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Kim Kardashian

Settles Old Navy Look-Alike

Lawsuit ... for Big $$$

8/29/2012 11:54 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Kim Kardashian
has called an end to her war with Old Navy -- settling up with the clothing brand for big bucks ... after it allegedly used a Kim K look-alike in its advertising last year.

Kim's lawsuit was dismissed today in L.A. -- and sources close to Old Navy tell TMZ, the company agreed to pay Kim an undisclosed sum based on her look-alike claims. We're told both sides are pleased with the settlement, though the exact terms of the deal are undisclosed.

TMZ broke the story ... Kim sued Old Navy last July for MILLIONS, claiming it intentionally used a look-alike in an effort to dupe the public into thinking Kim was affiliated with the brand.

She kinda had a point too ... just take a look at this screengrab from the advertising in question.



No Avatar


LOL, I think her look a like like's better. and their both ugly.......LOL

596 days ago


Shame on you Old Navy I will never support anything your brand is involved in now why would you pay this vile piece of ****??? They should of standed their ground. She didnt deserve any pay off for what she was suing for its not like the company was using her trashy name and the girl looks nothing like her in fact it should be the girl suing her because this whore has had a full makeover with plastic surgery and the way she looks now is not what she looks like naturally. She is jealous of this girl that's why she sued the company shes so much better looking then you slut and natural and your jealous because you had to have plastic surgery to look how you look now. Get over yourself you whore your not the only woman in the world to have long black hair and olive skin sit your fake, fat ass down you pathetic slag.

596 days ago

Seriously with this..    

She doesnt look anything like Kim.. she has brown hair and thats about it. Get over yourself Kim this is just sad and petty. and SERIOUSLY TMZ is so over the top annoying with always siding with Kim. Do you guys realize how obvious it is?? "She kinda has a point too.." TMZ is awful with their one sided Kim stories. Kim you have so much money for doing absolutely nothing, do you really need more because Old Navy used a brown haired beauty? Disgusting.

596 days ago


The "lookalike" is actually way more attractive than the reality pig.

596 days ago


Just what that b- needs, more money.

596 days ago


Give me a break, anyone could go to a plastic surgeon and wig shop to look like this slag.

596 days ago

Tookie Topbox    

What a load of sh!t!! So now you can sue someone else because another person looks similar to you??? He!!, lemme get out on the streets and find someone who looks similar to me so I can sue them. This case LOL is total bullsh!t and should never have been given the time of day. Simply another case of a rich person trying to get even richer doing as little as possible.

596 days ago

Harlin's Garage    

absolutely agree... counter sue and throw in punitive damages tainting the Old Navy brand...

596 days ago


I would not have paid her a dime. She has no case. Who's with me on a Kardashian Boycott? Enough is enough.

I also agree the girl in the commercial should sue Kardashian.

596 days ago

kim is a publicity whore    

Kim looks like MJ in that pic with all that plastic surgery.

and this whore really sued because there was a woman who "looked" like her? GET REAL SELF CENTERED TW_T

596 days ago


Am I the only person who recognized this girl? She's been on like 3 different making the band shows. She's not a look-a-like. She has a semi-legit career and actual talent.

596 days ago


The girl in the commercial look way hotter than K. Kartrashian

596 days ago


How can someone help it if they look similar to her? She is a fat a** BRAT!!!

596 days ago


I would have told Kim to buzz off. All Old Navy had to do was say it was a parody of her and they'd be off the hook.

596 days ago


She can use some of it to give Kris Humphries when the judge in her sham wedding/divorce case slaps her with hefty punitive damages for committing fraud. Vapid, deceptive famewh0re.

596 days ago
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