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'American Idol'

Judges Not a Done Deal

And Mariah is PISSED

8/21/2012 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0820_nicki_minaj_mariah_carey_american_idol_articleNicki Minaj may well become a judge on "American Idol," but it will be at the expense of Mariah Carey, who we're told hung up the phone when she was told Nicki was the top candidate.

Sources connected with "Idol" tell TMZ ... Mariah was led to believe she would be the only woman on the judge's panel. Choosing Nicki would not only crush that expectation, it would add insult to injury because Nicki (29) is a lot younger than Mariah (42).

As for the composition of the judge's panel, we're told by no means is it a done deal. There are 2 scenarios being played out. First, it's unclear if Randy Jackson will come back as a judge or a mentor. If he leaves the judge's panel, there will be another spot to fill.

The second scenario ... we're told some of the honchos believe it's a mistake to have 2 women and a man on the panel, and a 4th male judge would be necessary.

As for who's still in the running, we're told Brad Paisley, Keith Urban and Enrique Iglesias are leading the pack.

And there's one other thing ... Sources connected with the show say they're worried ... if the judges end up being Mariah, Nicki and Randy ... middle America might not welcome the blackout.


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They effed up when they put non-singing JLo aka JHoe on a judge. That lowered the standards of the show to the depths of a worm's belly bottom. She was as stupid as her music.

760 days ago


They should take Aretha Franklin up on her offer to be a judge. She has the talent and the experience no other judge on that show had.

760 days ago


I'm glad the ego's have come out..Old hag verses younger?It's called attention whores..

760 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

Enrique Iglesias and Mariah Carey will attract viewers and hike up the ratings. Nicki Minaj's muisc is ridiculous. I would not pay a red cent for her music, but I would buy Mariah and Enrique Iglesias music. Thumbs up if you agree thumbs down if you don't agree.

760 days ago


The "blackout"? Really TMZ? Despite your odd choice of words, I shall say that I stopped watching AI a long time ago... but the second I heard that Mariah Carey was going to be a judge, I had NO interest in watching it at all anyway. That's the feeling of a lot of AI fans. Skin color is no bearing.. it's the PERSON they've chosen and NO one like Carey.

760 days ago


Middle America welcome the "blackout"...are you serious???

760 days ago


You made that up about the age thing ....shame on you !

Mariah could care less . It's not about age ....

760 days ago


Oh No!! Don't "crush her expectation" LOL!

760 days ago


I had to , I mean had to say this, Mariah Carey is a black woman, she has more knowledge about music in her little finger than Minaj (who I do not even know) American Idol has become a dinosaur.This X Factor and America can sing which popped up in the last , what 2-3 years? are supposed to revive the genre? I do not think so, yank the others and carry on with AI (if you must)It has ran its course as most things do, but to say MCarey knows nothing about music is about stupid.

760 days ago


the word 'whore' , especially by other women, which BTW still holds the same meaning it always has, makes me sick.

760 days ago


This show jumped the shark long age, why is anyone even watching it?

760 days ago


Sorry, about not insert the return for paragraphs correct that is my reason for repost and from reading it seem many people commenting feels Nicki Minaj is not a good choice for the American Idol choice for the third chair. Might as well add to what you all stated from my last post

If Idol wants, another woman then gets “Legend” singers
Diana Ross
Aretha Franklin
Gladys Knight
Chaka Khan
someone such as them these artists today’s rerecording their songs and/or using their beat they originated to put on their album.

These generations wonder why Whitney Houston kept saying Chaka Khan on “I’m Every Woman.” They need to do their music history research to Chaka Khan is I’m Every Woman.

Let’s take it a step further American Idol should get someone who and they should NOT FORGET about Legendary Recording Artists who also successful has success in songwriting.

American Idol should get someone who has GREAT SUCCESS not ONLY in recording but also in songwriting and where you would still find today’s artists are taking their songs / beat and sample. If they want a second woman, that woman is

Guess What? For those who do not know it is Valerie Simpson she is the other half to Ashford and Simpson she is the “ONE” who wrote Chaka Khan “I’m Every Woman.”
People do your research and American Idols need to get
Valerie Simpson who wrote many songs that many artists recorded her songs and still today rerecording her songs and/or samples as they put it with what today’s artists are doing.

American Idols want a second woman. The obvious would be Valerie Simpson of Ashford and Simpson reason from what I previous stated in the last two paragraphs. That also include this woman is well respected in the music industry, among her recording peers and today’s artists that brings many people are still listening to her songs even if the today’s artists is taking it to sample her beat / music.

If you all wonder, the answer is NO I do not know her or NEVER met this legendary.

Before anyone says, she is NOT do your research on this woman and you all would be surprise of the songs NOT only was recorded by husband (Ashford) and her (Simpson) but SUCCESSFUL songs that was written by them (Ashford & Simpson).

Keep in mind if you think about it is Valerie Simpson written words that is “I’m Every Woman” her song was recorded by Chaka Khan and rerecorded by Whitney Houston.

American Idol watcher would take her VERY Serious with her SUCCESSFUL track record in the industry after they do research on her SUCCESS being all around talent vs. Nicki Minaj (I do not listen to her music may already samples, work with and rerecord Valerie Simpson’s music).

Move Randy Jackson to the Mentor seat. Mariah Carey she definite has success in recording and from what I read she is difficult that mean another Simon Cowell, Valerie Simpson from what I stated and she would know talent from working with successful talents. The final seat should be a man with success all around as Valerie Simpson that would draw young and old people back or want to watch American Idol.

760 days ago

No comment    

I am for a blackout if it includes Stevie Wonder. He'd be great because he wouldn't be caught up in people's looks, and he'd have a great ear for the music.

Nicki couldn't even win the competition.

760 days ago


Mariah has every right to be pissed...what the hell does whack ass Minaj know about GOOD music..smh

760 days ago

average jane    

Mariah's day is done and Nicki is incredibly annoying. I wish they do choose these two because then I can get some work done around the house. There will be no temptation to watch the show.

760 days ago
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