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Lance Armstrong

Stripped of ALL

Tour De France Wins

8/24/2012 9:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Lance Armstrong is no longer a Tour de France champion ... the cyclist has been STRIPPED of his seven titles in the wake of allegations that he used banned performance-enhancers.

The U.S. Anti-Doping Agency made the announcement this morning ... Armstrong will not only lose his victories, he has also been banned from the sport of cycling for life.

Armstrong has adamantly denied the allegations ... claiming the testing process is "one-sided and unfair."

Lance released a statement responding to a USADA official yesterday saying, "There is zero physical evidence to support his outlandish and heinous claims." 

"The only physical evidence here is the hundreds of controls I have passed with flying colors. I made myself available around the clock and around the world. In-competition. Out of competition. Blood. Urine. Whatever they asked for I provided. What is the point of all this testing if, in the end, USADA will not stand by it?"

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No Avatar


Instead of allowing the USADA to drill him in an open forum, Lance threw in the towel. I don't WANT to believe that this guy who seems very nice is guilty....but where there is smoke there is usually fire!

768 days ago


This is some Bullsh*t!! This man has NEVER tested positive for anything and yet they are willing to take the word of an Azzhole who after he was caught, claimed that Lance did it too? Really...no evidence, just the word of a sleezeball...I thought you were innocent until PROVEN guilty in this country...my bad, I must have been thinking of some other country, not AmeriKKKa!

768 days ago


so what are they gonna do? go over to his house and take his medals and trophies...i doubt it....IF he cheated, well, he's a champion at that too. they drug tested him and he came back clean. what else is there to say. i don't blame him for telling them to eff off. i'm sure he is above this petty crap. lance, you're a champion in my book. Livestrong!

768 days ago


I think he doped, but the US organization can't strip him of his Tour de France wins. Only the Tour de France administration can do that.

768 days ago

moe l.    

AMAZING! How does the guy pass EVERY test given and then be banned?? They've been after him for years (mostly the French who are insanely jealous of his victories in their race). I don't blame him for saying "enough - go F yourseves".

768 days ago


How damn many tests does Armstrong need to pass? This is crazy!
Sounds like government employes dreaming up bull to keep their jobs.

768 days ago


passed all the test. sounds like USADA was paid to get him disqualified. As far as I am concerned he will always be a seven time winner. USADA

768 days ago


One cheater down, many many to go.

768 days ago


According to this article, "USADA doesn't have the power to strip Armstrong's Tour titles -- that will be decided by a couple of international sporting bodies". http://blogs.villagevoice.com/runninscared/2012/08/lance_armstrong_32.php

768 days ago


Full link: http://blogs.villagevoice.com/runninscared/2012/08/lance_armstrong_32.php

768 days ago


Just saying.....If I had won fair and square I would have fought the lies they said about me until the day I died!!

768 days ago


It is sad that the USADA is taking the word of other PROVEN dopers over the physical evidence which is 500 CLEAN drug tests! An injustice was done! the USADA should not be allowed to take such action without physical proof! Go ahead...rewrite the history books. Truth is, there WILL be some do***entation somewhere that Lance Armstrong won a record 7 Tours, and had those titles ripped away from him based on some here-say of people who were either jealous, or mad that they got caught.

768 days ago


You got money, hire the best lawyers and win your belongings back.

768 days ago


As far as I am concerned Armstrong will always be a seven time winner. USADA is wrong since Armstrong did the tests they wanted and passed. Hmm how much money was paid to USADA to disqualify him??? Sounds like they made up their minds before they even had him do the tests. If anything USADA needs to quit.

768 days ago

Poor Leno    

Sad when people have to cheat to be the best, and set the rest of the sport in bad light. I have no respect for people like Lance, so i don't feel sorry to see that he lost his medals and honors.

768 days ago
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