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Liberty Ross

Hubby Makes Full Court

Press To Save Marriage

8/23/2012 10:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rupert Sanders
-- the straying hubby of Liberty Ross --  is "desperate" to save his marriage ... so say sources connected to the famous director.

Our sources say Rupert is begging Liberty to give him another chance, but Liberty is playing it cool.  She is non-committal, but our Rupert sources say she has imposed a number of "conditions" that must be met for a possible reconciliation.

As for the conditions ... the easy one is keeping his genitals to himself. Rupert has told Liberty he's down with that. The sources say Rupert has been told in no uncertain terms he must be a better husband.  As for whether he's up to the task ... the jury is out.

Our Rupert sources say it doesn't look like there will be an immediate decision on the marriage -- it's likely to take months.


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She is so pretty. Kristen Stewart always looks so dirty.

756 days ago


I'm scrolling though this story and next thing I know Prince Harry's Butt is looking at me. HOW COULD HE HAVE DONE THAT? I mean really, it cracks me up everytime I see it. I think I'll use it for my Wallpaper on my computer.

Back to Rupert, Pig!

756 days ago


he was a fool to mess with kristen or whatever her name is; she's a beast compared to his wife

756 days ago


I will not ever understand why Kristen Stewart was at all impressed with this slimebag period. No normal 22 year-old woman thinks any man twice her age hitting on her is anything less than gross and pervy. He is disgusting and she must not have any self-esteem. She is a head case. Liberty Ross would do well to leave this man behind. Not only is he a philanderer but also apparently a bad husband. Liberty is gorgeous, she can find someone who will show more respect to their family.

756 days ago


The longer this couple is apart, Ms. Ross may realize she is much better a woman without her cheating husband. She is a beautiful, elegant woman w/ two children to think about, Rupert doesn't have a whole lot to offer her at this stage in their relationship. How does a cheater rebuild trust, respect and loyalty after such public humiliation?

756 days ago


Guess he should have thought about that BEFORE he started banging someone else.

756 days ago


She is a lot prettier then K Stewart. He is a Freaking idiot for cheating on her

756 days ago


Someone said he's actually gay, and the relationship was all "an act" to keep the "Twilight" movie franchise hot. Could be... lots in Hollywood are, and some leading men feel they need to pretend to be straight for just such reasons.

I liked the comment from Firebaby quoting Vanessa Paradis, who after just breaking up with Johnny Depp was quoted in People Magazine as saying that just because you're a celebrity doesn't give the media (or the public) the right to exploit your pain. Celebrities have the same right to privacy as anyone else -- obviously not to the same extent, since they're always "in the public eye," but if they ask to be left alone, they should be.

I was QUITE impressed with the way Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansen (sp?) handled both their marriage and their divorce. They said very little, refused to discuss details of their private lives, asked and demanded privacy (and amazingly, the media actually complied, for once).

Assuming Robert Pattinson IS straight, I agree he's being "a class act" by not "dissing" Kristen. She made a mistake. People are human.

I also agree it's quite unfair she's been getting A LOT more flack over this than the director, who I have strong suspicions was the instigator. Even if he wasn't, or it was "mutual," HE was the one committing adultery and violating marriage vows. Kristen is a single young woman, and so far as we know she and Rob didn't have any sort of wedding plans, etc.

If she actually DOES love him, and just had a fling and bad judgment, and if he loves her, maybe they can get back together. As I said, people make mistakes. Then again, after "Breaking Dawn II" finishes its run this fall, we may discover there never really was anything serious between them but a "business arrangement."

Either way, I think the "media" and fans need to "get a life" and quit spending so much energy poking their noses into the private lives of celebrities!
Jeff Hayes

756 days ago


Run, Libby, run! If Rupert was caught with his pants down with a skankbag like KStew he''ll next be f---ing any gutter snipe off the street. You can do so much better...

756 days ago

Different Rules Apply    

How many others have been on his casting couch? Kristen Stewart is average in so many ways, he has certainly had opportunity with more attractive actresses. Once a cheat always a cheat. She should take his money and run. If you can't keep it in your pants, then don't get married.

756 days ago


I think the whole relationship between KStew and Pattinson was just a farce anyway. They only played their little we are in a relationship/no were not to increase sales of those Twilight movies and now that she was caught red handed with the slime ball director by the papparazzi, now she gives this big confession just as the Snow White movie opens and the last Twilight movie is coming out. Hollywood and their ploys to sell movies. Really kind of sad.

756 days ago

Victoria Boyd    

Oh, I can tell you for sure that she is making him crawl like a worm. I could of told you that on day one when the whole thing got blasted by the stupid idiot himself. So he's screwed up Kristen's life and now has made it almost imberable for him for probably the next few years, should the two of them stay together. How old is this guy?? What was he thinking, oh I know, he wasn't thinking, he was letting his genitals and fame think for him. Was the eight second of ecstasy worth it Rupert????????? Liberty is going to continue to make you crawl like a worm for as long as she wants and you may or may not get another chance. I don't feel sorry for you at all as I am quite sure you are the culprit that started the whole slimmy ball of wax in the first place.

756 days ago


I admire Liberty Ross...I was aware of her career before I had any knowledge of her family ties. She is artistically exquisite. And in light of the snake pit she's been thrown into, she appears to be a graceful human being... Maybe she should get some advice from Shania Twain! LOL! You all know what I'm talking about!

756 days ago

The New Improved Sock Puppet    

Tell ya what Rupert. She's gonna clean your clock. You're going to end up living in a cardboard box when she's done punishing you. You should cut your losses and get out while you still have a few dollars in your wallet. You're gonna pay for a lifetime for this one.

756 days ago


Get a divorce! She's WAY too pretty for this fugly lookin turd.

756 days ago
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