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John Lennon's Killer


8/23/2012 8:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Mark David Chapman mug shotThe man who shot and killed John Lennon will remain behind bars ... at least for now ... because a NY parole board has DENIED his release.

Mark David Chapman -- who shot the famous Beatles member in front of Lennon's Manhattan apartment in 1980 -- has been serving 20 years to life for after pleading guilty to 2nd degree murder. 

The 57-year-old went in front of a parole board today for the 7th time since the murder ... but New York corrections officials decided he is not ready to rejoin society.

MDC shot Lennon 4 times in front of his wife Yoko Ono on that fateful day. He later admitted he planned the killing because he wanted to become famous.

Chapman will be able to request parole again in 2014.


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Keep him there. He does not deserve freedom.

791 days ago


Because you wanted to be famous, you altered the whole music landscape creating a domino effect from creativity to some of the most horrible crap created for many earholes. You also created a never ending bad karma release. The safest place for you is jail because loads of people would be lining up to prove to you that happiness is definitely a warm gun to your head.

791 days ago


YOU do the crime.....YOU do the time.........(except if ur oj...........or bobby blake.........or casey anthony)..........You wanted to 'be famous',now YOU are...enjoy it!...hope you live a long,long life right where YOU are............imagine THAT!

791 days ago


He should be freed,Lennon sucked anyway.If Lennon was a regular person this dude wouldve been free.He served his time,LET HIM GO! Stop holding him because he killed CELEB. Jimmy Hendrix was better than lennon anyway and so was Michael Jackson

791 days ago


What I don't get is: why does the media (not just TMZ) continue to MAKE this guy famous by repeating his name over and over again? They are giving him exactly what he wants - fame. That is something he should be denied, not just his freedom.

791 days ago


Throw away the keys! Looking to get that great bikini bod? Go to

791 days ago


John sang a song called Happiness is a Warm Gun
In which he sings" Happpiness is a warm gun bang bang shoot shoot"
How prophetic
His death still saddens and p.isses me off to the bone

791 days ago

It's Dave    

This is how I believe parole for murder should work...

They check to see if the person you murdered has magically returned to life. If the victim has returned to life then they ask the victim if you should be released or not. However, if the victim is still dead then you stay in prison.

791 days ago


Even if he comes out of Jail, I will be there waiting for him, he will get the shock of his life! then i want to serve my life in jail.

791 days ago


What if they let him out and he goes and kills Ringo or Paul the same way. The parole board would look like idiots. I actually hate this @sshole more than all the kardashians combined.

791 days ago


let him out!! the only reason he is still in jail is because of who his victim was! had it been some regular joe schmoe he would be out already! he has served his time give him a chance! if he kills again...take him immediatly to the injection room

791 days ago

Joan K    

This guy is the perfect example of a coward and I hope he never, ever gets out. He doesn't deserve freedom for what he did.

791 days ago


congratulations, u're famous. enjoy ur cell.

791 days ago


i'd be grateful it the one he shot was justin bieber the greatest ***

791 days ago


I see where Grecian Formula is available in the prison store.

791 days ago
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