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Tony Scott

Suicide Note

Does NOT Reveal Motive

8/24/2012 7:11 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0824_tony_scott_gettyTony Scott did not explain why he decided to take his own life in the suicide note he left for loved ones ... but did offer a final emotional farewell ... TMZ has learned.

Sources familiar with the investigation tell TMZ ... the note was "short and sweet." Tony said in the note he loved his wife and his 2 kids -- Max and Frank.

We're told Scott's wife has not told investigators about anything that might have triggered a suicide, although as we first reported she did tell investigators Scott did NOT have brain cancer or any other significant medical problem.



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the day TMZ has any real factual news is the day the world will stop spinning.TMZ isn`t news its joke news by harvos daycare center rejects

787 days ago


there are no facts to back up this as a sucide,his body was`nt found or tracked for four hours.just because some people saw someone jump that looked like him doesn`t mean it was.You got a body in the water after four hours and some one jumped so what.Crime coverup TMZ backing it up zero facts all 2nd hand heresay,Id throw harvo out of the biz and out of any court room for his BS yapping~SS

787 days ago


TONY MURDOCH&BUFFET are apointed elitists whom ran most of the engish speaking world`s film TV and TV adds along with gaffin they mofi`ed the whole biz,that kingdom is falling and mouths are shut by the industry to protect itself and keep the biz that of 1% elitistes apointed by big biz power clubers

787 days ago


TONY knew way to much about the industy to ever be let to retire,even at 70 WAKE UP and smell the rotten hollywood biz fast or be DOAS yourself

787 days ago


Only the wife holds the key to the reason why he died. she knows more than anyone else.

787 days ago


the dude simply wanted out, end of story.

787 days ago


The wife may know the reason and then again maybe not. People can be married for years and not really know the other person that well, because of lack of empathy, selfishness, etc. and everyone puts on a façade to some extent even with their closest friends, relatives.

787 days ago

really! really?    

Nothing Mr. Scott could have written in a note would have contained answers or closure. If he said he was depressed, the next question would have been, "why didn't he get help", if it had said he had been unfaithful to his wife, people would ask, "why not divorce her"? There are no answers for Mr. Scott's suicide and closure would have been difficult no matter the cir***stance. RIP

787 days ago


This had to be either from a medical issue or he and that young wife of his were about to divorce. it certainly isn't about money.

His wife is about 20 odd years younger than him. Maybe she was having an affair or draining him of every penny as soon as he made it.

787 days ago


Anyone stop to look into his financials? Maybe he was in over his head, maybe he had some bad dealings with someone and saw no way to get out of it? And I;m sorry, but no one takes their own life unless things go very, very badly - with no way out.

787 days ago


Those of you who are judging Tony should be ashamed! Also- anyone who wants to profit from the photos will have to answer for that selfish, gross act one day. No money is worth someone's pain and suffering.

Some of you FORGET, he is a real person! A real person who I had the honor of working with a few years ago. Having someone you knew commit suicide is a horrible thing- but to have to dread possible photos and hear accounts of the incident is torture. Pray for his family and DO NOT judge him. You don't know his struggles and it is no one's place to say if he went to heaven or hell. He was a sweet man, who was passionate about this work and even though he was tough at times- we (the crew) knew he was determined to bring YOU (the viewer) the best form of art in entertainment!

For 3 months he and the crew were my family. It was the best experience of my life. My prayers are with his lovely family as they grieve the loss of this amazing, talented man.

Rest in peace Tony!

787 days ago


Tom told him he didn't love him anyumore.

787 days ago

Glory Bee    

Suicide is murder. He did it in public with no regard to the children who witnessed it. No suicide note is "sweet" and "loving". Whatever kind of person he was to all those around him, ulitmately he committed a horriffic abuse to them all. He knew when he publicly killed himself there would be photos taken, he didn't give a hoot. Selfish, abusive, disgusting individual.

787 days ago

Diamond Goddess!    

O.M.G.!!! I want ANSWERS! How disappointing to not know why.
And to the offense, but please write in better English, as you almost need CIA skills to decipher your posts! How did Tony know more than Ridley, if your theories are true?

787 days ago

Different Rules Apply    

So sad that he could not bare his own future. All the success, fame, money, blessings of a family ~ something went horribly wrong here. We cannot judge, or call him a coward, unless we have walked in his shoes. Whatever the reasons, I hope you are at peace Mr. Scott. Thank you for your earthly contributions. I am sorry it was not enough to make you want to stay longer. Peace to the Scott family in their time of great shock and grief.

787 days ago
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