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Prince Harry

Chasin' Bikini Babes

AFTER Naked Romp

8/22/2012 7:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Prince Harry at a Vegas pool party.
Prince Harry was still jonesin for ladies following his naked hotel party in Vegas ... 'cause later that weekend, he was back at the pool scene flirtin' with a bunch of bikini babes.

Harry hit the Encore Beach Club at the Wynn Hotel on Sunday ... where he was playfully splashing around with one girl and high-fiving another ... while hanging in the pool with his buddies.

It's unclear if either of the women were in attendance at His Royal Highness' naked billiards tournament that went down in the Prince's VIP suite Friday night.

Prince Harry ... greatest royal ever.


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enjoying life with pent down at UK taxpayer's cost

757 days ago


On the one hand i can understand his behaviour and hes probably under a lot of pressure and all that...on the other hand, if you enjoy all the privileges of a royal, you should also act like one. He isnt 15 yrs old anymore.
With his privileges and name also comes responsibility that he constantly ignores.

757 days ago


Just proves that--like everyone else--the Royals take their pants off one leg at a time, too.

757 days ago


hey harry dont give a dame abt it, its normal . u can enjoy your life like a normal person. i wouls say who took this phto is a sucker might have not seen a men naked before or he is a gay. ( i would say that person is a ass hole) keep it up and party around. i hope i can talk to u in person. and for anyone if u wanna comment on my comment my email is

757 days ago


Prince Harry is Awesome!!!! I totally would want to be his drinking buddy! lol

757 days ago


Prince or not. I've bagged women into the triple digits. Young, old(er), married, single. They're whores with self-esteem and self-worth issues (all of them, include YOUR own mother... you dad has been just too much the dad to tell you), so it's easy to capitalize on that. Good on Prince Harry. Nice if he didn't get The HIV on this trip.

757 days ago


His Mom when asked what she thought about attending a Father's Day ceremony in a black section of London reportedly quipped :"CONFUSION". Now why did that really quote come to mind???Oh , I remember, red hair.

757 days ago

nicola duffy    

what is the big deal people? i say good on only live once xxx

756 days ago


Way to go Harry!!!! It is about time someone acted like a human being and not a prime and proper shrew. Harry is young and can still have fun. I hope he had a great time:)

756 days ago


Too bad they didn't have phone cameras back when the Marquis de Sade threw parties! Another noble who "partied like a lord".

756 days ago


Why the fuss? He is third in line to the throne. The Royal Family has a history of sexual peccadilloes from Kings to Queens and the rest. What example did Harry have from his parents? He is a normal rich kid who follows his genes and seemingly forgets the consequences - like so many of us.

755 days ago


Prince Harry is a young guy with a ton of responsiblity, and he had a little time off and was having some fun. Good for him! He is the most down to earth and likable of them all.

755 days ago
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