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Vince Neil

BLOWS UP on Valet --


8/27/2012 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Vince Neil
exploded on a group of parking attendants at the Planet Hollywood in Vegas last week -- banging on windows and screaming "GIVE ME MY F**KING CAR" ... and the outburst was all caught on tape.

It's unclear why the Mötley Crüe singer was so pissed -- and he was REALLY pissed -- but according to sources on scene, Vince flew off the handle when the valet refused to return his Rolls-Royce.

In the video, you can see Vince walk over to the valet booth, yelling, "Give me my f**king car! Give me my f**king car! Give me my car!" -- and then bang on the window.

Vince continues, "Call the police! This is my car. What the f**k is wrong with you?"

We're told the parking attendants wouldn't hand over the vehicle because Vince couldn't produce a parking ticket. You can hear Vince respond in the video, saying, "They didn't give me a f**king ticket!"

According to sources, police were called to the scene -- but by the time they arrived, Vince had already taken off ... and the valet company decided against filing a report. So that's that.

Calls to Vince Neil's camp were not returned.


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I am sure the valet was young and didn't realize who Vince was. Kids today don't pay attention to yesterdays rockers. I had a conversation with my oil change technician and he had no idea who Tony Iommi was. TONY IOMMI PEOPLE !!!! WHO DOESN"T KNOW WHO TONY IOMMI IS ??? Apparently kids don't. What I am trying to say is that Vince is no Tony. P.S. - Damn Vince... what's up with the gut? LOL

784 days ago


Planet Hollywood is the worst place to park on the Vegas strip.

784 days ago


What a complete tool. Huge ass belly too. What a load.

784 days ago


He's a douche and he looks preggers

784 days ago


love your show. You are all hysterically funny. The best line ever -

(To Peter) - "remember when we all thought you were hot? Well, that's over..." (Sibhan).

THE ANNOUNCER GUY IS SO ANNOYING.....PLEASE give hiim a valium or get someone else....he's HORRIBLE the way he is - really makes me want to change the channel. PLEASE fix this....I can't stand it....It gives me headaches....

784 days ago


Vince is the best.

783 days ago


Why does this beached whale leave the house? Doesn't he have a harem of leathery skanks to massage his chode and serve him alcohol?

783 days ago

Jim Morrison    

I would have dropped the spoiled little P#$%&K!

782 days ago


WOW! Wheres the humanity?

1.. Dont judge someone because they sin differently than you

2.. If your'e still alive.. your'e still relevant!

3.. I use the F word too...

771 days ago


Vince who? He's fat, short, balding, and disgusting! Good thing for old groupies or he'd have NO SEX PLAY at all... He's an idiot... lazy azz shouldn't use the valet if he's gonna act like some old, crazy, grandma with Alzheimer's..and that's EXACTLY what he looked and acted like... his songs sucked back in the day anyway.. when people finally realized that big hair bands were just no talent, high school dropouts that wanted free drugs and a non stop supply of EYE LINER...LOL SO GAY were the big hair bands of the 80's.... We were so glad to see them go... all they did was run around the stage and scream into the mic anyway... now they all seem to be brain dead and pathetic.. and they ALL look wayyy older than they really are..BonJovi is the only one who looks half way decent or acts like he has a couple of brain cells left....all the other BIG HAIR has beens like Warrant, Motley Crue, Skid Row, White Snake, and Poison all look like carnival workers who perv on young girls young enough to be their grand daughters... just sick.

681 days ago
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