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Alleged LAPD Beating Victim

The Gruesome Photo

8/27/2012 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brian Mulligan beat up
There's no doubt ...  Brian Mulligan -- an international banking honcho -- was beaten to a pulp by the LAPD -- based on photos obtained by TMZ.
Mulligan -- the Managing Director and Vice Chairman of Media for Deutsche Bank -- is unrecognizable in the pics -- with severe nasal fractures and lacerations, a concussion, a fractured right scapula, and numerous contusions and abrasions. 

Although the LAPD claims officers beat and arrested Mulligan after he became violent and threatening ... prosecutors declined to file charges.  Our sources say prosecutors believe the photos are "clear evidence of excessive force."  Indeed, Mulligan already filed a $50 million claim against the City of L.A.

TMZ first reported, Mulligan claims two LAPD cops beat him senseless after wrongfully detaining him ... claiming he resembled a person suspected of attempted car theft.  Mulligan claims the officers took him to a hotel against his will and when he tried to leave officers brutally attacked him.

Mulligan's lawyers, J. Michael Flanagan and Valerie Wass, tell TMZ cops at the scene conceded Mulligan was NOT under the influence of drugs and they described him as “calm, lucid, and cooperative." They tell TMZ, "Mulligan had committed no violations of law and was not arrested. No drugs were found during a search of his person or his vehicle, and the officers found absolutely no evidence of drug use by Mulligan."

Flanagan and Wass say cops also engaged in a cover-up, telling us, "The two officers who inflicted the injuries on Mulligan subsequently concocted a police report in an attempt to justify their use of excessive and deadly force and to obtain a filing of criminal charges against Mulligan."


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Not everyone wants to see that. Ever heard of linking with a 'graphic' warning ?

734 days ago

no shit..    

ok so WHAT hospital doesn't clean up a bloody mess like that BEFORE the bandages get put on ?? if that is real.... what is with cops thinking they can beat the sh*t out of every one these days..?? Seriously... Denver police are diong it too !!

734 days ago


Looks like the LAPD is over the Rodney King fallout and back to their bully tactics. As if the taxpayers of California don't have enough problems they're now going to have to pay for this. It's gonna be hard to clean house because they're all union thugs.

734 days ago


Damnit, there goes our tax dollars sigh

734 days ago


Lawyers are a trip, aren't they? They make the guy sound like a saint. He's probably such a gentleman that he takes the dishes out of the sink before he pees in it?

734 days ago

John dell    

How much did TMZ get paid by Brian Mulligan lawyers, total biased article. I thought this is a celebrity gossip site, I guess I was wrong, but instead its seems tobe a site where anyone can pay a price will have their side of store printed. TMZ should be shameful on their coverage of this case, because the law enforcement in L.A . help protect its citizen and are foes rather then what been print on this negative article.

734 days ago


Good for Police, at least alleged victim is not Black. Who sez Police is not color blind. It apppears the victim asked for it.

734 days ago


I'm convinced the LAPD is a bunch of low life under paid kkk/hood rats! Apparently, they are built up with hostility and rage. The one bonus in this lynching is they picked a white male...Sad for him. But, when you pick a white male something will happen that may prevent others being beat for nothing. It's unfortunate a beating has to have a racial undertone.

734 days ago


The force appears to be excessive but it is actually not.

There is some swelling and ecchymosis and some bleeding from nose from probably nasal fracture.Just a couple of blows on the face can easily cause all this.It is better than getting shot. I have seen worse beat up faces in a very short street fight.

Give him some ice pack instead of 50 Million Dollars, it will all go away in a day or so.

734 days ago


WTF with these LA cops? They do this to that man and Lohan walks every single time. I guess he should be thankful they didn't shoot him. Somebody better teach those pseudo-badasses proper takedown. It's not that hard really.

734 days ago

The New Improved Sock Puppet    

Oh that's just great! Now all the while people are going to start pulling people out of their vehicles and and beating them within inches of their lives. Then they'll burn down Rodeo Drive!

734 days ago

The New Improved Sock Puppet    

Fractured scapula. I guess that was from the kick that missed his nose. He got the fvck beat out of him

734 days ago


I hope Mulligan wins this case. I'm so sick of cops using excessive force. It needs to be stopped. I hope his story can shed some light on how corrupt some cops are. I've read many similar stories like this, as I'm sure many of you have as well. I read one story where cops beat and tasered an 80 year old woman. I read another story where cops tasered a 6 year old. Some cops get a little taste of power and then think they can do whatever they want. So sick of it. I wish Mulligan a healthy and speedy recovery.

734 days ago


Police can hit hard and low on the buttocks, back of thighs and legs with a baton and instantly disable and control a rowdy person without leaving much tell tale signs and must overcome the temptation to hit directly on the face because there is little soft tissue and any any subcutaneous bleeding or ecchymosis will easily and dramatically show up.

734 days ago


LA is a third world city, wouldn't be shocked if they were trying to get money out of him. Regardless, those cops deserve to be in jail for those injuries on an innocent man.

734 days ago
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