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Kris Humphries

I Did NOT Give

That Woman Herpes

8/30/2012 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Kris Humphries says he's "100 percent sure" he did not transmit herpes to a woman he allegedly nailed back in 2010 ... claiming she's a liar who's making a shameless and baseless money grab.

TMZ broke the story ... Humphries has been sued by Kayla Goldberg ... who claims Kris knew he had the herp when they hooked up in 2010 and didn't tell her.

Now, Kris' rep tells GossipCop.com the allegations are "completely bogus."

The rep also says Kris is “100 percent sure [Kayla] did not contract [herpes] from him."

The rep also says Kayla threatened him with the lawsuit last year and warned him she would go public unless he paid her at least $1,000,000.

Attempts to reach Kayla were unsuccessful.

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Sociopaths are Sad    

(1) Condoms do not protect against Herpes - it's skin to skin contact.
(2) You can't really test for Herpes until you have an outbreak.
(3) Even if you have Herpes, if you don't have an outbreak, the risks of passing it on to a partner are low.
(4) 95 % of people (probably more) have Herpes already --- HSV 1 -- COLD SORES and it is not considered a sexually transmitted disease and you can't sue for that.
(5) HSV 2 is the gross one -- GENITAL HERPES and it IS considered a sexually transmitted disease. You can sue for that.
Basically, the definitive way to test for Herpes is when you have an outbreak but there are Western Blot tests that can tell you which type of Herpes you have (HSV 1 or HSV 2) since most everyone has HSV 1.
Also, if you have ever had chikenpox ... you have Herpes. B/c the pox are a form of Herpes.

722 days ago


tsk tsk the kartrashians strike out again.

722 days ago


This whole things smell like a Kris Jenner set up that TMZ is playing into.

722 days ago

Like It Is    

Did Humphries say, without question, he doesn't have it?

And could not possibly have given it to Goldberg?

Or, is he merely denying he gave it to her?

Which could mean he does have it!

Oh, Kanye! You best had a cap on it!

722 days ago


Is it me or is he not denying he has herpes? HMMM If he said I do not have herpes therefore i know i could not have given this to her then I'd be more than willing to believe but he didn't say that...

722 days ago

When Debbie does Dallas    

The dude was hedging his answer. Here's hoping everyone he did and then they did got the gift. Karma.

722 days ago


Hey Karla,
How much did Kris Jenner pay you to file that bogus suit?

722 days ago


Note he didn't deny having herpes he was just 100% sure she didn't get it from him.

722 days ago


did TMZ look into the fact that Kanye is paying people to harass Kris Humphries?

722 days ago


100% tells me the HUMP doesn't have the HERP, so this chick is a big fat phony.

722 days ago

buzz kill    

Funny I didn't hear him say he doen't even have herpes. Maybe I missed that part.

722 days ago


I knew she was lying when this story was first reported...all these tramps looking for money...Stay away from those broke tramps.

722 days ago


Herpes is the gift you keep on giving. It is with you for life once you contract it. IF, she has herpes and he did not give it to her... did she give it to him?
Instead of being 100% sure he did not give her herpes, he should be getting tested. If he chooses to ignore the implications, he could harm a lot of people. Did he have it when he hooked up with Kim? Is that the real reason they broke up?
He really is not too bright.

722 days ago


I have a question. He was making good professional money before that monkey he "married" was even in the picture, so why did she wait until now instead of suing him before? I call bullzhit on this.

722 days ago


I only have one question.... DOES Kris H have herpes? Y or N?

722 days ago
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