bad name and one wants to be married where Kim was...lmao.

763 days ago

Who Knew    

Kartrasian = vile pig whore.

763 days ago


Shut up Myla.

763 days ago
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