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Dr. Phil


'57 Chevy Stolen

8/27/2012 10:26 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Phil
suffered a loss that is only comprehensible to die-hard car collectors -- his precious, '57 Chevy was stolen late last night ... TMZ has learned. 
Dr. Phil and a friend were working on the tranny, trying to get the car to start.  When their attempts proved unsuccessful, the good Doc had the car flatbedded to a repair shop in Burbank.

Several hours later, Phil got the call car lovers dred -- the Chevy -- one of the most awesome cars ever -- had been stolen.

The car is worth $100,000.  Law enforcement sources tell us ... the evildoers smashed a roll-up door at the shop to get at the car.

Cops are on the case.


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Why are these so many commercials on his dumba$$ show? They must play 20 commercials!

My favorite part is when Robin pops up at the end and they walk off together. She's always grinning from ear to ear all proud of those blinding white veneers. She then starts yakking non stop to him. I'm sure he sits there at home, hearing her yakking, not listening it and with blood coming out of his ears from the sound of her non-stop talking about nothing!

Oh and Robin...stop calling him "Phil"..he's "Dr. Phil" to you!

755 days ago

Wanda Adrosky    

I'm sooo sorry to hear about your car, I definately know the feeling. My 1957 Chevy Belair 2D Hardtop Coupe was stolen from me May 1, 2011. I owned her for 20 years or better and drove her often for pleasure. She was midnight blue and silver blue top. My husband just bought me new True spoked wheels with Chevy center spinners and new Vogue tires and had her restored for me less than a month before she was taken. She had a mural of
Marilyn Monroe under the hood with her dress flying up and my car in the background. You can google "Stolen 1957 Chevy Belair - Marilyn Monroe to see pics. I emailed many car clubs around the country and advertised this year and last year in Chevy Classics and Hemmings Motors. Got a couple of leads but no recovery. Still seeking Norma Jean. Wanda :-(

755 days ago


I am not a fan of Dr Phil but damn this sucks...

one of the finest cars ever made..

755 days ago


ok, I understand that the car itself can not be replaced. but cry me a freaking river! lol! the guy is rich enough to buy a few more cars. can't have too much pity for rich people losing their toys when others don't have the basics in life.

755 days ago


only tragedy i see is that guy being able to own a car like that in the first place.

755 days ago


They should find this car fairly easy!

755 days ago


Dr. Phil deserves some baaaad Karma for his idiocy!!

755 days ago

Porsche Bill    

Really? No one deserves their 57 Chevy convertible to be stolen. No one. You guys are out of line on this one.

755 days ago



755 days ago

Chuck D of Valpo    

$100,000? All depends on how much is original. My guess is $40,000 to $55,000 range. I suppose it is better to be over insured than under.

755 days ago


This is not a tragedy in the real world, only in Dr. Phil Land.

755 days ago


Insurance Fraud umm no.. First off if the shop had it inside then the shops insurance should be taking lead on this claim.

People have no idea how far they will go to make sure this is not foul play. Insurance will not just cut a 100k check in a hour and drive off.

All major companies have undercover guys on the streets.. They have paid informants.. They know all about the major car rings and shipping them overseas or trucking them north/south of the border then shipping on boat.

Most people never have the full value insuraded and they end up losing a lot in these vintage cars.. Hell some companies will only allow a few people to appraise them if its more than 75k and its vintage. You can buy a trillion dollar policy but if your car is only worth 5 bucks then thats all your going to get.

Hell some rich people insure the cars themselves and do not have normal coverage. If you have enough money to post as a bond then most states will let you bypass insurance laws and allow you to self insure.

in all the years of paying claims I can't even remember one rich guy who was doing this but I can't tell you how many 20 to 40's white guys who do.. bmw's f350's .. benz's lease them and don't have the money and then they get "stolen" .. The rates went threw the roof in 2008... 50 or so people in prison from my region alone because the investigators got them..

755 days ago


Hardly tragic !!!!!!!!!!!!!

755 days ago

buzz kill    

Not to bright to steal a car that can so easily be identified, unless the thieves plan to keep it in their underground bunker. My guess, look on E'Bay.

755 days ago


No one deserves to have their ride stolen. No one!

755 days ago
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