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Avril & Chad

Match Made in Music Hell

8/22/2012 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Avril Lavigne and Nickleback singer Chad Kroeger better be really happy about their engagement -- 'cause everyone else is pissed! Something about really bad songs being stuck in their heads?

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if only she could sing i seen accouple strippers sing it better way better. Plus there way better looking.

756 days ago


i bet most people who crack on nickelback only do it because they think its cool to hate on them....truth be told they sound damn good and other musicians like them and played on their albums like alice n chains jerry cantrell and the late great dimebag darrell...stop being a follower losers...i bet most of the haters rocked nickelback back in the day

756 days ago


WOW - really??? At least those two know how to play an instrument and make music - like the songs or not! I have seen Nickelback live twice, and they put on a good show, with good music. Loot at Rihanna or Lil John, who cant even sing without any digital help, you wanna tell me that is better?????? Thats ridiculous.

756 days ago


TMZ can't even spell Nickelback.

756 days ago

Mr. Grimm    

Uh oh it is getting serious now. The illuminati are pairing the two together so they can make a bastard love child that will destroy music forever.

Things will never be the same. The bastard love child of Chad and Avril would even make Justin Bieber look like he is Dave Mustaine.

756 days ago


God she sucks

756 days ago


She left her last husband because she went through "midlife crisis" while she was still in her 20's and wanted to still whore around. Good lukc to Chad thinking he has any future with that unstable girl who likes being a partier and brat.

756 days ago


Love him, hate her, she thinks her s**t don't stink, very unlikely pair, he can do much, much better, can have any girl, why settle for a spoiled brat party girl? big mistake, she will be the yoko of Nickelback

756 days ago


Their kids are gonna be growing in an enviroment of musical torture. For sure they'll be psychos.

756 days ago


People can make all the fun they like of their music... the fact is, both have sold millions and millions of albums and made millions and millions of dollars.

The people throwing stones at them? Not so much. But I'm sure they make good fries.

756 days ago


I KNEW LOVE was blind... but not deaf

756 days ago


I didn't realize Canada allowed same sux marraiges.

756 days ago


ehhhhh, what are they both thinking!
Chad for goding with Avril, i love her but shes like a golddiger.
and for Avri...its nickleback.. i mean seriously... She should have stuck with Wibbly. Only my opinion.. im just a huge sum41 fan.

756 days ago


Some people just need to shut up cause NICKELBACK is awesome and i like to listen to them when i get sad or happy, whatever some people listen to is probably listen freaking jazz or blues sorry its just how about you start picking on someone your own size..............what happend if you have something good to say it but if it bad shut your d#*$ mouth................

756 days ago


The two most irritating Canadian singers EVER (next to Celine Dion and Justin Bieber, of course). Avril is still in her 20s and already has one divorce under her belt. Why doesn't she just wait?! And getting engaged after 5-6 months of dating Chad, too? How annoying! She needs to wipe off all that black makeup, remove the pink/black and whatever other colour(s) she has in her hair, mature a good 1-2 years, and then MAYBE consider marriage...again. Naive little *BEEP*

756 days ago
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