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Lindsay Lohan

Burglary 'Person of Interest'

But It May Be Case Closed

8/25/2012 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
is more than just a witness to an alleged burglary that went down in the Hollywood Hills last Sunday ... law enforcement sources tell us she is a "person of interest," but the case may now be over.

Law enforcement sources tell us they are not ready to call Lindsay a suspect, but they are suspicious of her actions at a house party where 2 watches and an expensive pair of sunglasses -- total value $100,000 -- supposedly went missing. We're told Lindsay let 2 friends into the house and cops think when they left they took the goods ... and she may have been in on it.

But now there's a twist in Lindsay's favor. We're told the owner of the house has recanted his story and written a letter to cops saying nothing was stolen. Of course, it flies in the face of his actions Sunday night when he called the cops and made the theft report.  

Michael Lohan tells TMZ, "After personally speaking with the homeowner, there was NOTHING stolen from his home. Lindsay has no involvement and the owner has told the cops that."

We're told as of now the matter is still under investigation, but if the "victim" recants, it's unlikely the case will proceed.


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This girl hasn't learned a thing since the necklace incident. What kind of friends does this girl have that they would be willing to steal for her? This is the second time she has enlisted an accomplice in her theft.

So, in other words, she had an assistant bring the stuff back if the owner will drop the investigation.

She is such bad news.

733 days ago


I will say it again, Lohan's don't have friends, they have MARKS and that circle of MARKS is getting smaller. The Lohan manifesto includes, if you can't use em, screw em. And the Grifts continue....

733 days ago


Quoted for truth:

8 0

Pretty much everything in this "story" is Michael Lohan's account of matters.

The whole story is based on this line: "Michael Lohan tells TMZ, "After personally speaking with the homeowner, there was NOTHING stolen from his home. Lindsay has no involvement and the owner has told the cops that."

Knowing Michael's reputation, take that for what it is.

733 days ago


So what do you all think:

Does Lindsay steal just for the thrill of it.

Does she steal because she wants something for nothing.


733 days ago


Farmers Almanac say today was a bad day to fish.....So far it looks like they were right....Nothing but bottom suckers, and a few Carp. and a couple of those damn snapping turtles who are always tangleing your line and the only way to free it is to knot the nasty things in the head till they turn loose...
Think I will pull in my line and go shopping another of my favorite sports ...LOL..
Fishing might be better this afternoon when all the fishes wake up from their hard partying they do...

733 days ago


This woman is one of the biggest piece of **** who exist in LA.

733 days ago


Michael personally spoke to the homeowner and then the guy recanted what he said? No, that's not suspicious at all! Sounds like the guy was threatened or paid off, I wouldn't put either past the Lohan clan.

733 days ago


The first thing guilty people tend to do is flee. The next they thing they do is to try and negotiate their way out of a situation. So for those Lilo Lovers out there, based on the actions of Lindsay herself she appears guilty. And if Lilo had nothing to do with anything, why did Michael Lohan need to get involved at all?

733 days ago


Case is closed regarding Lindsay because it was never a case :D
There isn't any suspicion Lindsay was involved and never was, cops are human and like their minute in the spotlight just like anyone else, instant attention if you point to a high profile and extremely popular celebrity ;)
Lindsay wins again :D

733 days ago


usa,das daemlichste volk der welt

733 days ago


scheiss tmz

733 days ago

help this young woman    


733 days ago

Who Knew    

Looks like somebody got paid. She just can not help herself.

733 days ago


Like nearly everything this stupid cow touches, this seems very shady. Who would write a letter to the cops saying nothing was stolen instead of making a phone call? It reeks of coercion, perhaps based on the fact that Cody Lohan was there and partaking of substances 16 year olds are not legally allowed to partake of and the homeowner would be legally responsible for that happening on his property. Just a stab in the dark.

733 days ago


thats why I have guns..
in cali it takes months to get them..florida not so hard..
so when a thief wants my stuff..I take matters into my own hands..
just make it look like your life is in danger an you will be all right..
same reason I drive a big truck..when a idiot like this is hopped up on cocaine, meth and adderall with some valtrex in her system looses control and hits me I have no worries,,,it would crush her car.

733 days ago
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