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Wayne Brady

Sorry for Trig Palin Joke

8/20/2012 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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082012_wayne_brady_launchWayne Brady says he takes "full responsibility" for using Trig Palin and his Down Syndrome as a punchline at the "Comedy Central Roast of Roseanne" ... insisting "no malice or harm was meant."

Brady has been taking some serious heat for the past week ... over a joke in which he says Sarah Palin hates Jeff Ross because he reminds her of "what Trig is going to look like when he's 40."

Wayne issued a statement on Facebook in which he says he didn't write the Jeff joke but explains, "At the end of the day I take full responsibility for saying it."

He adds, "I could defend it as a performer, but I would rather apologize from the bottom of my heart as a father."

"To the Palins, please know that no malice or harm was meant. To the other families who were touched negatively, I hope you'll be able to accept this apology as well.

Brady was at LAX this weekend ... and told us, "It's a roast, but there are people with sensitivities ... and some people were bothered."



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You are sorry, Wayne. Never should have said it.

792 days ago

Selebraties Suck    

Wayne surrounded himself with pigs, and fell into the mud. Glad he apologized.

792 days ago


Roasts are always full of inappropriate un-PC jokes. I think it's ironic that the he dealt with a rash of seriously poor taste black jokes aimed at him then he gets crap for his one dig at Jeff Ross.

792 days ago


The pain of being a black man in a white society. Thats why he lashes out a mentally and physically challenged people.

Still doesn't make it right.

792 days ago

Les Smith    

I used to watch Price is Right daily, but alas no more. His humor is very insulting.

792 days ago


People with sensitivities? Seriously? DS isn't about being sensitive, it's about a life altering medical condition. I suppose he also thinks it's okay you use the word "retard" in a joke as well. When will people learn that both of those aren't laugh material. How bout making fun of people w/ cancer, alzheimers or HIV, is that funny too? Geeshh.

792 days ago


Poor taste I always thought that you were a class act but I guess I aws wrong

792 days ago


Unbelievable!!!!!!! Hope he gets either fired from Price Is Right or community service with DS children for a long time.

792 days ago


Wayne Brady shouldn't have to apologize to anyone. It was a joke people. . . a frigging joke. Being able to laugh about life, the good parts as well as the bad, is an essential part of being an open minded human being. Having the ability to differentiate between satire/comedy and true insult is lacking in our society. . . . Loosen up people. . . .

792 days ago


You know you suck as a comic if you have to appologize at a joke you told.

792 days ago


It's a roast people...quit your crying! People are so thin-skinned now. F***'em if they can't take a joke!!!

792 days ago


It was extremely horrible what he said. I am actually surprised anyone gave a rats ass because people hate the Palins so much and that entire roast had a liberal undertone to it. Very "**** Chickfila" as Jane Lynch mentioned at the beginning of the roast itself. I guess he thought since Palin is a republican, that her disabled son would be fair game. So wrong on so many levels. I'm glad at least he apologized. I hope none of his children encounter any genetic disorders or syndromes.

792 days ago


**** you Wayne. You just lost a fan. You are only apologizing because of the back lash

792 days ago


Can you believe that guy actually said that? He didn't write the joke but said it. [WHAT?!!?] So I guess that he's only sorry for his part---which, BTW, is the only part that matters.. My kids would try the same excuse when they were age 11.

792 days ago


Somehow, I'm pretty sure that Trig wasn't watching the roast on Comedy Central and experienced no harm from Wayne's joke. I admit it wasn't in the best taste, but neither was the entire show. Why single out just one person and one joke?

792 days ago
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