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Rosie O'Donnell

I Had a Secret Heart Attack

Last Week

8/20/2012 1:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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0820_rosie-odonnell_TMZRosie O'Donnell suffered a major heart attack last week but kept it a secret ... until now, when she revealed the whole scary ordeal on her blog ... as a poem.

In a post on Rosie's official blog dated August 20 ... the comedian drops a bombshell with an entry titled "My Heart Attack" ... in which she explains how she went into cardiac arrest and didn't even realize it.

In the post she explains (in poem form) ... she experienced chest pains, clammy skin, and vomiting ... she then took an aspirin -- but never bothered to call 911.

The next day she went to see a cardiologist and was informed by her doctor that her symptoms were a result of a "widow maker" heart attack.

She says in the post, "50% of women having heart attacks never call 911 ... 200,000 women die of heart attacks every year in the US ... by some miracle I was not one of them."

She ends with a warning to other women saying, "Know the symptoms ladies ... listen to the voice inside ... CALL 911... save urself."


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Her constant bullying on her talk show about getting mammograms is what got my mom in to get her mammogram. And thankfully the doctors caught her breast cancer at a very early stage. Rosie probibly saved my moms life. And Rosie talking about this will probibly help more women pay attention to the signs of a heart attack and save even more lives. Glad you made it through, get well Rosie.

758 days ago


Next time don't look into the mirror

758 days ago

Mr. Grimm    

I am glad that she is ok. I always thought Rosie was a great talent.

758 days ago


WHAT THE "F" EVER!!! She's just a fat slob who's looking for attention... So, she has a heart attack and doesn't call 911 but being the Pig she is, is trying to tell other women to call 911 to save their life? She's a frigging idiot. I only wish this post had included her time of death. She truly needs to just disappear forever.....

758 days ago


We have all learned a very valuable lesson about the urge to help an enormous woman get out of the car she is stuck in. Thanks Rosie.

758 days ago


As you can see, Rosie, I have something you will never have. Check out my avatar!

758 days ago

Kowny Krush    

She reminds me of the Denham Springs Louisiana trash who announce every few days "I've had a stroke. A mini-stroke. Oh, I have Crones Disease. My kidneys are failing." All in a sick attempt to get some attention and sympathy. Ugh.

758 days ago


The resemblance with Archie Bunker is uncanny...

758 days ago

What You Really Want To See    

Send back Phyllis, God.. take Rosie if you have to...

758 days ago


Talk about dramatic! The article states that Rosie went into "cardiac arrest and didn't even know it!". Ok is it me or what? I'm pretty SURE if you went into cardiac arrest you would know it!! It doesn't say that she had to be resuscitated just that she had symptoms. about exaggerating! I guess she ll do anything to RESUSCITATE her career!

758 days ago


Going into "cardiac arrest" means that your heart has STOPPED. Rosie did not go into cardiac arrest. She had a heart attack. These are two different things. As for Rosie's heart attack, she should read the China Study and Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease. Those books can save her life.

758 days ago


Really, I made a wish, and it ALMOST came true. I know it's cold, but it would clearly be a case of addition by subtraction.

758 days ago

The Neko Nation    

Too bad the fat disgusting pig didn't drop dead and do us all a favor.

758 days ago

Freddie K    

Rosie is a overweight individual of below average intelligence with obvious anger management issues - is anybody surprised she had a heart attack (or claims to have had one)? No- do I wish her dead, no but at the same time I would not shed a tear nor would I cancel a round of golf to attend her funeral - ah not only no but h@ll no!. At the end of the day - she brought it on herself by no managing her eating habits and by being a miserable, angry person which is perhaps the bigger issue.

758 days ago


Crap, we just missed out basted on stats. I guess the stat needed to be 51% and we could all celebrate. Or maybe since it's the widow maker it's her bull dyke of a lover who'd going to croak and not this fat cow. When will this big, fat, POS just shrivel up and go away? Come on and eat a big fat greasy hamburger. Let's see if we can double down and get better odds this time.

758 days ago
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