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Kris Humphries' Ex

We Never Dated ...

He Didn't Buy My Silence

8/20/2012 12:43 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kris Humphries'
ex-girlfriend says Kris was just a friend whom she never even texted ... and she denies Kris paid her off to keep her quiet ... TMZ has learned.

Informed sources tell TMZ ... Myla Sinanaj -- who was deposed by Kim Kardashian's lawyer today in New York City -- testified she didn't date Kris, she was never pregnant and she never got any money from him.  As for whether she had sex with Kris, Myla's lawyer instructed her not to answer the question.

Myla also said she never considered filing a lawsuit against Kris for telling the FBI she tried to extort him.  Tell that one to Myla's former lawyer, Joe Tacopina, who drafted a 26-page defamation lawsuit on her behalf.

Myla insisted she was not paid off.  By the way, we're told she no longer works at the New York hotel where she had been employed.

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796 days ago


This girl is fu*king nuts. What a psychotic moron. She changes her stories more than George Clooney changes girlfriends.

796 days ago

Bitch Pudding    

You can't believe anything that s**** says.

796 days ago

The Maharincess of Franistan    

Myla Sinanaj is a LYING, FAT SKANK.


796 days ago

Straight Talkin Texan    

Oh, brother. This girl is all over the place!

796 days ago


I want to know who paid for her 4 Hermes Birkin at $50k a piece? Let me think, KRIS! She also has alot of Loubitin shoes that range from 1k to 3k. Who paid for those? KRIS!!! Why do you think this unemployed hotel worker is changing her story again(in favor of Kris). She's been bought off by Kris. He probaly even promised her that they would get back together again. She seems to have a bad memory because she forgets that Kris called her a booty call girl yet now she says they never slept together. When she said she was pregnant, he said he wanted a paternity test. This is all in print, so I can't understand how she or he can retract this. She's just a Kim wanna be, it's very obvious. She tries to look like her and dress like her. I'm sure when she sought Kris out it completed her dream of being with the man that was with Kim. She unfortunately doesn't realize that we've all seen the movie The Roommate and are able to spot a psycho crazed female.

796 days ago


Sooooo what did we find out in the depo? That she's a big fat liar and an opportunist? Gee, tell us something we didn't know.

796 days ago


is this homely bytch a schizophrenic?

796 days ago


Lying under oath huh? Kris must be buying all those birkins & loubs she's flaunting. I knew he got to her & i knew they were in on it together. Pathetic skank.

796 days ago


YES!!! she did one minute she says they are together the next they are just friends i smell 1 million dollars

796 days ago


So basically this chick is a big fat liar. Wow, shocker.

796 days ago


I want to know whose paying her lawyer's fee?!? She's living better today and is out of a job. Whose paying her rent? Whose paying car payment, food, utilities, traveling expenses? She was a hotel clerk and I don't think she made enough money to allow her to save this kind of money to hold her off. So does she take all of us for a fool and think we don't realize that KRIS is paying for everything. It's a drop in the bucket for him. He's planning on getting it back because he thinks a judge is stupid enough to alot him the 7mil that he's suing Kim for.Hey Kris and Myla you might think that you 2 are the smartest people in the room but your not. The only people that you can convince here are the haters. The haters should be insulted by that but they're so blinded by their hate that they are allowing the 2 worst liars in the world insult them.

796 days ago


In other words, she lied her azz off!

796 days ago


Well she sure has put herself in a place where she can be prosecuted for perjury. Believe you me, those lawyers are NOT going to let her lie in their faces and go home laughing! They never dated? When then how'd they "hook up" then? Myla lied her azz off, under oath!

796 days ago


Like million people didn't see her tweets about her dating Kris and how she was calling Bruce names. Yeah, I hope you like prison cuz that's where you're going for perjury. smh

796 days ago
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