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Ken Shamrock

Roughs Up a Woman

(Thought She Was a Man)

8/24/2012 4:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0823_ken_shamrock_gettyUFC hall-of-famer Ken Shamrock -- one of the greatest MMA fighters ever -- has been accused of battering a woman at a California mall ... but Ken claims it was an honest mistake ... 'cause he thought she was a he.

Shamrock -- whose nickname is "The World's Most Dangerous Man" -- was hangin' out at a mall in Modesto, CA last month when he saw two women fighting each other in front of the Coach store ... surrounded by a group of lookie loos filming the whole thing.

We're told Shamrock dove into the scrap and tried to pry the women apart ... when one of the bystanders, a HEAVYSET bystander, jumped on his back and tried to rip Ken out of the pile.

Shamrock's rep tells TMZ ... he threw the person off of his back and followed up with a move that knocked the attacker to the ground.

After the person was incapacitated, the crowd shouted at Ken, "You just hit a girl." Ken took a closer look and realized the attacker was in fact a female .. so he immediately backed off.

An officer arrived to the scene and took a battery report against Shamrock, noting the only injury was a slight abrasion to the woman's knee. The report was sent to the District Attorney's Office.

But law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Shamrock probably won't be prosecuted because officials don't feel the woman he knocked to the ground is a "victim." In fact, they believe Ken was acting in self-defense.

Shamrock's rep notes, "Outside the ring, Ken is not a violent man ... and was only trying to do the right thing."

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No Avatar


That's Molesto for ya.....I agree, some of the women today do look and act worse than men.
I am not too concerned that I wasn't there, because there was no mud or wet T-shirts.

794 days ago


She's a man, baby!

794 days ago


I agree. You jump on my back...you get what you get...I don't care what gender you are.

794 days ago


Judge Pollack would let him go as an honest mistake.
In other breaking news.... CA legislators just passed a law in family court to chip away at misogyny.

794 days ago

queen love    

With all this unisex stuff going on, sometimes I'm confused as hell too.

794 days ago


OMG Does anyone remember that family guy episode? THis is so it!

794 days ago


I was born in Modesto and I used to go to that mall all the time when I was a kid. That's kind of crazy that a celebrity would be shopping there.

Anyways, I don't think Ken did anything wrong. He was just defending himself. If someone jumped on my back and started attacking me, I would have thrown them off too just like Ken did.

794 days ago


Are you sure that this was at the Mall? It wasn't behind the pink bull on 9th?

794 days ago


Typical... don't bother getting any facts, just assume the male is the aggressor, charge him with a crime then cause him to get an attorney to defend himself because the system will not admit they were wrong. The best you'll get from them, is "not guilty". That's nice. I knew that. Now, who's going to pay my attorney bill because you guys fvcked up.
Welcome to America.

794 days ago


UFC Hall of Fame?
What a joke

794 days ago


that sounds like just a really bad situation haha, imagine what he would have been thinking when he realised haha

794 days ago


So what's the deal with the photo of Ken TMZ? There is floating hair to the right of his head. Be more careful when you Photoshop.

794 days ago


I don't believe that men should put their hands on women, but women shouldn't assume that every man feels that way. If you hit him he might just hit you back. Don't cash a check your butt can't handle.

794 days ago


Big deal?
If a man jumped him, and he kicked the man's ass, people would be cheering him.
Women can jump men and attack them and not get an ass whoopin'?
Act like a man, take what a man gets, is what it is ;)
For the feminists spewing their anti-male misandry, a friendly reminder:
Center of Disease Control found that women commit more than half of all domestic violence:
..."October is domestic violence awareness month. In May 2007, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) published its latest study which found almost one-fourth of relationships had violence, about half of which was *reciprocal*, and the researchers were "surprised" to find that "in nonreciprocally violent relationships, women were the perpetrators in **more than 70 percent** of the cases," and men incurred significant injuries (abusive women use knives, guns, autos, heavy objects as weapons)"...

794 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

"That ain't a woman that's a MAN, baby!

794 days ago
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