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Lindsay Lohan

Will NOT Be Prosecuted

For Jewelry Heist

8/28/2012 2:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

5:21 PM PT --
A rep for the D.A.'s office tells TMZ ... "The District Attorney's Office received no evidence that any jewelry, including watches, was taken."

"The evidence presented to us ... was valued at $6,400 and included $3,000 in cash, four pairs of sunglasses, an iPod and keys to two cars and a house."

It's now clear ... the initial theft complaint, which included $100,000 worth of watches and sunglasses, never made its way to the D.A.'s office.


Lindsay Lohan
will not be prosecuted by the L.A. County District Attorney for stealing more than $100,000 worth of watches and sunglasses from a Hollywood Hills home -- TMZ has learned the D.A. just rejected the case.

According to the D.A.'s charge evaluation worksheet, there is insufficient evidence to bring a burglary charge against the actress.

According to the D.A., Lindsay and Sam Magid -- the rich guy who owns the house that was allegedly burglarized -- have had a "longstanding relationship." 

The D.A. claims Sam did not identify Lindsay as a suspect and the "potential eyewitnesses have refused to become involved."

Additionally, none of the suspects were found in possession of the stolen property.

Lindsay's assistant Gavin Doyle will also not face prosecution.


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She not a KID she hasn't been a KID for a long long time but she has been a WHORE for a long long time...Please try to get it straight...Thank You...

765 days ago


Not innocent, they bungled the theft so bad they couldn't be charged. Released because of ineptitude.

765 days ago


Had to laugh about the lack of cooperation from "potential eyewitnesses". That happens every time with her "incidents". So now the theft victim figures he has a private dancer in return for his trouble and Lindsay gets another reprieve. But one of these days, the police will find a chink in that Teflon armor. They know her very well - they told the jewelers to watch for sightings of Lindsay with the stolen necklace, since she had an established habit of flaunting stolen goods in public. (I imagine she's been prime suspect many more times than we know about.) Sure enough, a week later photos surfaced and the police moved quickly for a search warrant. Not quickly enough, though, since an online tabloid spilled it and the lass had someone trot over to the police with it before the warrant could be served.

765 days ago


So why is this a surprise?

Didn't the owner of the house claim that she did NOT steal the jewelry? If the victim of a crime says that someone didn't do it, there's really no case against that person.

765 days ago


I hope this Sam guy is triple bagging it with her STD's. Amazing what no morals and being a whore will do to one to maintain freedom. The thing is, and I doubt she will ever do any jail time for anything, she's only been off formal probation since March and look at her. She still has a year and a half left. She's guilty on this, she's just blowing and banging this guy so he's keeping her around. She used every excuse in the book.

765 days ago


That is one dark party circuit.

765 days ago


It's not over. "He who laughs last."
Defenders remember that. The last ,and biggest laugh will be those who have kept their sense of reality.
Might be good to think of John Gotti.
Where is he now?

765 days ago

delusional much LL?    

somewhere the arrogant a-hole is smirking.
what exactly she thinks she won,i don't know.
her sh*tty reputation is worse than ever.
the more passes she gets the more the disdain from the public increases.
that's why i want to dedicate led zeppelin's
"your time is gonna come" to her.

765 days ago


"longstanding relationship" = hooker and client. This guy is just like Vikram and his gang.

765 days ago


I will say it again, Suge Knight is not someone you want mad at you. If he is protective over his children and/or his children take after him if I were Lindsay I would be afraid very afraid. And TMZ stop the drama we all know Lindsay is never going to spent more than 10 minutes in jail.

765 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Da H8turds keeping taking it up the ars and keep coming back for more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tasty waves bietches!!!!!!!!!!!!

765 days ago


Have any other former Disney actresses turned out to be such a thieving slut? Being a slut has given her another get out of jail card.

765 days ago


Cue @DAVET furiously masturbating due this good news as his 73 y/o mother pounds on his bedroom door to tell him she was awoken to to the 12th bill collector calling for him.

765 days ago


LOL! The sticky fingers count is at 82% THIEF!

765 days ago


Screw TMZ and their "sources", what a waste of time this bunch of stories has been. All that's left of them is a reminder that she lied to police months ago... nice going.

765 days ago
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