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Kris Humphries' Ex

We Never Dated ...

He Didn't Buy My Silence

8/20/2012 12:43 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kris Humphries'
ex-girlfriend says Kris was just a friend whom she never even texted ... and she denies Kris paid her off to keep her quiet ... TMZ has learned.

Informed sources tell TMZ ... Myla Sinanaj -- who was deposed by Kim Kardashian's lawyer today in New York City -- testified she didn't date Kris, she was never pregnant and she never got any money from him.  As for whether she had sex with Kris, Myla's lawyer instructed her not to answer the question.

Myla also said she never considered filing a lawsuit against Kris for telling the FBI she tried to extort him.  Tell that one to Myla's former lawyer, Joe Tacopina, who drafted a 26-page defamation lawsuit on her behalf.

Myla insisted she was not paid off.  By the way, we're told she no longer works at the New York hotel where she had been employed.

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"Kris Humphries' ex-girlfriend says Kris was just a friend whom she never even texted ..."

According to KHump, she tried to "extort" him and he turned over all her "texts" to the FBI for investigation.
They never dated? There are many many photos of them together in Miami, at his games, she put out a story she was pregnant by the guy.
Basically, she's one of those "gangsta" girlfriends who'd commit any crime to protect her pimp, in this case it's a felony she committed, namely, perjury.

759 days ago


Can we make this pathetic NOBODY disappear??? She is beyond PATHETIC, and doesn't deserve the time of day!

759 days ago


i find it very odd that she was linked to him even claiming she was pregnant and now she's saying that it never happened and that he didn't buy her silence while she walks around with a $10,000 birkin bag when she worked as hotel staff before the situation.

759 days ago


Just another bloated pig who is trying to cash in on her 15 mins. Thanks TMZ for making these losers relevant. Nobody else would.

759 days ago


Aren't depositions supposed to be private? Why are we even discussing what went on? TMZ should be deposed next. Either TMZ was lying or Kris was lying or Myla was lying or the sources were lying? Somebody was lying. If what Myla is saying under oath is true then why isn't Kris suing TMZ, Myla and her lawyer Joe for defamation of character. They really need to take it off the air and report back next year when the final verdict is given. We are all tired of this mess.

759 days ago


Kris Humphries is that much closer to sweet vindication in the form of being granted an annullment from marrying into the kkk gypsy klan, awarded at least half of the deceptive money his vapid soon-to-be ex made from the sham wedding, and by revealing to the world the level to which these despicable, greedy famewhores will go to for fame and money. They may continue to make money from their krap products and krap shows for awhile, but the fame is gone replaced by infamy and disgust. If pimpmom wasn't calling all the shots, kim might've gotten out of this with a lot less shame and embarrassment that's sure to get much, much worse once KH's legal team gets through with these scamming, classless freaks.

759 days ago


Why would Kris tell Myla all about Kim if they weren't even dating?? Either she is lying or he is probably the dumbest guy alive!

759 days ago


What part of people don't get prosecuted for deposition don't you people understand. All for show Kimmy and her media train along with Kris and his want to be media train this girl is just caught in the middle of the crap. But if you can state for me case law showing someone was prosecuted for perjury during a deposition then ill believe she could be until then all you haters hoping she will be prosecuted just keep hating please now back to your lives don't you people have hubby's to cook for wives to meet with you know important things to do than trying to live through others misery. Harvey knows this hes just feeding you clowns the bull**** you want to see. all while filling his pockets through advertisers and the kardashian train gotta protect your brand at whatever costs don't you? First of al do you people think that anyone other than kims camp came running out of a deposition to give you their spin on what happened seriously people i guess you all believe mickey mouse is a real mouse too

759 days ago


Nothing like getting pissed on in a sex video to make you famous? Maybe Myla shoudl do the same it did work for Kimy now didn't it. She went from being pissed on to the media darling that so many want to protect while if all whores had protection like her lol. and Kanye saying he wont watch the video ok. really did he say that did anyone hear him say that because allegedly wasnt he addicted to porn so what would make the so called perfect bitch better than the porn stars he's watched . Shes not the Perfect Pissy Bitch that would have been a better song title. Obviously the old saying is true for her Once you go black you never go back LOL

759 days ago


That's a nice watch she's wearing for someone who's unemployed and didn't get paid off...

759 days ago


this myla chick is crazy.

759 days ago


Seems "Like/Hate" is very pro-k'trashian in this thread -- without the ability to vote. Sad how pimpmom believes this will change somebody's mind about the gypsies and their sham wedding debacle. They must really be freaking. Now go, pimpmom, and have a family meeting to make a pact of no more scamming innocent people for profit, and no more plastic surgery -- a few of you are starting to look very odd/scary...

759 days ago


Geez this girl opens her mouth and the lies just vomit out don't they?

759 days ago


Where'd the birkin bag come from?

759 days ago


Kris can only blame himself for getting so close to Myla and then revealing to her the details of his marriage. It is none of her business. He was better-off getting a therapist to help him keep his mind straight and on his goal. We know he needs sex but he never needed to hook-up with Myla in such a serious way to get it.

758 days ago
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