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Held in Contempt For

Canceling Ex's Saks Card

8/20/2012 6:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

just got bitch-slapped in court -- a judge has ordered him to REOPEN his ex-wife's Saks Fifth Avenue credit card in his name ... after the singer closed the account last year.

The closed Saks card was just one of Tameka Raymond's many grievances in her ongoing custody fight against Usher -- and now, the court has taken her side ... holding the singer in contempt for pulling the plug on her fancy charge account.

Tameka claims she needs the account to do her job as a stylist.

As for the other grievances -- Tameka said Usher owed her cash for the nanny bill ... and continually failed to keep her in the loop about where and when he traveled with the kids.

The court agreed ... and awarded Tameka $1,300 for the nanny.

The judge has yet to determine the ex-couple's custody and support issues.


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keeping it real    

This woman was just wh*ring herself to a man with money. She feels she should get paid for being on her back. Like really. Its women like her that makes other women look bad. Really hate her and she should lose her kids.
I bet the judge is one of those for "women rights" oh plz. B*itch needs to use her own money for a card

757 days ago


karma is a mutherf-----, you should have listen to your mom, all this bitch wants is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ and tha sak's card. i pray the day she get ou of your life you deserve better HELL YOU HAD BETTER. THISBITCH YOU WOULD THINK WOULD BE GREIVING BUT NOOOOO SHE WANTS MINEY, SHE CAN NEVER BE HER FREIND EDIE NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

757 days ago


Money grubbing whore.

757 days ago


This is a joke. Are you ****ing kidding me. Usher attorney needs to fight that **** asap. You can not make another person open a credit card in your name and allow someone else to use it and you pay for it. Where does that state that in the law. Hell nawwww. File an appeal. They are forcing him to pay for her to work. Bitches wonder why they end up get beat down. No way, I would take that **** to the supreme court.

757 days ago


This is what a rock solid pre-nup is for..didn't he have one? This lady is a gold digger and this judge is such a moron he needs to be fired.

757 days ago


Thats what he gets for being pendejo, but he well deserves it for cheating. Im sure she loved him & all she has now is anger. I dont blame the woman, if my husband cheated on me and left me, he sure would get hell. Why? For hurting me. Best of luck to her.

757 days ago

Mike L    

What the hell is wrong with this judge? Why is it Ushers problem that she "needs" a Saks card for her "career"? She can get her own damn card. Why does he have to pay her bills? Dude needs to be disbarred immediately. Unlike him, I don't do pity. I've been banned from numerous forums and sites for being a blunt *******. And the blunt truth is that this woman is the biggest piece of trash on the face of the Earth, and this judge isn't much better. They'll let anybody be a judge these days.

757 days ago


People who wear snowhats in the summer look like a douchebag

757 days ago

grossed out    

this is so stupid.....GET YOUR OWN ACCOUNT,DAMN!! Score one for the GOLD DIGGER.

757 days ago

The Neko Nation    

Can this guy sink any lower. A horrible parent who lets his kid get killed. Just another self entitled jerk who cares only about himself.

757 days ago


If she needs it to "do her job" then why doesnt the bitch open one up on her own? Oh yeah thats right then SHE would have to pay for her bills, instead of making him do it.

757 days ago


TMZ- you are really being too transparent that her side is feeding you all the information. When she was presenting her case you were reporting it continually, his side you did not report on but once. Most people use the money from their business to pay their own business expenses- if Usher gets the revenue from the business then sure he should have the card in his name but is she getting him to pay for her business expenses while she keeps the revenue? Ridiculous.

757 days ago


Yo are a weeny. And a passive aggressive weeny at that. Please don't teach that to Justin.

757 days ago


She be GROWN! Telling he MAN dat he be MAN nough to stick it in, he be best sticking it out. Getting her weave all up in a bunch. She gots to be getting her Chek! Without the card her weave will get all nappy and feet be all stanky! Bitc$ Please!

757 days ago


WTF kind of leach is this? If you are a stylist you are responsible for your own card, why should he have a card in his name for her so that she can perform her business? this is crazy, this is why men treat these women the way that they do, the court system is just making a mockery of this whole thing. Ridiculous!! This is a joke.

757 days ago
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