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Prince Harry

Takes His Naked Ass

Back to England

8/22/2012 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0822_prince_harry_queen_elizabethPrince Harry has just returned to the motherland, and he's got some serious 'splaining to do to one pissed off Queen.

Harry flew from Los Angeles to England last night, hours after TMZ posted pics of the prince buck naked during a strip billiards party in Vegas.

Passengers on the flight tell TMZ ... Harry did not mingle on board ... he stayed in the upstairs cabin of the 747.

We contacted people at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday night, and they could not have been clearer ... they're none too pleased with Harry and his Sin City escapades.


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Timmy Boy    

He was naked with a bunch of girls, nothing wrong with that.
Now if he was naked with a guy, now thats really really bad.

794 days ago


I love me some Harry! Find out now how to get that great biking body!

794 days ago

Prince Harry's soon to be Gf    

Now where was i when this was going ...... damn what i wouldn't do to have been there mhmmm lol

794 days ago


Honestly, he is doing what anyone his age, with his background and perks that go with that background, would do. It's a shame that he will never ba able to trust anyone near him, and hat really is disappointing, for him.. On top of it, his dad was hardly a shining example of what a man is and how a real man acts. I hope HM The Queeen, goes easy on him, remembering the behavior of her own sister and other members of the royal families of every nation throughout the years. At least Harry is young and acting appropriately for any young man, his age, and given the youth he had, amazing he has not done far worse. For those, as always, talking about the 'people' paying for these romps, that is not the case. The Queen and her family, pay taxes, have a history, yes, initially, bought on the backs of English/Scottish, Irish peasants, but as of the last 200 years, have had to go it on their own, only using 'state' equipment for state visits. Otherwise, it is out of pocket. Even the night Diana was killed, there were questions as to how Charles would get to Paris at that time of night. When she was declared, dead, it became a state issue, and then the state plane was pulled out. One of them, at least. Leave these people alone. William, unlike dad, is epitome of 'the good prince' and Harry, a bit more wild.God knows I would be if I had his resources. Given the homes the Windsor's purchased, art handed down, etc, investments made, yes they are wealthy but are not near the most wealthy in the UK and Europe. And they do work for their money. Even at 86 yo, the Queen is still out there doing her thing, as did the Queen Mum, until she died at 101. Let t be. YM, be nice to your grandson, remembering who his daddy is, and UK, remember that 'boys will be boys'....and wealthy boys, all the more. Side comment...the young man is in rather good shape. All that military training has visibly paid off! Peace Out!

794 days ago


Harry for King! Harry for King!

794 days ago


TMZ you should have left the kid alone. His father, Chuck, is the biggest pig in the world. At least Harry did what a lot of young guys have done! He was having fun and because of who he is, TMZ needs to punish him for it.

794 days ago


Queenie will be forbidding Harry from returning to the hard partying sinful city of LA.

794 days ago


How many lives have you ruined TMZ? Vegas should be off limits to gossip magazines. Respect the bro code.

794 days ago


Now that I think of it, haven't the queens underpants been found on planes on more than one occasion? I'm sure sue understands /rofl

794 days ago


TMZ Is Just Jealous
Cause Harry's Not

794 days ago


The Queen will ask Harry why he wasn't more wary. She will wonder why, Harry, who lives in the age of paparazzi, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, wasn't more careful.

This is not the first time embarrassing photos of royals have been published. Remember Fergie and her "financial adviser?" Or the photos of a very young Prince William( aged three or four) relieving himself in the bushes?

794 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

LOL!!!! Like a stupid celeb gossip site has contacts at Buckingham Palace. Who are you kidding lying like that.

794 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

At least the Queen knows that the Prince is not gay.

794 days ago


this pic is killer. gotta admit, it gave me a giggle.

794 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

What amateurs. Does the TMZ graphics department even know what a quick selection tool with refine edge is??
or is TMZ too cheap to buy current software and still using Photoshop 0.07

794 days ago
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