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Prince Harry in Vegas

Cue the Balls!

8/23/2012 12:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Prince Harry clearly sucks at strip billiards -- but at least he had enough family pride (and jewels) to pay off his bet, and get naked when he lost. Not sure the Queen will see it that way, but ...

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Leave the boy alone. What has he done wrong? He is single and was in the privacy of his hotel room. He has not brought shame on anyone. Sort the idiot who took the photos.

769 days ago


TMZ should change their name to BADH... BEATING A DEAD HORSE seems to be all they know how to do anymore. Hey, TMZ... NO ONE cares about this. Not even the people of England. The only place I keep seeing this story is here... the boy was just having fun.. he didn't hurt anyone, get arrested or anything.. this is a non story. MOVE ON.

769 days ago


As Mel Brooks said, "It's good to be the King". Though I'd like to see less hedonism, and a little more assertion of power. A monarchy has one advantage over a democracy, consistency of foreign policy. Their PM's and our presidents come and go. When the Queen, or King puts their name on a treaty, the other signers know it will last. And soldiers will know that they won't be left hanging in the wind by a PM that doesn't liking for the military. The monarch is Lord Protector, like our Commander in-Chief (which derives his power from John Adams who admired the structure of the Roman Republic and saw the president to be like a Roman Consul with direct military control.)

769 days ago


Are you sure is not humping that girl in the second photo? This is one pic he will regret when he is married with kids.

769 days ago

Who the Hell is Khloe    

These pics are everywhere! How much money did TMZ make!

769 days ago


We're all entitled to a little nutty behavior

769 days ago


were is the video??

769 days ago


how would any of you bad shape loosers on TMZ, feel like if someone posted naked pictures of your Naked asses all over the internet. Shame on you TMZ. Give the boys some privacy.

769 days ago


Happy Birthday to ME!!!! :D Seriously, this is a great present. Thanks TMZ!

769 days ago

Rico Suavy    

As punishment Harry has to let the Queen sit on his face for 5 minutes

769 days ago


TMZ is absolutely hilarious. First they put the pictures up with a red border around them to draw even more attention to them. Then, they kept the pictures up for 3 days until over 2000 comments were made. Now they have 2 more stories with the pictures again being shown. Harvey really tries to ruin people's lives. LOL. On a side note, you're not the brightest bulb are ya "prince"? WTF was he thinking? That someone would not try to take pictures? Idiot.

769 days ago

R. Parker    

I just read that Prince Harry is blaming his security staff which is straight up BS. He is an adult and he made the decision to show his azz. Besides from what I have read about him in the past he is a wild child. If you ask me I think the royals are stoo stuffy and their standard for appropriate behavior is very outdated. They area stuck in the dard ages and still believe in chivalry and knighthood and stuff like that. He is of celebrity status and every little thing he does will be fed to the media. It goes with the territory. He is not the only royal who has had issues that were considered to be distastful.

768 days ago


Leave him alone! He is allowed to have fun just like any person that goes to Vegas. Everything that happens in Vegas should stay in Vegas, but not necessarily in this case! =)

768 days ago


The Sun Newspaper published Prince Harry Strips Off in Las Vegas Clear Photos Here

768 days ago

Graham V    

I belive Prince Charles had one son William who lookes like his father
& Diana had 2 sons & Harry lookes like the red headed gentleman that Diana had a Dalliance with at the time only a publicly scrutinised DNA could change my perspective

768 days ago
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