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Gives Birth

to Baby Boy

8/26/2012 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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0826_snooki_baby_tweet2We now live in a world where Snooki is someone's mother. 

The "Jersey Shore" store popped out a baby boy at around 3:00 AM Sunday at Saint Barnabas Medical Center in Livingston, NJ.

A rep for Snooki released a statement, saying, "The world just got another Guido!!! Lorenzo Dominic LaValle has entered the world weighing 6lbs, 5oz. Nicole, Jionni & Enzo are doing great!"

A rep for MTV shared in the excitement, saying, "We couldn't be happier for Nicole and Jionni on the healthy delivery of their baby boy! We look forward to Lorenzo's first trip to the Jersey Shore and can't wait to see his first animal print onesie."


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God help us this looser has spawned a Child, there is no hope for this kid.
Another celeb kid headed for rehab !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

785 days ago


TMZ sucks!

785 days ago


I never used to like, or "watch" Jersey Shore. Then one day all that was on was a Jersey Shore Marathon, and I have to say, it got me hooked, when never in a million years would I have ever watched that. After watching countless hours of it, yeah, most were annoying, but still entertaining. People, think about it....these were 20 something single kids from the east coast. They were being paid to be drunk dumbasses, and total idiots for ratings. All they had to do was drink, get drunk, start drama, cause trouble, and hook up! IE: Get Ratings!!! And from what I see. Get Ratings, is exactly what they all did. Whether you loved or hated them, they weren't going anywhere. After watching for hours, I came to see besides doing the obvious, most of them seemed real. Like they were just doing the same **** most all 20 somethings do, but the whole world doesn't get to see them, like they get to see these kids on the Jersey Shore. Don't tell me most everyone out there hasn't at one time or another acted just like these people on the show when they were totally drunk and trashed with your own friends out at some club, or partying at a friends pad? Its just the whole world wasn't watching you! If anyone forgot, when your **** faced drunk, you don't give a crap what you say or do, and if you watch the Jersey Shore, that is exactly what's going on. It doesn't take a genius. Why bash and bash, and bash, when most of us have done the same thing at one time or another? And if you haven't, then you haven't partied! Give the girl a break. Just because she was drunk and partied on national TV, and acted like an ass at some points, so friggen what! Let her live her life. I bet we all know someone just like her. Don't judge. Just because she partied all summer for the show, for the summers she did, has nothing to do with what kind of mother she will be? It's like apples and oranges people. She didn't party during her pregnancy, and I bet she will be a great Mom who loves her son very much! Shame on you that HATE and JUDGE. None of us know her personally. From what I can see, besides her being drunk, the girl is sweet, and has a good heart. She will love her son very much, and everyone who is bashing her, should just stop already!!!! You don't know 100% how she really is. and your basing your opinions on seeing her party. That's pretty much it. & when you party, you pretty much act like an ass, and make dumb decisions, and say stuff you would have never said etc....WE ALL HAVE DONE THAT. Give her a break~ I like Snooky!

785 days ago


congrats;i know she will do well;everyone deserves to be a mother,now there she can make a lifetime of memories

785 days ago


you guya are st8 haters!!!! lmao!! Congrats Snooki!!! xo

785 days ago


I think snooks will be a great mom. So what she did some crazy things in here past.... Don't we all! No one should judge her for her past. Gezzzz she had her baby boy yesterday and people are talking down on her already. I think she will be a totally different person now that she has a baby. Leave her alone and let her be a mother. Don't down someone for their past. She has done great during here pregnancy and I believe she will be a great mother. Go Snooki!!!

785 days ago


hahahahahahahaha FIRST pics of Snooki's baby! Right HERE!!!

785 days ago


I feel sorry for that boy to have an ugly mom

785 days ago


I just dont understand why this world judges a person when they see pictures and how a person act in the past but come on people, people change and as when i was young in a fun stage before i had children, everyone is not perfect, we all have a fun stages in life, so stop judging someone when all they are trying to do is become a better person.

784 days ago


The woman is famous for being a drunken drama queen from Jersey. That kid is going to have a interesting life. Especially when it's Bring Your Parents to School Day. " Hi this is my mom, she goes by Snooki and her greatest achievement is acting like a drunken whore on tv"... yay!

784 days ago


I'm calling CPS. Snooki is not mentally fit for motherhood.

782 days ago

Me In Kentucky    

People make fun of Kim Kardashian's backside, but it's possible it's a blessing from above. If the Creator didn't give cushion below, anyone who sat on any plastic, leather or other smooth surface would get 'suction' stuck. Kim Kardashian is just a lot more blessed than most. Everyone would have to carry a pancake turner around just to get loose. But, Snookie, for the baby chute, is gonna need a coal shovel, cuz, there ain't no blessin' that.

781 days ago


youll need to stop haten on her and her babe

779 days ago
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