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Ken Shamrock Accuser


8/27/2012 3:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Here she is ... the woman Ken Sharmrock roughed up in a California mall because ... for some crazy reason ... he thought she was a dude.

Her name is Melinda Garcia ... she weighs 120 pounds ... and tells TMZ there's NO WAY Shamrock could've confused her for a man. In fact, she claims Ken is straight up LYING about the fight.

We broke the story ... Shamrock claims he was breaking up a girl-on-girl brawl in a mall in Modesto, CA earlier this month when someone jumped on his back. Shamrock claims he believed the person was a man, so he took "him" down. Turns out ... "he" was actually a "she."

But Garcia claims it's all BS ... claiming Shamrock didn't actually break up the original fight, but rather screamed at her to do it ... which she did.

Garcia claims Shamrock began to yell at her for not stopping the fight sooner ... and then snapped and PUNCHED her in the face.

Garcia says her mom ran over to intervene ... and Shamrock punched her too.

Soon after the alleged girl-punching, security and police arrived to the scene ... and only then, Garcia says, Shamrock backed off.

TMZ has text messages from Garcia to her sister (who goes by "Hoochie" in the phone) just moments after the fight in which she describes the incident.


Garcia tells TMZ ... if the police don't press charges, she plans to file a lawsuit.

A rep for Shamrock tells TMZ ... Ken doesn't believe he did anything wrong ... and only acted in self-defense.

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No Avatar


She looks like a dude! If Ken Shamrock had actually puched her 3 times she would have been knocked out, and a lot worse for the wear!

789 days ago


I have a really hard time believing that is a girl... .

789 days ago


Something does not make sense here, i mean seriously if Ken Shamrock(ex pro fighter) decided to hit her 3x and her mom then i can say with certainty they would be ****ed up. Ken could have gave her a jab 10% and still jacked her face and i dont see ****, i call bull****. Why would a 40+ year old ex fighter with a family want to beat someone up? Ken wouldn't, things prolly went down the way he said they did....and her dumbass probably jumped on him from behind or some ****. Not his fault.

789 days ago


This person completely looks like a DUDE! I would have thought it was a guy if I hadn't read the catch phrase above the pictures.

789 days ago

J S Bach    

Love how some people automatically jump to conclusions to innocence or guilt ! That's why we have something in this country called due proccess ! If he is falsely acused, it won't be the 1st time some chick that looks like a dude falsely accused someone., and then called Gloria Allred to sue ! The mall should have a camera as well

789 days ago


Yep...looks like a boy to me (a 14 year old boy)....but a boy. Stop trying to get money out of someone and move on.

789 days ago


It doesn't matter if it was man or woman, obviously this girl was much smaller than him, and then to hit the kids mother as well?? Self defense??... at the mall, where he as bigger than everyone and could have easily called security. Sounds like he's a hot head. Assault is a crime no matter who you punch.

789 days ago


he.. .errrrr i mean she looks like a little boy!!!

789 days ago

Kev the Realist    

maybe this is obviously a girl in LA LA land, but in the rest of the country she/he could easily be confuseed as being a guy ( an ugly guy) but nonetheless she could easily have been mistaken for a guy. Only in California, the land of the fruits, nuts and berries. Just another troublemaker looking for her 15 minutes.

789 days ago


"im a dude, shes a dude, hes a dude....were all dudes"

789 days ago


Wow looks like everybody is suing over anything these days...

789 days ago


Ummm, not obviously a woman, I thought that was a guy. If you want to be obviously a woman, how about being more feminine and less butch.

789 days ago

Jimmy jamz    

Yeah that looks like a man. way to blow your point by taking awful pictures stupid. Why not try to chick it up with a dress or maybe a clip in your hair, nahh f**k that get the softball glove.

789 days ago

Daytona Girl    

Looks like a guy. Looks like going for bux. Probably will get in this sue happy world.

789 days ago


So this chick is 120 lbs right? Ken is in the upper 200 pound range. And she claims Ken punched her 3 times. Ken is a trained fighter right? How is she not in the hospital with her face all screwed together. Just saying. Sorry I am siding with Ken on this one.

789 days ago
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