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Tom Cruise

Divorce Settlement

I Got Out Cheap!

8/24/2012 8:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katie Holmes
walked away with nothing other than rather modest child support in her divorce from Tom Cruise ... and we at TMZ have the breakdown.

Sources familiar with documents filed with the court tell TMZ ... Katie got no lump sum payout, which is consistent with the prenup which essentially shuts her out of Tom's $250 million fortune.

As for spousal support ... Katie got zip.

Katie will get money for child support, but it's way less than a judge could have ordered. According to the settlement, Tom must pay Katie $400,000 a year in child support. That comes to $33,333.33 a month. The money will be paid by electronic transfer.

Tom must pay Suri's support for the next 12 years -- until she turns 18. All tolled, that comes to $4.8 million.

Tom must also pay Suri's expenses, including medical, dental, insurance, education, college and extracurricular costs.

And ... both Tom and Katie agree that Suri will NOT attend a "residential school" from now through her high school years. Translation -- she can't be shipped off to boarding school -- Scientology or otherwise.

Katie could have gotten more child support under New York law if the case went to trial, but both she and Tom decided to settle quickly.

We reported early on ... Katie said she wanted nothing from Tom other than a divorce -- well that's exactly what she got.



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Part of the $33 K a month will go towards security. That will cost thousands alone. Also, some of it will go towards rent. It all adds up. I think Katie should have gotten some kind of monetary settlement for the loss of income she suffered being married to a crushing presence like Tom Cruise.

792 days ago


Katie got a lot out of her divorce. She is away from Tom and she now has a life. She is not a prisoner anymore. Have you ever seen her enjoy herself as she has in New York this summer.
Eff the money, she has a normal life now!

792 days ago

buzz kill    

She just wanted to get away from the nutjob at all costs. Say a lot about Cruise. CRAZY

792 days ago


Tom Cruise = LOSER! He'll be old and in diapers, sitting with his money and his right hand.

792 days ago

Poor Leno    

Maybe he got away cheap but he lost one hot sexy baby called Katie Holmes, and even with his money he could not keep her!

Btw Scientology sucks

792 days ago


She got the most important thing, Suri. No amount of money is worth losing your child over. Tom didn't "win" this one.

792 days ago


That woman has class. Down to earth sexy...

792 days ago


She still makes more a month than I do in a year, so I think she did OK! Also, that wasn't a great match, and although he's a decent actor, Tom Cruise is a creep. I'm glad she got out.

792 days ago


I would say she set to accomplish an impossible mission and the mission was accomplished. good for katie girl.

792 days ago


shoes for kids cost 9dollars at payless shoes and they work great dresses cost 15dollars to 70 dollars , so if she has 33cool clothing like most kids do katie still makes more. food most kids don't even eat much can spend about 600everytwo months on food. education private schools will charge about 2000 for her age line. housing that is katie's personal responsibility to house herself in all she spent about 7000 on this kid per month and she was given 400,000 thousand wow that even money that will include college education plus buy a house for her when she graduates from college. i wish i had that to finish my school

792 days ago


The most important thing is that she got away in one piece from that psychopath. I hope that her and her daughter are not scarred for life from this freak.

I would have only gone after his money so that it does not go to his cult! I would have taken every penny I could have and donated it to an organization that assists people who have been brainwashed by cults and are trying to get out.

792 days ago


If Katie is the wonderful classy person everyone here says she is then why did she have a child and marry such a nut job? I can understand being pro Katie but before Tom while she was a respected actress she never got this much attention. And with having a child with Tom she is tried to him and his bank account, forever. Katie reminds me of Princess Di, she is milking this for all it is worth, making herself look like a victim and Tom the villian.If the whole world knew Tom was nuts how come she didn"t. SHE MARRIED HIM, what does that say about her?

792 days ago


Of course it was a shame relationship, she knew along she wasn't entitled to any kind of spousal support instead she received 5 million for each year she spend with Tommy girl and she also received a huge bonus for giving birth to Suri, she hardly left empty handed

792 days ago


Kate you have lots of class......

792 days ago


Well, he may have gotten out cheap, but I think just getting away from him would be payment enough. She could have drained him dry if she really wanted to. Very classy woman.

792 days ago
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