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Ridley Scott

Jets to L.A. after

Brother's Suicide

8/20/2012 9:00 AM PDT UPDATED: 8/20/2012 4:46 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0820_ridley_scott_WENNRidley Scott was at Heathrow Airport in London this morning ... reportedly boarding a plane bound for L.A. ... where his younger brother Tony committed suicide yesterday.

Ridley and Tony were close -- co-producing several projects together including the CBS show "The Good Wife" and an upcoming A&E miniseries "Coma."

Tony died yesterday after jumping off a bridge in San Pedro, CA. Officials say Tony left multiple notes to loved ones. The notes were found in his car and another location.

9:07 AM PT -- ABC News is reporting that Tony had been suffering from inoperable brain cancer before his death.

4:45 PM PT -- The ABC News report is false. According to Scott's family, Tony did NOT have brain cancer.


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Poopey Poopstein    

Inoperable brain cancer is a good reason to do that.. I must admit.. Are we sure the Scientologists didn't throw him off the bridge?

733 days ago


At 68 I thought he might have been ill. The thought of a lingering illness can be devastating. Very sad for so many people.

733 days ago


I knew he ended his life for a reason it is so sad that he had brain cancer and no longer wanted to live.

RIP Mr.Scott

733 days ago

furious cupcakes    

I wonder what was in his suicide note.... Jumping off a bridge in broad daylight with people out and about is extremely disturbing.

733 days ago


Ridley found out that guy in the background was holding the koran and decided to cancel his flight..

733 days ago


Love and sympathy to Ridley Scott and the entire family. The Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace.

733 days ago


If he has a terminal illness, then it was on his terms, sure hard for the family. But easier for him and I'm sure in his point of view for them as well. This was quick, his disease would have been how long? How painful? And how painful for his loved ones to go through?

733 days ago

Cirrus Unicus    

I knew it had to be something health related. So sad, but we all have the right to die at our choosing. There needs to be a more humane way to do it, both for the people choosing to die, and the families they leave behind. Now I'm not condoning suicide for just anyone, but if you have a terminal illness, why waste away from it and suffer more?

733 days ago


Tony beat cancer in his own way. Very noble.

733 days ago


If the brain cancer story is true, Tony may have wanted to end his life before he became an invalid and lost control everything... and to spare his family. This is just a theory, but by doing the act "in public" yet without blood or violence, he made sure his death would be known and reported, yet not seen by his family. In a perverted way, perhaps he showed incredible bravery.

What is not right, is TMZ subjecting a grieving brother to paparazzi scrutiny at such a time. I can only hope they didn't yell inane questions or comments his way.

733 days ago


If it was brain cancer, it's understandable that he would do it without having to be depressed, just wanted to end it.
I've known of a number of elderly people who have committed suicide to avoid suffering, I don't blame them.
It's a personal choice, and should be left up to the person suffering, my family all have the paperwork, if I'm ever suffering, don't let me die slow in the hospital, just pull the plug.
Pull that sucker and set me free.

733 days ago


My Mom had inoperable brain cancer. I am sorry he had cancer but still he could have fought it or let the end come naturally. Now he leaves behind 2 children and a wife and a brother that loved him and never got to say goodbye to him. He left them with this guilt and all the rest that comes when a loved one comments suicide. I don't feel sorry for Mr. Scott . I feel sorry for his family. He chose this his family did not. He took that from them.

733 days ago


That poor man. Watching someone lose who they are... in every sense, to brain cancer, I can see why he would resort to this. Such a horrible disease. RIP

733 days ago


i can't imagine the turmoil he must've gone thru. my heart goes out to his family and friends.

733 days ago


Jumped off a bride??? Where are the proofreaders??

733 days ago
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