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TJ Jackson

Officially Co-Guardian

Of Michael Jackson's Kids

8/22/2012 11:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

TJ Jackson
is now PERMANENTLY sharing guardianship of Michael Jackson's children with their grandmother Katherine Jackson, an L.A. judge just ruled.

As we previously reported, TJ was awarded temporary co-guardianship of Prince, Paris, and Blanket along with Katherine ... but that was made permanent today.

TJ has received enormous support from the Jackson family to take a guardianship role, including from Katherine herself ... as well as MJ's kids. TJ has been a father figure to the children for years.

The judge told TJ in court to be mindful of the giant rift currently tearing apart the Jackson family -- and asked TJ to make sure the children aren't negatively affected.

As co-guardian, TJ will assume many of the day-to-day tasks involved in taking care of the children -- including management of household personnel and security.



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756 days ago


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756 days ago


Paris, You are doing a great job of takeing care of your brothers and dealing with all the crazy Jacksons.
I know your dad is looking down on you and is super proud of the beautiful, careing smart young woman you have become. The more indepant you become fromt he jackson fmaily the better off you and your brothers well be.Your bascialy thier mother now. You should be bold in your vison for what you think is best for you and your borthers. When you get to be 18 you should be the garudaine of the 3 of you. You need to seek out mentors that are not jackson realted. You should take money mangement class and learn all your legal rights.The Jacksons love you but dont realy have your best intret at heart they are control freaks well keep you from following your dreams.
Stay away from the jevova witnesss they are an Ocult and well hold you back. explore your own religion and get you and your brothers involed in a REAL church.
Is one of the best things you can do . You well also find true friends there.That well be invaulble to you as you guied your brothres threw life. mybe you can come up with a bissness that you and your brothrs can run and operate your selfs. You can also start your own charityes. when you get a littel older you well find your soul mate and marry and one day have your own kids and family.The Jackson borhters well waste thier lives trying to capaltize off of being your dads brother.They are stuck in 1975 for ever and keep wanting to be famous. Dont be like them. Its fine to have show bizzness as a hobbie but not for your life.Its not as rewrding as you think. you are surroneded by showlow self serving people.
Be your own person adn get your own personl atterny to advise you on all matters. You have rights that yournot aware of and one of those rights is not to be harassed by rouge jackson family memebrs. Dont be afraid to set booundries. I fyour not comfortable with certain jacksons dont allwo them into tyour house.
Yhey wellt ry every trick int he book to stick thier noses in your life in a negative way. You and your brothers dont need that emotional upset.Dont let the jacksons come between you and your brothers.
Stick toghter allways. Get a threapist that well be a life coach for you and empower you to achive your goals.
and stand up your ground. You need mentors who have nothing to do with the jacksons the more you seprate your self from the jacksons the better off you and your brothres well be. The jacksons creeat too much drama and are ripe with jealousy. There not stble. you dont have to be a pepole pleaser you know that adn are doing a good job . Im not any radical MJ fan I just admier the way you are handeling your self and think you could benfit from devloping relationships with profissional swho well valdate and crpotect you from being manlupiated from oppourtiest and the Jackson clan. None of the jacksons are fully stable people.Your dad knwe that and tried to distance himself fromt hem. Joe is well meaning but baskcialy crazy adn your grandma is just too old to be and sperad too thin to be of any real assitance to you and your brothrers. janet has her own mental problems. You are the only one who has thier head on striate.,butyou cant live in a va***e you need to create your own team of peole who protect you and your brothers and guied you. God bless you.

756 days ago


Prince and Paris are not too many years away from reaching age of majority at which time they can be free of these parasites.

756 days ago


Who would have thought little TJ would be the most powerful member of the Jackson family?

756 days ago


This is great news! The family supports each other, a legal decision has been reached, and now we don't have to hear about it anymore because it's none of our business anyway. I wish them well. I hope the media will leave them alone, allow the kids to grow up as normal kids, and allow the rest of the family to care for them and lead normal lives.

756 days ago

She's baaaack    

I thought the story was the first two were biological brother and sister but they have absolutely no resemblance to each other. That poor Blanket looks like he's every bit as weird as MJ was. Whatever. I do with those poor kids the best. Their lives haven't been very easy so far.

756 days ago


What do we have to hit to get Jules talking again?
Your head????
How many times????

756 days ago

mj fan forever    

Now also Joe's sister-in-law and her son are "so" concerned about Michael's children and wanted the judge delayed TJ's appointment because "they were concerned Katherine was coerced".....!!! It's all about money for all of them of course!! Katherine realized that she couldn't fight TJ after her disappearence and preferred to "share" guardianship with him making sure she could manage money, the only thing she is interested in and TJ agrees with whatever she decides as he couldn't care less about children and he already showed it, but only about the money Katherine can give him, so they can grab money from children's allowance!!! If Michael thought he was a good choice to raise his children he would have changed his will by adding TJ as a guardian and he NEVER did it!!! NO ONE could know better than Michael what is better for his children and he clearly thought that it was better for them to be raised away from the Jacksons leeches hungry for money!!!!

756 days ago


TJ has got that phatty in the back.

756 days ago


Hurry. We want to start hearing the secrets and what is was like living with Daddy MJ. Who are the real fathers of these kids? Give them back to their real mother.

756 days ago


Hello HN!

Thank You for the warm welcome. I pray that everything has been going well with you! LC has told me what has been happening while I was away. I am not really sure if having TJ as Co-Guardian of MJ3 is a good thing or not. I honestly do pray, that it is for the sake of MJ3! Those children have more than enough to deal with now as it is (and they are only children and therefore not capable of sound, rationale decisions regarding numereous matters like an adult would), without being pulled like taffy amongst their greedy self-centered family. When they come of proper age, and can formly take over what their father left for them - hopefully, they will have had enough insight, and information along the way to make informed and intelligent decisions with all the assests Michael left for them.

But between now and then, MJ3 needs someone who will guide them, love them, and care for them - not use them, or treat them as someone who is a perpetual meal ticket or something. So I do pray that TJ is indeed a good choice, and not just another family member trying to gain control slowly through the back door - so to speak.

756 days ago


...And the cycle of abuse continues. Poor Delores Martes (TJ's mom) and MJ are spinning in their graves. They both died keeping these horrible family secrets and now all of those kids will be broke by 21.
I loathe the "adults" in this "family" now.

756 days ago

martita castro    

it sounds so stressful to raise thees kids .i feel bad for the grandmother

756 days ago


when the kids turn adults, i wonder how they will answer the question about their father being a pedophile

756 days ago
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