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Mariah to 'Idol'

I Was Told There'd Be

NO Nicki Minaj

8/21/2012 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mariah Carey: "Hello, who's calling Mariah?"
American Idol: Hi, Ms. Carey! Sorry to bother you, but we umm ... well, we want the much younger Nicki Minaj to sit next to you at the judges' tab--((dial tone)) Hello? Hello??

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If a show's paying me eighteen-mil-per they can put a corpse next to me -

Kanye's a good call - so's Nicky -

But where be The_Snoop.

"Madison Avenue" wouldn't sign off of on
The Dogg, hu - figures!

At least I'm in good company since they fired my ass in six months, as well.

792 days ago


Why does TMZ keep telling us that women are "less than" after a certain age (a number TMZ defines within himself)? Cut it out already. Makes me disgusted with you for spewing dastardly bias.

792 days ago


Would love TMZ to interview Snoop-and-Dre about why THEY think they're on the back of the back burner.

Would Harvey bring them in for a sit-down.

Then get IDOL on the phone and see why in God's name Snoop-and-Dre aren't doing this.

Makes no sense to me - none - to me that be the no-brainer of no-brainers.

Then you have Steven Tyler's, "Beautiful, Wonderful, Fabulous."

How that get cashed even one checque is way beyond my level of understanding.

Snoop-Dre taking responsibility.

I want IDOL to win but they never listen to anybody.

It's like six white guys in plaid boxer shorts sitting around being white.

792 days ago


@ Mark:

"And please for the love of god fire whoever does your voiceovers. HOLY CRAP HE'S ANnOYING! It's like listening to Bob Saget on crack!"


Funniest (and most true) post of the night.

-Thanks Mark, but we're fighting a losing cause.

-I ragged on the dude for like a solid week - get rid of him - get rid of him - please please get rid of him --

-(I can't even watch the t.v. show cuz of this)

-Harvey then went around the studio saying to peeps, "Don't you think he's just GREAT?!"

-Of course the subordinates have no choice but to agree with Da_Boss and follow up insincerely when Harvey describes his announcer as

-Harvey, literally, thinks the guy's hilarious.

-Hey I doln't want anyone to lose his or her job - but c'mon enough people have SAID this!

-Thanks again, Mark - nice to read something

-Get and give someone like Jimmy Brogan the job

- let Jim Brogan figure out how to approach it - change things around, Harv - listen to some of us!

792 days ago


Not to get technical, but they real cannot sit "next" to each other...I mean, have you seen the size of their fat a&&es?

792 days ago

Wow ...    

Is it possible this has nothing to do with age? Perhaps it is merely she was told, she would be the only female. TMZ stop making **** up. I'm certain Mariah does not want to turn back time, she is afterall, doing well in life. Just cuz some of you all do not want to get older, doesn't mean the rest of the world doesn't. As for me, I love growing up, whatever the age. And Nicki, well what is there to be jealous of? Mariah is a genuine talent not some auto tuned freak show.

792 days ago


Nicki Minaj omg what does she know about music or talent , all she does is kind of chant and swear like trucker... she is sewer mouth !

792 days ago


Well it seems to me that it would be a wise decision on both to put as much space as possible between them and AI. AI has run it's course and they clearly are desperate to be considering Krapola Kanye. Mariah or Nikki don't need AI. Bye Bye AI.....or good riddance.

792 days ago


so the judges are now composed of a , has been ,b, never was , c, a who's that. crappy talent for a crappy show. stay classy fox

792 days ago


It's getting worse every year. When they changed Judges the first time I watch it less. Then the next change even less, last time I only watch the last two weeks. Not because of the contestents, but because of the Judges. There is little to no respect left for the heart of the show. Send the freak Judges packing and bring back respectable people. PLEASE!!!!!!

792 days ago


Stupid TMZ is stupid, Mariah wasnt furious because she was jealous, she was furious because she didnt want to contract an STD sitting next to Nicki Minaj, Plus Nicki is terrible the soul reason why the music industry sucks atm. Btw to all you retards that no F*** all Mariah broke more records and album hits than Nicki Minaj will ever reach she is better than her by a fkn light year

792 days ago


R.I.P. AL. If this is true you're about to commit suicide. Show sucks lately anyway! Time to pack your bags or pick your coffin!

792 days ago


What in the hell does Minaj bring to the table in terms of knowledge?

She can't sing - Auto Tune

She has no talent other than emulating CaCa by by trying to be outrageous.

She hasn't paid ANY dues. And the most important thing, like an earlier poster said, it's supposed to be about the contestants, not who the judges are and how much money they're going to make

This show blows. Bye bye A I .

792 days ago


The show hasn't even started and Mariah Heep is already making Diva demands. She can't have anyone younger around her who might show off their fat body as much as she does. Can her fat ass!

792 days ago


American Idol would have a lot more credibility if they hired bonafide music producers that know their stuff, know what they're talking about, wouldn't bring their egos to the table and would probably do it for less money than the washed up former celebrities.

792 days ago
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