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LeAnn Rimes Sues

My Privacy Was Invaded!

8/30/2012 4:38 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

LeAnn Rimes just filed a lawsuit against two women she claims illegally taped a conversation with her and then spread it across the Internet.

TMZ has obtained a copy of the suit ... filed in L.A. County Superior Court. Rimes alleges Kimberly Smiley and Lexi Smiley are supporters of Brandi Glanville -- Eddie Cibrian's ex -- and engaged in a campaign to trash her when she hooked up the with Eddie.

This Spring, LeAnn claims she called Kimberly in an attempt to stop the negative Internet activity. During the conversation, LeAnn says she attempted to be kind and said she wanted peace. 

LeAnn alleges Kimberly and Lexi illegally and secretly recorded the conversation and then released out-of-context excerpts, painting her in a "false and negative light." They also allegedly made statements that LeAnn was "crazy and delusional."

LeAnn is suing for invasion of privacy. 

Rimes' lawyer, Larry Stein, tells TMZ LeAnn will also go to police in an effort to get the people responsible for the recording prosecuted.

As we previously reported, Rimes is currently in a treatment facility for stress management.


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Celebrity injustice    

If I were a paparazzi, I'd drive to Elena's Hair Studio in Tarzana tonight and wait for LeAnn Rimes to show up and shave her head ala Britney Spears!

750 days ago


Oh boohoo, poor Leanne. She's embarrassed because the world got a taste of the true low life she is. Suing the teacher? Doubt she knew it was illegal. Teachers have no money anyway. This just makes Leanne look even worse ( if that is possible). Can't Leanne just go away? Her career was over years ago.

750 days ago


Why is everyone talking about this has-been again? She is just trying to get attention again. And bitch is complaining about cyber bullies? Well good luck with that because for the rest of your life there will be people who remember that you help destroyed 2 marrages, that had kids involved. All because you are a whore that ocould keep your legs closed. This bitch constantly tweeted and talked about Eddie and throws that f a g in our faces and her sh!tty relationship. She deserves no sympathy. F u c k her, stop talking about her. All she is a attention seeking b!tch for a living.

750 days ago


good for her, as she SHOULD. and so would any one of you frickin stupid morons, especially in the 'public' eye. Good grief, two people were married and fell in love with someone else, OMG...damn them to death for pete's sake. happens every day. a woman doesn't come between a marriage, the marriage was already over with. 505+++ of marriages end every frickin day, who cares....i hope she finds happiness and people frickin leave her alone. she's a very talented singer, that's all she should be to any of us, or not. her personal life is just that. OMG such frickin weirdos on here. Don't you people know people , like for real, to whom you can place your bizarre hate towards. This world would be a better place if places and people like you would stop hatin' on things and making fun of other people's pains and life. So, all of you..shut up already! You're all ridiculous!

750 days ago


My exhusband had a love affair with one of my best frineds a year and a half ago. I went crazy. I understand hating the home wrecker. SAYING THAT, the teachers in the Twitter fight with Leann couldn't be any weirder....Wonder why anyone can take such issue when it is not even them that is directly invloved in the situation (NUTJOBS). Ex wife needs to get all of the money she can, make sure the kids are okay, and get the hell on with her own life (it can be done, trust me). Leann is dealing with the results of her choices and actions...And Eddie? Well, it says a lot about our society that can demonize the woman that cheated and somehow the guy escapes the wrath (Brad Pitt, Rupert Sanders)

750 days ago


meh...good luck with that

750 days ago


No one in this mess comes out smelling like roses. Those ladies should have kept this conversation private and Leann needs to ignore those that speak ill of her. Leann was doing a pretty decent job of making herself look like an @ $ $ on Twitter all by herself.

Why anyone would create a website with the sole purpose of trashing LeAnn is beyond me or why anyone would waste the time and energy to get into a Twitter war her is beyond me. LeAnn will feed off the attention whether it is positive or negative. Punish LeAnn by ignoring her.

If the stories of LeAnn having this conversation in the company of two other people are true then I think it is safe to say this conversation was in no way private. It'll be interesting to see the outcome.

In the meantime can everyone quit trolling LeAnn? She's ruining her career and reputation without everyone else's help. Sheesh.

750 days ago


Leann is a psycho stalker who copies everything about Brandi, her bikinis, shoes, hats, blanket for soccer.

She needs help.

And yes, Eddie is probably cheating on her. Karma' s a beyotch ain't it ;)

750 days ago

Buddy The Elf    

I'm tired of seeing this hillbilly in a bikini every week.
The chick needs help. BIGTIME.

750 days ago


Leann stole a husband, married a cheat, cheated on her own husband. She knows Eddie wanted to go back to Brandi, but she didn't want him back, so he remained with Leann. I think that eats at Leann, as it should. You cant build a relationship or marriage on that kind of foundation w/o it biting you.

750 days ago


I saw where I got a "hate" rate. Okay. I did say I was a wife screwed over, and I really do understand the hate of Leann. HOWEVER, Google "Betty Broderick" and see where grudges and revenge on an ex got her. Your life is worth more - and there is more life out there if you let the past go. Still stand by opinion the teachers that fought Leann are FREAKS. And I am NO fan of the bag of bones, Leann. Hope they ALL get help.

750 days ago


So LeAnn uses her millions again. It's amazing that she sees herself as the victim. Karma is coming after LeAnn.

750 days ago


I wasn't really a fan, but LeAnn has every right in the world to sue. From what I understand it's a couple of grown ass women who should honestly have better things to do? Pathetic. Get em Leann!

750 days ago

Bitch please    

TMZ take this washed up trailer trash off the top page already. Im sure alot of people are getting tired of seeing her bitch a§§ ugly face. Dont you have more BS stories to post.

750 days ago


This loser is really trying to blame Brandi? Geez this chick is more psycho than I thought. She had all her friends literally BULLY Brandi on Twitter. Leanne spent how much time messing with her? As if it wasn't enough to steal her husband. This is a VILE VILE woman. Notcause she cheated, but how she acted like a psycho jealous gf to his ex. How convenient she tries to pin it on Brandi. Don't worry Brandi, anyone with Google can see how crazy Leanne is. Oh Leanne, Karma is a bitch. I don't feel bad at all. You messed with the wrong ones this your shining personality shines even brighter for the whole World to see.

750 days ago
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