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Rosie O'Donnell

Receives Get-Well Message

... from Donald Trump?!!

8/21/2012 9:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

10:11 AM PT -- Rosie JUST RESPONDED IN A FRIENDLY MANNER!!! Writing back ...

"well thank u donald - i must admit ur post was a bit of a shock ... r u trying to kill me ? xx"

If these two can kiss and make up, maybe there's hope for Israel and Iran?

File this under "Things That Are Less Likely to Happen than Hell Freezing Over" ... Donald Trump just sent Rosie O'Donnell a get-well message. Seriously.

Trump -- who has habitually trashed Rosie as a "degenerate," a "pig," and a "loser" over the years -- learned his arch-enemy suffered a heart attack earlier this month and today he responded by sending her the following message on Twitter:

"Rosie, get better fast. I'm starting to miss you!"

So, is this an official olive branch? An end to the war? Or was Trump just being sarcastic?

Discuss. Here's some old footage of Trump bashing Rosie to help you along.


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Straight Talkin Texan    

The Donald is just being his usual fame-whore self and seizing another opportunity to get his name in the media.

793 days ago


Rosie is a fat big mouth, Donald is just a loud mouthed rich guy that would never be heard if he didn't have money. i WOULDN'T SPIT ON EITHER IF THEIR GUTS WERE ON FIRE.

793 days ago


I think Trump just wanted a reaction out of Rosie so people can talk about him and make Rosie look bad. Rosie did not take the bait and I am sure he is not happy and is very obsessed woth her. very unhealthy.

793 days ago


Trump just wanted to get a negative reaction out of Rosie to get his name in the news and make her look bad. but Rosie did not take the bait He is obsessed with her Very unhealthy and did you noticed that Rosie repose was nice so Harvey did not want to cover it on his show He will only cover Rosie if its something bad,. He is just as bad as Trump;

793 days ago

paul a.    

Despite what you may think of him the Donald is really a nice guy and this well-wishing is sincere. Rosie needs to shed some of her anger/bitterness in life and "be a man". Take the olive branch, Rosie. Class up!

793 days ago


I have always felt Trump was nothing but a rich blow hard. He had to get his name in print now. I wouldn't spit on Rosie if her guts were on fire.

793 days ago


She should have been exercising long ago. Maybe this will be a wakeup call to her.. Naaaaa.

793 days ago


I always wonder about her adopted children. She's been such a mal-adjusted idiot. Her kids couldn't possibly turn out well balanced.

793 days ago


Donald Trump is the most arrogant heartless bastard that ever walked the face of the earth.

793 days ago

Al in SoCal    

Trump isn't an EVIL guy, he's just a racist, bigoted misogynist homophobe.

793 days ago


They're both awesome in different ways! I love them both.

793 days ago


Donald is a gentleman. the there is the attraction for the enemy, but that's another story. Still he's a gentleman.

793 days ago


Nice of Donald. All BS aside, no one wished Rosie ill. I hope she recovers fully and is well and healthy and happy.

793 days ago


I got ten bucks that says he'll send her 500 pounds of bacon.

792 days ago


They asked "What did Rosie do wrong"? She lived! lol! Ah hell,Get well Rosie you narcissistic psychopath!

792 days ago
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