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Al Roker

Search & Destroy Mission

Against 'Today' Show

8/23/2012 7:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Al Roker is doing everything he can to undermine the "Today" show ... trashing the anchors, sabotaging live moments ... and it seems to be a part of a plan to avenge the firing of his bestest friend in the world, Ann Curry.

Roker went on the offensive again this morning ... trying to fire off another zinger at Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie during a live segment ... but this time the quip was more of a misfire.

Al was trying to explain why he pulled a weird frozen face for 17 confusing seconds during a live segment last week ... and when Savannah tried to joke about Roker being a perfect fit for a wax museum, Al shot back ... "We ARE in a wax museum, so it all works out pretty well."

Not funny, but it's obvious Al -- who is SUPER TIGHT with Ann -- is so desperate to rip the show ... he's firing off zingers, even if they don't really zing.

It's just the latest in a string of anti-Lauer behavior, which began after Matt railroaded Ann Curry off the show simply because he didn't like her. Last week, Roker accused his colleagues of throwing people "under the bus."

So, we gotta ask ...


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His wife works for ABC and he does some part time work for the weather channel. He doesn't need the money so maybe he is looking to be fired.

738 days ago

a long time Leno fan!    

So far no one's made a comment about Ann's replacement and her part in the whole deal. What about, "How did Ann's replacment actually make it into her new position and with a straight face can she say she's actually a great fit??" Having been there for only a matter of weeks, her comments are actually condescending considering he's been there for years. What are her qualitifcations for that position and who fell asleepat the wheel when she was hired? Is the rumor about Matt requesting her as replacement true or ? Does she have a close professional relationship with Matt and if so what talent did Matt think would make her "the" one for that position?? I can see her rambling meaningless banter may fill airtime but really, her body language with Matt - it speaks "volumes" with regard to being inappropriate. Watch the clips for yourself.....

738 days ago

Me Too    

It's about time "A" holes like matt lauer get what they deserve. Everyone knows lauer masterminded Ann's leaving the show...he sat there with that ugly rat face so smug. I wish Al ALL THE BEST for sticking up for his friend. Al is a good guy. I feel bad for savannah. She's just a talentless, uninteresting chick hired to "service" rat face lauer.

738 days ago

Cha Cha    

Al is awesome Matt is a tool!!!

738 days ago


Al Roker is annoying, but Matt Lauer did screw over Ann Curry. I liked her. Matt Lauer is sort of a d-bag. I'm not a fan. I don't like the way that he interviews some of his guests too. You are just a fluff anchor on in the morning. Don't try to act like you are Barbara Walters, Matt!

738 days ago


I know exactly what it is like to go up against my company and end up being cast as being a "problem" when a co-worker and friend wouldn't just do the right thing and offer up the truth.

738 days ago


Al, if you don't like it, quit the show. Why do people insist on feeling sorry for people like Ann Curry who makes millions, regardless of how much status or power she has in the network? who cares? take the fat paycheck, have a nice life and shut up! Jesus its not like she got fired and is losing her house--you know, like what happens to regular folks. Same goes for Conan and Jay and any other wealthy TV people who 'got screwed' by their employers. A lot of misplaced sympathy, if you ask me. Which you didn't.

738 days ago


I had this fidget clown pegged for a douchebag years ago. He's not a meteorologist. He's not a journalist. He has not talent, whatsoever. He was a "safe" black man to put on the show years ago because he acted like Mr Nice. He's not. He's a bitter racist.

738 days ago


You keep trying to make an issue where there isn't one. I saw this segment and they were just goofing around like they usually do. And you keep repeating that story that Matt got rid of Ann with NO proof. Must be a slow news day for TMZ.

738 days ago


Harvey, why do you run the new girl into the ground.
She isn't as bad as you make her out to be. CURRY was fine and I'm sure Savannah will be just as good or better as time passes.
Roker is a MORON and needs to just shut the hell up

738 days ago


I think Al's great, one of the reasons I used to watch, but I think he's stuck between a rock and a hard place. He loves his job, but knows the deal with Matt's part in Ann's leaving the show and doesn't approve. And he obviously feels the awkwardness with the new dynamic. It's awful! Savannah is not new on the show, but new in that position, and I don't think it's a good fit. There is no chemistry now. Matt is dull and uppity, and needs a balance. He just needs to go. They should keep Al, dump matt, return Savannah to her former station, bring Ann back and get one more good cohost. Problem solved! Matt being gone = viewers coming back!

738 days ago


This is the funniest thing I have ever seen.

738 days ago


They will do anything to try and increase their ratings.

738 days ago


Love Ann Curry. After watching the Today Show for the pas 30 yrs I now watch GMA.

738 days ago


Savannah Gutherie stinks. She is just so beige and child like.

738 days ago
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