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Lindsay Lohan

Burglary 'Person of Interest'

But It May Be Case Closed

8/25/2012 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
is more than just a witness to an alleged burglary that went down in the Hollywood Hills last Sunday ... law enforcement sources tell us she is a "person of interest," but the case may now be over.

Law enforcement sources tell us they are not ready to call Lindsay a suspect, but they are suspicious of her actions at a house party where 2 watches and an expensive pair of sunglasses -- total value $100,000 -- supposedly went missing. We're told Lindsay let 2 friends into the house and cops think when they left they took the goods ... and she may have been in on it.

But now there's a twist in Lindsay's favor. We're told the owner of the house has recanted his story and written a letter to cops saying nothing was stolen. Of course, it flies in the face of his actions Sunday night when he called the cops and made the theft report.  

Michael Lohan tells TMZ, "After personally speaking with the homeowner, there was NOTHING stolen from his home. Lindsay has no involvement and the owner has told the cops that."

We're told as of now the matter is still under investigation, but if the "victim" recants, it's unlikely the case will proceed.


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As if it's not clear that somebody was paid off. What a low life. Who in their right mind would allow her on their property? S***.

798 days ago

South Beach    

Thought it was odd the homeowner went looking for sunglasses and jewelry in the middle of his party. Why would he even think to do that while the party is in full swing?

798 days ago


WTF business does Milo have calling the homeowner? Again, after Blohan pulls a 'no no' she calls 'DADDY'. Otherwise, she doesn't acknowledge his existence.

798 days ago


There was definitely a payoff to get her off the hook on this one.

798 days ago


Every time she is in NY she never stays with Dina...
even Dina knows to higher security and put loJack on everything..
her own mother doesnt trust her

798 days ago

help this young woman    


Famed "Skank 2: The Whoring" star Lindsay Lohan did not behead and eviscerate a trio of teenaged girls in the south area of Vancouver, BC. The victims were found Friday in an abandoned movie studio. They were bound, mutilated, spray-painted orange and covered in what was later determined to be cocaine. All appear to have suffered pulverized pelvises and were found to be missing all their diamonds.

“As soon as I saw the butchery, the first thing I thought was “Linds”, but she’s banned for life from Canada” said an unidentified RCMP Mountie. “I checked”. As it turns out, Linds was indeed nowhere near. She was spotted cactus-crashing outside the Expensiveton Hotel in Hollywood at the time of the slashing and power-pummeling. An “insider” attempted to ask Linds what she thought of the accusations, but it was difficult to understand her through all the smoke, and according to the paparazzi, “all we were left with was a bunch of coughing and audible gasping. Pretty much nothing”.

Defense attorney Volcano Lohan had no comment, but was spotted toasting pitchers of moonshine with Linds later that morning at an undisclosed hourly motel..

798 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

So, everybody knows Lohan is a thief. It is a given, and if you let her in your home you will be ripped off and then smeared for allowing her in. End of story.

798 days ago

Jay W.     

I love you Lilo. Stay strong... stay strong.

798 days ago

help this young woman    


In order to "prepair" for her Next "comeback" as an extra in "Skank Slaughter 4: Off With Their Heads", Linds needs guns. And knives, poisons of all varieties, and explosives. And a bear trap. Having exhausted all possibilities for "work" in the legitimate film industry, and already achieving "close to" has-been status in the mainstream porn industry before really getting started, Linds is gearing up for the Next logical career violation: Snuff films. Asked if she weren’t appalled by this development, DUIna rasped “Branding takes time, and we’re willing to be team players. I’m a single Mom”. Linds doesn’t care one way or the other, as long as it’s in her contract that the wardrobe department (suitcase) is left unguarded at all times, and that the producer agrees to facilitate AA Aliana‘s “comeback”.

798 days ago


Hey things were missing, the police were called, Lohan was questioned not accused. She gets a flight to NY and daddy from Florida, makes sure he speed dials tmz to make sure "after personally " speaking with the homeowner. Nice try.

798 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

If you press charges against me, my brother the minor will say that you gave him alcohol and drugs. Case closed.
I am sure Lohan premeditated this ripoff.

798 days ago


She's by far one of the biggest pieces of shyt in the country. When is LAPD gonna finally get fed up with her and really go after her? I'm sure they actually are but I'll give Lohan this, as dumb as she is, she knows how the criminal system works and plays it like a fiddle. Funny, did she even get a reckless driving citation for ramming that dump truck? What a piece of work this tramp is.

798 days ago

help this young woman    

This just in from some "sources" - A new craze has taken the planet by storm! Everybody's doing it - from continent to continent. Place your bet: Which Lindsay Lohan rerun will be the last to air before her "demise" (as DUIna already calls it.)? “Mean Girls“? “The Clamyons“? “Skank 2: The Whoring“? “612SEX”? “6T Nyne”? Closest guess wins "close to" one million dollars. From someone.

798 days ago


that scary picture above looks like something out of a rob Zombie movie...
and screams "what will I steal next"

798 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Specially the movie with "Herbie" and his huge stick shift!

798 days ago
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