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My Sex Tape Was

From 'A Long Time Ago'

8/28/2012 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0827_dev_singer_sex_tape_article_gettyDev -- the singer behind the smash hit "In the Dark" -- is desperately trying to block her sex tape from going public ... claiming the mystery seller is just "someone trying to embarrass me."

We broke the story ... the footage is being peddled to various media outlets ... showing Dev with an unidentified male.

Now, the 23-year-old singer tell us ... “My boyfriend at the time and I were young and having fun, it was a long time ago."

She adds, "I am now a mom and engaged and have more important things to think about then someone trying to embarrass me.”

Still, Dev has fired off a cease and desist letter to various media outlets ... warning them not to publish the footage ... or else she'll be forced to go all lawyery on their asses.


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thought federal law stated all participants in sex tapes must sign off on tape before it can be sold or is this "trying to block" her way of getting publicity on a 1 hit career as a back ground vocal

765 days ago


If I'm not mistaken, In order for a sex tape to be legally sold for distribution, all participants have to give written approval. So for her saying she is trying to block it is no more than a public stunt....her career took a nose dive after getting knocked up after " like a g5" and now trying to get it back by this.....

765 days ago


no one cared about her song about chocolate sex, now this. How come every crappy singer and artist that cannot make it on their own talents makes the sex tape and "conveniently" gets released.

spare me the tears. you ugly girl, and you cooch looks like that stretched out ear of yours too.

765 days ago


Thought the people in the video had to sign a release to allow it to be aired or sold.

765 days ago


If "In the Dark" is such a smash hit, why have I never heard it? Also, something tells me this girl is writing these stories herself.

765 days ago

jimmy d    

Would be very attractive if she was packing a full bush

765 days ago


1. You aren't famous

2. You aren't hot

Therefore, WHO IN THE HELL will want to watch your tape/

765 days ago


Why worry - look what it did for Kim Kardashian. The cheaper and whorish the better.

765 days ago


So many women pregnant and "engaged." Is this how they trap men?
What happened to "married and pregnant? Why has the term "bastard" gone out of use? DOES NO ONE REMEMBER WHAT IT MEANS OR ARE THERE SIMPLY TOO MANY OF THEM?

765 days ago


A long time ago, huh? What? When you were three? Oh, then it's OK, right?

765 days ago



765 days ago

Sara Sells Sea Shells    


765 days ago

buzz kill    

She is 23, whats her idea of a long time ago, when she was 12-13?

765 days ago

buzz kill    

Thats funny, someone is trying to embarrass her. She did that when she made the video.

765 days ago

Keith Richard Radford Jr    

It's very simple and this is a good place to point out the failure of free market capitalism when the reference to Mr. Milton Friedman comes to mind and how everything he has ever touched turned to a mound of smoldering rubble. See he preaches deregulation yet follows the thinking of one Robert Anton Wilson, who said sex should never be unregulated. This twist in the structure of all government power struggles lies in the hands of the Chicago Boys in that through the regulation of sex they can destroy everything deregulation can accomplish by using a nanny state to punish and demoralize fine and imprison all in the name of morality while killing people to save them? On the other hand, we have the thinking undistorted by all the bull when, say Mexico the age of content is 12, and in the UK 13, under certain cir***stances and America wants to impose a rule that sex can not be engaged in less the individual is 18 around the world? These policies are bankrupting America and people want to blame the conditions on race, ignoring the truth. Pinochet is a fine example of the Chilean disaster of such failure ranging back to the Nixon era, his deal with Russia and the control through the church organized religious terror network. Really who blows up planned parenthood offices and why has Mississippi only got one clinic? One word, control. We all are going to die. We don't have anyone coming forward that can show they have lived 300+ years and if we did some really demented self centered people would probably grind them up in hopes by eating them they could add some time to life. We have some religions that preach some of these things and with enough plastic surgery, make up, and Botox, some people can still look like kids but is that anything more than vanity? So some women like women and some men like men and both scenarios some women like girls and some girls like women and some don't and so on and we want a social order that keep imploding in on itself at the expense of every individual that is willing to vote another person in office that says they are passing laws for the children. It's failed over and over again but no one can see? I remember once being in the pantry at our local church stacking supplies and the women came in and one had a special stack of pastries. She was tell the women how they were loaded with contraception pills and they all shared their most intimate secrets about how they kept a calendar to know when to engage in sex with their mate to get impregnated and it was open discussion time so I listened very close. Seem one of the older more vulnerable women just knew this one women would make a horrible mother so she made sure she spiked her donuts so to speak. People don't have to get married unless they would like healthcare sponsored by the state and to be treated fairly. Is being treated fairly reserved for just one man and one woman or is being treated fairly consist of everyone. Do we all have to live through another spike, where the dollar become like the yen and it takes hundred of thousand to by a pack of gum only to be arrested if we chew it say were in Singapore?

Milton Friedman and his collection of Chicago Boys, bigots, racists, homophobes, and murderers in the name of money for the punishment of people who has sex, enjoy sex, or not, and are willing to accept the fact that laws based on sex, the have or not had sex at any age or gender is the crust of the parties pious tambourine turned down to trap the money flow of a society's willingness to follow a failed policy over and over and over again because of what they read it in a book. How very mislead do we have to be to have it dawn on us? The doctrine call the shock doctrine is the destroyer of nations, lands, people and provinces. End sex laws now. Think about it. If a boy wants to see where his nourishment came from for years to understand what those (meaning breasts are, or a young woman likes sucking her thumb on someones toes or a kid likes to touch him/her self is that a reason to hound them to their grave? Place them in prison or listen to religious leaders that would have us believe that it is? Is it a reason to deny loans or disrupt a family and create economic burdens or just plan ruin lives over? No! Take Lou Dobbs for instance and stick this in his ear. Please I grew up in Hollywood and I met a girl who would encourage friends to kidnap her and hold her for ransom to be payed by her rich parents so she could buy what she wanted to buy and share the spoils, she said "if I get saved by the police I get more attention and next time I get more money." This is the mentality of the people pushing sex laws on the world, the Milton Friedman economist followers who make money using sex laws. We could feed the world and in every box of food have a sex toy and a box of condoms for less money than the cost of punishing sex.

765 days ago
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