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Winklevoss Twins

Drop $18 Mil of Facebook

Cash on Sick L.A. Mansion

8/27/2012 10:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Winklevoss Twins have a new Los Angeles mansion.
The Winklevoss Twins are making another move on Mark Zuckerberg's territory ... by moving to California, and dropping $18 MILLION on a crazy spectacular home in the Hollywood Hills.

Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss -- who snagged $65 million by settling their beef with Zuckerberg, are getting one of the best homes in the Hollywood Hills.  The house that had been on the lot was bulldozed, and a new, 8,000 square foot crib was just completed with a jetliner view of L.A.

Sources tell TMZ ... the Winklevii have their eye on SoCal as the new Silicon Valley (which is home to Facebook and Apple) thanks to L.A.'s booming tech scene.  Tyler will be living in the home as they launch the West Wing of their start-up company,  Winklevoss Capital, which is currently in NYC.  Cameron will stay in The Big Apple.

Watch out Mark.


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Ok, to everyone who's freaking out that the boys may still live together...."
Tyler will be living in the home as they launch the West Wing of their start-up company, Winklevoss Capital, which is currently in NYC. Cameron will stay in The Big Apple." That was the last sentence in the post. They live across the US from each other. And I assume their houses are owned by their corporation.

786 days ago


I honestly loathe Zucherberg, he is a thief and a liar. He's the kinda guy that got picked on in high school, because he was a straight up creep, with zero personality.

Then in college, he meets these two, and because of the resentment he's always felt towards wealthier, more attractive and popular guys, he screws them out of THEIR idea, that they were paying him to develop. If he hadn't, they wouldn't have gotten 65 million from Zuckerberg. Yes, he may have been the guy that made it happen because of his "know how", but it doesn't make it right.

Maybe I hate him so much because I can't stand that almost every day I have to get emails about playing some STUPID game on facebook, or someone's whining about how my farmville farm needs attention, from people I barely know that I was stupid enough to friend, or friends that should know better than to bother me with that crap! Lord, I need a drink......

786 days ago


It looks like a mosaleum with that marble (or whatever it is) wall with the flowers on it. The only comfy thing about the whole place is the pool.

786 days ago


I wanna pretend I envy them that cold ugly house, really I do...But truly I just wish I had the $18m.

786 days ago

Just My Thoughts    

An $18 million concrete box. It looks like a mausoleum. Tacky!

786 days ago


I just looked through the rest of the pictures, WHO THE F builds a bathroom with see through windows. I'm hoping my mind is right when I figure there must be curtains, possibly remote control curtain rod that you can close before taking a bath. If not, that's just wrong on so many levels.

786 days ago


All I can say is good thing they have money because they are not atrractive at all YUCK

786 days ago


anyone else find it creepy that these grown brothers do EVERYTHING together?

786 days ago

Poopey Poopstein    

It looks like it's gonna crumble and roll down the hill the first quake that comes along (which is due soon).

786 days ago


Are they hiring?

786 days ago


Wasn't it nice of Zuckerberg to buy them a house? He should have offered them stock instead of the money. Then it would be worth half.

786 days ago


honestly, it's a little strange that two grown men are getting a house together. the fact that they're twins makes it even weirder. spend a little time apart.

786 days ago


Say "Winklevoss" 10 times in a row as fast as you can.

786 days ago


Who???? That house looks like a doctor's office. Actually the rear of a doctor's office. What is the matter with architects now, can't they build a house that looks like a house. What's with the industrial look in homes now. Just plain ole ugly to me.

786 days ago


Can the name Winklevoss be any more gay? That would be hell trying to live life with a homo-name like that. not to mention it screams preppy with my izod collar turned up. And don't these two look like ass-clowns who should be doing gay porn? It's all in the family.

786 days ago
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