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Ken Shamrock Accuser


8/27/2012 3:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Here she is ... the woman Ken Sharmrock roughed up in a California mall because ... for some crazy reason ... he thought she was a dude.

Her name is Melinda Garcia ... she weighs 120 pounds ... and tells TMZ there's NO WAY Shamrock could've confused her for a man. In fact, she claims Ken is straight up LYING about the fight.

We broke the story ... Shamrock claims he was breaking up a girl-on-girl brawl in a mall in Modesto, CA earlier this month when someone jumped on his back. Shamrock claims he believed the person was a man, so he took "him" down. Turns out ... "he" was actually a "she."

But Garcia claims it's all BS ... claiming Shamrock didn't actually break up the original fight, but rather screamed at her to do it ... which she did.

Garcia claims Shamrock began to yell at her for not stopping the fight sooner ... and then snapped and PUNCHED her in the face.

Garcia says her mom ran over to intervene ... and Shamrock punched her too.

Soon after the alleged girl-punching, security and police arrived to the scene ... and only then, Garcia says, Shamrock backed off.

TMZ has text messages from Garcia to her sister (who goes by "Hoochie" in the phone) just moments after the fight in which she describes the incident.


Garcia tells TMZ ... if the police don't press charges, she plans to file a lawsuit.

A rep for Shamrock tells TMZ ... Ken doesn't believe he did anything wrong ... and only acted in self-defense.

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I'm not buying this chicks story at all. Sounds like she's lying in her texts to her friend too (if in fact they are real).
Frank Shamrock was obviously trying to break up the fight any way you slice it. Sounds more like this "girl" went over to watch and then figured she'd take a swing at Shamrock after he yelled at her and her mother for not stepping in and stopping it.
What she didn't count on is that the whole "never hit a lady" thing isn't all that effective if you look like a 15 year old pakistani rapper.
Also, I don't see any photo evidence of bruises or black eyes.
If Frank Shamrock "clocked" this 120 pound chick 3 times her face would look like ground beef. Obviously she is lying or there would be photos of her and her and her mother showing the damage. .

734 days ago


Looks like a dude! and he/she jumps on me from behind I would kick his/her ass too! Women codes have been changing, if you attack a man like a man with fist and kicks, you are going to have a bad time, don't do it!

734 days ago


So obviously this dude with a vagina cant think at all. Malls now a days are covered in cameras that picked up the whole thing so when that comes to light the shim is done. Also, I dont care if you are a chick or a dude, you jump on a fighters back they will defend themselves!! Im just saying.

734 days ago


And by the way the "history" she is telling doesn't make any sense! This big guy punched her three times and she is not in a hospital? Give me a effing break!

734 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    

That thing is female??????

It must get a bagfull of ugly for every birthday present.

734 days ago


She looks like a dude. Sorry go ahead and sue but you still look like a guy obviously on purpose.

734 days ago


Ms. Swan say, ahh, she looka like a man!

734 days ago


Sorry folks but that's a dyke! I would of hit (IT) too just for being (Born) that way. Just Saying...

734 days ago


Why does that dude have curly sideburns?

734 days ago


You can tell what kind of people they are from the texts. She tells her sister she got knocked out by a huge guy at the mall and her sisters only response is "did you hit back?"

I'm assuming it's business as usual for this family. I bet the mother is a real piece of work.

734 days ago


It's a man baby. An ugly scrawny one and in a brief glance it doesn;t look female

734 days ago


"did u hit back???"
Not "is mom ok?" or "did you call 911?" Apparently these are the kind of s***bags that think they can go around fighing guys without any consequences.

Her and her disgusting family don't deserve a penny from Frank Shamrock.

734 days ago


First off I would have tossed it too...

second her story is bull****.. if shamrock hit her three times she would look worse than that banker..

734 days ago


Reminds me of the girl in Ferris Bueller's day off... The one in the arcade who Mr Rooney thinks is Ferris and then she turns around and its a girl...

except I would have still slept with her.. this one is fugly

734 days ago

Cheryl Lee    

that looks like a dude

734 days ago
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