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Harry's NAKED Romp

Ragin'est Vegas Trip Ever

8/22/2012 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Prince Harry's BUTT NAKED billiards party was just a small part of his wild weekend in Las Vegas -- he was also hanging with Olympic gold medalist Ryan Lochte! So, we got Ryan on the phone to find out what it's like getting the royal treatment on the Strip.

Plus, you gotta hear what Buckingham Palace said when we told 'em about the Harry pics.

Also, LL Cool J's awesome take down of an intruder in his home -- badass move or stupid risk to take? And Jerry Springer comes in to celebrate a big anniversary with us! We promise ... no tossed chairs or angry baby mamas. No more than usual.

(0:00) Prince Harry goes balls out in Las Vegas -- losing his shirt (and his pants) in a game a strip pool ... and we have photos of his exploits.
(4:00) Olympic hero Ryan Lochte calls in -- he partied with Prince Harry this weekend ... and tells us what it was like hanging out with royalty in Las Vegas.
(10:00) How did Prince Harry's security team let such a breach happen?
(14:20) LL Cool J beats the hell out of a guy who broke into his house -- did he do the right thing? Some people think his heroics were too big of a risk.
(18:00) Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! The great Jerry Springer joins Harvey and Charles to talk about the 22nd anniversary of his legendary talk show -- as well as the biggest topic of the day... Prince Harry's nude pics.
(24:01) Paul Ryan claims to have dated an African American in college -- does that change your opinion of him?
(29:10) Taylor Swift crashes a Kennedy wedding -- and allegedly blew off the brides mother, who didn't want the country star overshadowing the nuptials.
(33:42) Gabriel Aubrey's counterattack against Halle Berry -- he says she's in more of a danger from paparazzi in France than in L.A. ... and he uses the Princess Diana trump card to make his case.
(36:10) Avril Lavigne gets engaged to Chad Kroeger -- and everyone's excited for them, right? WRONG. Apparently people who make horrible music aren't allowed to be happy like the rest of us.
(39:20) Paris Hilton's $300k car breaks down -- and everyone laughs at her. Harvey tries to says it's not fair that the common man finds rich people problems funny ... but Charles can't stop laughing.
(42:00) We take your calls!

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I think who ever betrayed him like this for his/her own gain is a s***bag.They should be held up and whip lashed for their total disregard to a humans respect for privacy.Can't anyone keep their nose out of someones business when in thier own room.So what he was playing strippool, it's not like he was snorting coke or smoking a bowl. GET REAL.

758 days ago


the point EVERYONE Is missing here is that harry is spending BRITISH TAXPAYERS' MONEY to rent a $10,000/night suite!!!
we as americans have to compare seeing these pictures to if we saw pix of a u.s. senator or representative in this situation---- we would not be happy!!

758 days ago


i think what EVERYONE Is missing on the prince harry story is that he is outwardly doing this ON TAXPAYER'S MONEY!! if he was any other college dude, no one would care, but the fact that he is spending british taxpayers' money on a $10,000/night suite is despicable!! even if he WAS to behave this way, at least do it on the downlow so that people who are in bad economic situations (like british citizens) don't have to be smacked in the face with it!! why should they have to pay for this ****ery???
americans need to compare this to if a senator or u.s. representative had pictures like this leak out. we'd be EVERY BIT AS PISSED.

758 days ago


I think TMZ is the worst show ever !!! People working on that show are jealous morons who only want to ruin peoples' lives and laugh about it. Get a life and go back to high school to get your diploma and maybe a little intelligence. I can't imagnie your family being proud of what you do in life. It is so funny (NOT) to almost kill celebrities to get a picture, to ruin women and children's lives by publishing pictures of the father with another woman, to make fun of someone's broken heart or weight problems. There are other ways to make a living people.

758 days ago


Is the media overreacting to Prince Harry's naked photo scandal? Vote at

758 days ago


Stay out of Vegas . You guys are jerks. You know what you will do to this towns tourism. Stay in our own town. Keith h.

758 days ago

Wassy McArch    

He'll never be King! Let the lad have a wank, a skank and some F'ing fun! Americans are prudes, they live this life daily and frown when the ultimate prudes in England get pissy! REALLY! Pull the stick out of your arses and enjoy life. 80% of American College students do this **** and 74% of American single idiots who visit Las Vegas! Who gives a **** if the "Shadow of the future King of England" blows off some steam! Wankers!

758 days ago
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