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Tameka Raymond

I Will Appeal

The Custody Decision

8/26/2012 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Usher's ex-wife Tameka Raymond is PISSED over her recent loss in court and believes the ruling could be the result of a biased judge ... so she's gearing up to file an appeal, TMZ has learned.

TMZ broke the story ... Tameka lost a hard-fought custody battle on Friday when a judge ruled in Usher's favor and granted primary custody of their two young children to the singer.

But sources close to Tameka tell TMZ, she feels the ruling was unfair. We're told Tameka recently found out that Usher's lawyer's law firm threw an election fundraiser back in 2008 for the judge who presided over the trial ... and she feels that connection may have influenced the ruling.

According to the campaign contribution report for Judge Lane, the law firm that represented Usher raised $1,278 for Lane in March 2008.

Sources tell us ... Tameka is baffled by the decision because she argued in court that Usher is constantly on the road, where as she has the more stable schedule ... thus it makes no sense to give him primary custody.

We're told Tameka wants to fight the decision ASAP and is interviewing lawyers for an appeal.
We reached out to the judge for comment, but so far no word back.


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Tameka Foster 1991 Theft Arrest, 1980′s Welfare Fraud

752 days ago


Perhaps if she would actually work on her life and focus on her "Career," she would not be so determined to go after Ushers throat every 3 seconds. Geez lady give it a rest. If I were Usher and she loses this appeal, i'd actually sue her for the lawyer fees because this is getting out of hand. The judge made a decision, deal with it. She'd actually be able to work if she wasn't holding herself back and hoping that she cashes in on the celebrity baby mama retirement plan aka "Ushers Money that she feels she's entitled to."

752 days ago

Orlando Ann    

Did she go after her other baby daddies like she go after usher i bet not, it's all about the Benjamin s after all you see how quick she had 2 kids that's her ticket to the good life for the next 18 years Usher should of listen to his mamma she saw right through the gold digger.

752 days ago


I've been caught up in a custody trial myself and I must say... "Sounds like she did get the ****ty end of the stick!" To ALL you women out there... can you even imagine just burying a child and then a judge takes your other two children from you? NO normal decision making judge would have done that especially knowing she had just lost and buried another child!? There has been some injustice and favoritism towards Mr. Usher... NO DOUBT!! Crooked MF'n judge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

752 days ago


Come on people really do you have to call her a whore to get your point across? Doesn't the fact she lost primary custody say enough about her. It is pretty hard for a mother not to win.
But I do agree with the fact that she can't do the things she does in front of the kids then expect sympathy. She should have had some class and put the children first.

752 days ago


What a ridiculous excuse. I have some knowledge of the kind of money that's spent for campaigns.

$1,278 is a drop in the bucket compared to what this judge likely spent on his campaign. It's almost assuredly less than 1% of his re-election campaign funds.

Not to mention the fact that that minuscule amount wouldn't hold any clout after 4 years.

She's desperate for Usher's money. Period.

752 days ago

Bitch please    

Has Usher had cataracts that we dont know about. Ewwwww Tranny looking Ghetto Ugly. Gross.

752 days ago


Tameka is just a black trashy nappy head slut. Get over it trash. Go get a job and take care of yourself. She is just pure garbage.

752 days ago


I don't think its an appeal its a Motion to overturn the Judges Order.

No Judge would overturn their order. She wants to go to trial again. You are the saying negative things about Usher.

Why do you need a new Lawyer?

Keep going to Court Judges usually get sick and tired of you wasting the Courts time. Let's see what will come of Hallie Berry Case.

CA Law no Judge can make an Order to send Child out of State without the permission of the other Parent. Let alone another Country Cant stand neither of these women.

752 days ago


Gold-digging whores: you never get rid of them. NEVER. They truely are there til death do you part.

751 days ago


she needs to get s job.

751 days ago


Right me if I'm wrong, but when her beautiful son Kile may he rest in peace, was hit by a jet ski wasn't she flown there to be by his side. If she is a stable person and is there for her children and always around where was she and why was he not with her during that horrific incident?

751 days ago


2008 was a long time ago. Get over it.

751 days ago



751 days ago


I could see you calling the judge biased if you didn't get your credit card reopened. But the judge gave you what you wanted, then the judge gave usher what he wanted. You wanted the credit card and the nanny paid, he wanted the kids. I say it's even. Go shopping and then go on vacation. At least now your free to do your favorite things.

751 days ago
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