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Lindsay Lohan

Unpaid Hotel Bill

Not My Problem

8/29/2012 11:26 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0829_lindsay_chateau_01Lindsay Lohan's passing the buck -- telling friends she thought the producers behind her recent Liz Taylor movie were going to pay her $46,350 hotel bill ... which is why she never offered to cover the tab.

Sources close to the actress tell TMZ, Lindsay claims producers agreed to cover her stay at L.A.'s Chateau Marmont while she filmed "Liz & Dick" earlier this summer -- so she was shocked to learn there was an outstanding 5-figure bill in her name ... and even more shocked when she was banned from the hotel when the bill went unpaid.

0829_lindsay_subasset_launchWe're told Lindsay is currently trying to sort the problem out with producers -- and if they refuse to pay, Lindsay will happily cover the tab.

We reached out to Lifetime for comment -- so far, no word back.


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Blahan may think the bill isn't her problem but there is no denying that doublechin!

755 days ago


EVERYONE who comes in contact with this trash ends up paying with their money, reputation, freedom or career.

755 days ago


if one were to google lodgenet a prominent charge on her bill they would find out it's for porn movies... Lilo... you really think the producers of Liz and Dick need to pick up the tab for your porn much less the booze and cigs?

755 days ago


If Lifetime agreed to pay the bill they would have done so already. They did not, so they're not paying!

755 days ago


Wow ! that stolen Labtop of CM.s is really gettin a workout today....
" Tell me just between us What did you do to piss Harvey Off so bad.?" must have been something really BIG and then to top it you fit him all that crap yesterday and embrassed the man and rubbed his nose in it...!!
All I got to say is you better find you a airline ticket to Outer Mongolia cause "Harvey Levin" hollywoods career assasin to the stars is coming after Lindsay Lohan and Lohan Inc....
and all I have to say about it is
"it couldn't happen to a more deserving group of Grifters"
Syanara !!! Auf Wieterzan !!!!, So Long !!!, Don't let that the back door hit you in the ass as you leave....
or you can find yourself a really deep hole .
RichardWWW. STFU you are embarrasing yourself...again.......

755 days ago


PLEASE!!!--a link to:
"Life's Fine (On Your Dime)"

755 days ago


She's getting slammed on TMZ for her spending. Mike Walters chimes in and says he's talked to her friends saying since Lifetime footed the bill for the hotel where she almost OD'd in, she assumed the CM was paid for too. Yeah reliable sources and Mike Walters is in love with her to begin with. So, she's been 86'd from CM anyhow.

755 days ago


Some nut enabler that is pissed to see Lohan spiral down is on on black check patrol. Wonder who? Jealous because they can't get anyone to buy their excuses or Lohan's excuses.

755 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Lindsay is getting so boring. Someone call me when she is found face down in a pool of her own blood OK?

755 days ago


Hey she had no problem blowing off the bill and now the hotel is blowing her off. Banned for life. Probally just like everybody else had enough of her crap.

She can't play dumb knowing this since july 8. She screwed her self over again.

Her unpaid bill now her problem. I don't think she will be let back in even when she pays the bill. Espically her intensionally blowing them off.

755 days ago


65 (at least) public letters of money owed.
3 notifications of back taxes due.
6 bans from hotel premises.
Currently involved in 6 lawsuits.
Endless pay-offs.
12 bans from fashion shows and after parties.
Countless exclusions from guest lists.
Let teeth rot until public outcry forced her to grift free veneers.
Fired from Community Service job.

What did I miss?

755 days ago


the hotel is too high class for trash like lohan.

755 days ago


Never in my life have I seen such an irresponsible jerk. It's NEVER her fault; it's always someone else who is responsible for her actions. Until she is accountable for what she does, she'll never be anything but a lying, drugged up, drunken attention whoring dumbass...

755 days ago


Oh lookie ! lookie ! someone has descided to poke the sleeping Panther......Not very smart of you now is it.....
Fortunealy for you this "Painter" is very particlur what it puts in its mouth...but its not above a swat or two....

755 days ago


ANYONE who gets involved with this NUT JOB deserves EVERYTHING they get! If Chateau Marmont had ANY brains, they should have said that they were BOOKED and had NO available rooms when they found out it was her! They deserve whatever they get OR in this case, DON'T get! She is a DISASTER wherever she goes, no matter what she does! She needs psychiatric help ASAP!

755 days ago
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