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Prince Harry

Royal Threats After Naked Photos

8/24/2012 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


So, Prince Harry gets naked in Las Vegas, and Buckingham Palace gets its knickers in a bunch -- flat out threatening the British media if they publish the pics. What's the big deal ... and does the royals have any legal recourse? Shockingly, the answer is YES.

Plus, Lance Armstrong stunned everyone by giving up his fight against doping accusations. So, what do you think -- did he really cheat? Olympic cyclist David Brinton ... who's competed against Lance, tells us why he thinks Lance finally backed down.

And was NBC's special on Mormons meant to be educational or a thinly veiled slam job on Mitt Romney? Cynical Harv smells a rat.

(0:00) Prince Harry's naked pics were banned from being shown in the UK -- after the Royals threatened any news outlet from printing them. One one paper, The Sun, had the balls to do it.
(3:30) Dr. Bill Silcock from the Walter Conkite School of Journalism calls in to discuss the negative side of having the Royals control the media.
(10:00) Katie Holmes is getting peanuts from Tom Cruise in their divorce -- which may prove how badly she wanted out of the relationship.
(13:15) Bear with us here -- but Harvey thinks Hurricane Isaac is a GOOD thing for the Republican National Convention. Just hear him out.
(14:45) Two "Game of Thrones" stars are hooking up in real life -- and one caller has a interesting theory about how they may be planning to steal the show.
(18:00) Lance Armstrong gives up his fight against doping allegations -- does that mean he's admitting to it? We talk to Olympic cyclist David Brinton -- who thinks the Armstrong case is nothing short of a witch hunt.
(23:01) Randy Travis is in trouble yet again -- this time for allegedly getting into a fight outside of a church.
(27:10) "Rock Center" spends an hour talking about negative side of Mitt Romney's religion -- Mormonism. Could it be considered an attack on him?
(33:02) Vanessa Paradis shows of her amazing body -- and becomes another in a long line of Hollywood exes to put her assets on display after a breakup.
(36:10) Tony Scott's suicide note didn't say why he decided to jump off that bridge -- so we talk to a seasoned homicide detective to see if it's commonplace in suicide notes.
(38:00) CNN finally caved in -- by picking up a new reality show.
(42:00) We take your calls!

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Bubbles The Chimp    

Mike is Fat.

788 days ago


Harvey, you didn't have to buy the photos, and you certainly didn't have to publish them once you bought them. They constituted a breach of privacy and security of a allied nation's representative.

Though, I suppose, we should be grateful to you, Harvey. We'll find out the identities of those who took (and sold) the photos soon enough, primarily based on forensics and eyewitnesses willing to make their names on naming names. Oh, and there may be a small matter of a breach in security rendering vulnerable a high-profile officer with an allied nation's military. You may wish to start preparing for a visit from some people in uniform quoting some BS about national security interests and looking for contact information on two or more potential "honeypots."

788 days ago


Am I the only one who can't like or hate anything?

787 days ago


When I was in the military, and I had done this, I'd be spending a lot of time on base, doing flunky jobs and loss of some of my pay…butt…I mean he could assault someone, and they'd blame his handlers.

787 days ago


So TMZ, where is the poll so we can vote whether it was right or wrong to print the photos? There's a poll for everything else! You have milked this story to death.

787 days ago


Why when I click on to Friday's TV show up comes TMZ Live from the 1:30 TMZ from the news room instead of the evening TV show? Anybody know?

787 days ago

rash on my ass    

this is funny watch lmao

786 days ago


In a few days - 31 August - it will be 15 years that Princess Diana has passed away in Paris trying to
escape from photographer trying to make a lot of
money selling her photos to the press! Please remember her by supporting this organisation:

785 days ago


So according to you the Palace threatened the press, try getting your facts straight the Palace asked the British media to respect privacy but left it up to them to decide whether to print or not

Your great citizen Rupert Murdoch decided to print them in his trashy tabloid in the UK , The Sun, but them mind you his paper also hacked the phone messages of a missing / dead girl and deleted them making her parents think she was still alive so what can we expect from American media owners.

785 days ago


tom is the loser here.with all that money he cannot hold on to a woman..A man divorcess his family. a woman divorcess her husband.katie started looking unhappy long ago.tom appears to be controlling.katie has her peace of mind back and thats worth every penny she left behind.i wish people would stop comparing money with happiness.yes its nice to have but look at all the rich who turn to drugs and would expect someone with out money to be unhappy because they must struggle to isnot happiness.katie enjoy your new found freedom.let tom move on to number4 and see how long she last.

781 days ago
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